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THDP Ch 103 Part 3 – Yewu (III)

There had never been a shortage of stunning faces in Three Thousand Worlds or the Demon Realm. Naturally, Meng Qi had seen a lot of beautifully stunning people, and when she rescued this black-robed woman earlier, she knew from her exquisite facial features that this person must be a stunning beauty. Unexpectedly, when the woman began to regain consciousness, Meng Qi was still amazed by her eyes, which looked like dew on petals under the morning sun.

“Ugh…” The black-robed woman groaned again. She had thick and slightly curled eyelashes, which gave her face an accentuated touch different from the residents of Three Thousand Worlds. The slightly opened eyes were very clear and pure, like a newborn elk. With the addition of slight dazedness, they looked even more adorable.

“Are you awake?” Meng Qi took her eyes away from the woman’s face and began to measure her pulse again. The pulse was smoother and stronger than before, meaning there was no more danger to her life. If this woman was an ordinary person, everything was okay now, but unfortunately, she was a cultivator. For many cultivators, losing the spiritual sea was even more painful than dying.

“W-who are you…?” The black-robed woman asked again; her eyes fell on Meng Qi’s face. She tried to sit up, but immediately fell back again on the bed, too weak to move. “Who are you?” The woman repeated the question. She took a deep breath and glanced across the room, “Where am I?”

“You don’t know?” Meng Qi propped her cheek with one hand and answered, “Couldn’t you remember where you came from and where you’re going to?”

“Star… Starfallen Sea?!” The black-robed woman struggled to sit up again, but the overwhelming feeling of weakness she was totally unaccustomed to was still dominating her body. She stopped struggling and reluctantly fell back on the bed.

“Am I at the Starfallen Sea?!” She seemed panicked, “I…”

“Your spiritual sea was completely torn apart by the Starfallen Sea,” Meng Qi said.

“Wh…what?!” The woman’s exquisite face, which had finally regained a bit of color following her recovery, turned ashen again instantly and even much paler than before.

“My… my spiritual sea…” Despite the great shock, the mental fortitude of someone who managed to reach the peak of the Spirit Severing stage was indeed formidable. After a moment of panic, the woman closed her eyes tightly. When she opened her eyes again just a moment later, the shock, panic, helplessness, and even faint fear and despair appeared on her face all at once.

“My spiritual sea…” The woman looked at Meng Qi, “Is it really…” Without warning, tears as clear as crystal fell from her eyes, instantly soaking her face. “No…no…” She quickly wiped away her tears, “I must not cry.”

“Why?” Meng Qi was puzzled, “Isn’t it normal to cry when you are sad?”

“I must not cry.” The woman repeated. She took a deep breath and tried hard to prevent tears from falling down again.

The black-robed woman closed her eyes again, tighter than before. When she opened them again, all the panic, helplessness, and other emotions just now had disappeared from her face. She took another deep breath, gritted her teeth, and propped herself up on the bed in another attempt to sit up.

Meng Qi quickly reached out and lent her a hand.

“Thank you, Miss.” She nodded to Meng Qi. Just a moment ago, this woman learned that her spiritual sea was completely shattered, the spiritual aura in her body was gone, and her inner core ceased to function. Even so, she managed to regain her composure and calmed herself down in such a short time.

“You’re welcome.” After Meng Qi helped the black-robed woman leaning on the bedhead, she also sat cross-legged on the bed. Meng Qi was now a Golden Core cultivator. With a golden core in her body, even after her spiritual aura was exhausted, the spiritual aura produced by the golden core would keep trickling into the spiritual sea, slowly replenishing the depleted aura. This natural recovery, however, was too slow, so Meng Qi simply popped a Beiming Pill into her mouth and began to meditate.

The same was true with the black-robed woman. If her spiritual sea was still intact, she wouldn’t be so weak that she could not sit up on her own.

“Did you save me, Miss?” The black-robed woman propped her still weak body and looked up at Meng Qi. After the burst of emotion, the confusion and helplessness in her eyes had been put away and changed into a calm gaze.

“I found you by the Starfallen Sea.” Meng Qi said, “It seems that you were injured before falling here. You were unconscious when I found you and almost fell into the Starfallen Sea.”

“I see.” The woman nodded, “I was chased by my enemy and was indeed injured before I fell here.” She paused for a while. Even though her body was still so weak that she couldn’t even sit properly, she still tried her best to bow to Meng Qi: “Thank you for saving my life, Miss. I will definitely reward—”

She suddenly stopped, dumbfounded. Not only was she now a waste whose spiritual sea was shattered, but the beautiful blue-robed girl who saved her was someone with a high ability to come and go freely in such a dangerous place as the Starfallen Sea. To say that she would reward someone like her, wasn’t it a bit too arrogant?

Meng Qi tilted her head slightly.

“I…” The woman closed her eyes again, “My spiritual sea has been destroyed. Except for gratitude, I am afraid that I will never be able to repay your great life-saving kindness in this life.”

“Are you the war maiden of the Ji clan’s Great Devil Seat?” Meng Qi asked.

“You…” An astonishment flashed in the woman’s eyes, “How do you…” She suddenly shut her mouth and stopped speaking, clearly not wanting to reveal more of her secret.

“Can’t talk about it?” Meng Qi didn’t force her. She was indeed curious about the Devil Realm and was also a little curious about the Ji clan’s head, whom Yun Qingyan said to have a good relationship with the Three Thousand Worlds and the Demon Realm. Still, Meng Qi didn’t have the hobby of forcing people to do what they were unwilling to, not to mention that she hadn’t cured this woman yet.

“Then what about your name? Can you tell me this?” Meng Qi explained with a smile. “You are going to stay here for a long time, so it will be inconvenient if I don’t know what to call you.”

“Staying here for a long time?” The woman stared blankly at Meng Qi, “But I…”


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