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THDP Ch 103 Part 7 – Yewu (VII)

“Meng Qiqi.” Qin Xiumo said suddenly, “What are you looking for?”

She couldn’t tell anyone about the Five Spirits Cauldron — Meng Qi remembered Ji Wujiong’s warning. She didn’t suspect that any of her friends in the room might betray her, but it was also true that the fewer people knew the secret, the better.

Not letting them know was actually a kind of protection. Since she couldn’t tell them that she wanted to refine a Five Spirits Cauldron, then…

“Five spirits flower and everday fruit.” Meng Qi said. She needed these ingredients to refine the Starlight, and they were also natural treasures unique to Starfallen Sea, so she could let her friends know.

“Five spirits flower? Everday fruit?” Chu Tianfeng murmured in a daze.

“Five spirit flower…” Xue Jinwen quickly tried to recall this name.

“…Everday fruit… everday fruit!” Su Junmo’s eyes suddenly widened, “Meng Qiqi, do you want to refine Starlight?!”

“Starlight?” Xue Jinwen was born in the Xue Clan, so she instantly knew what it was. “Meng Qiqi, you…” She blinked in disbelief: “You want to refine the Starlight… is it to save that Ji Wujiong?!”

After Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong fell into the Great Tournament barrier, the Feng Alliance quickly found Lu Qingran, who stayed behind in Xingluo City. The Feng Alliance didn’t make it difficult for the girl, as they only wanted to inquire about Ji Wujiong from her mouth.

Feng Alliance was the number one medical sect in Three Thousand Worlds. Just like Meng Qi, who guessed Ji Wujiong’s situation from the way his body seemed to be leaking spiritual aura and the fact that he had intermittent phases of being weak and strong, the four clan leaders of the Feng Alliance also quickly guessed that Ji Wujiong’s spiritual sea was damaged from Lu Qingran’s description.

Repairing a spiritual sea could only be done by using either the Starlight or the legendary five primal aura. Starlight was only produced in the Demon Realm, and the output was very small. Stardust alone was extremely rare, not to mention the five spirit flowers and everday fruit, which could only be found in the Starfallen Sea.

As for the five primal aura, those only existed in legend, and even the elders of the Feng Alliance had never seen them before.

Because the Feng Alliance knew about Ji Wujiong’s condition, they were not in a hurry to capture him even after he came out of the Great Tournament barrier and escaped from the Apricot Forest in a high-profile way. After all, a cultivator whose spiritual sea was injured and didn’t have the means to cure himself was not a big threat to them.

Xue Jinwen also knew about this, so when Meng Qi said she wanted to find these two things, she immediately guessed the latter’s intention.

“Meng Qiqi!” Chu Tianfeng’s brows furrowed tightly, “That Ji Wujiong acts wickedly and definitely isn’t a proper person. Don’t get too close to him.”

Meng Qi: “…”

She really didn’t expect that Xue Jinwen and the others would immediately think of Ji Wujiong, as even she had quite forgotten him for quite a while now. Now that they had mentioned him, she suddenly wondered how Ji Wujiong was now. She accidentally fell into the Starfallen Sea; then what about Ji Wujiong, who was also in the Star Lake that day?

“Meng Qiqi.” Su Junmo stood up, “Enough. You don’t need to say anything anymore.” He said solemnly: “All of us have made the decision. You don’t have to lie about your safety just because you are worried about us. Believe us. We will definitely take you out of the Starfallen Sea.”

Being prompted by Su Junmo’s declaration, the rest of the group also looked at Meng Qi and nodded firmly.

Meng Qi: “…”

Sikong Xing even said: “Meng Qiqi, we are friends. If it were me who fell into the Starfallen Sea, would you leave me alone or would you come to save me?”

Meng Qi: “I…”

Of course she wouldn’t leave Sikong Xing alone! But her situation was different…

“Don’t you already have the answer?” Sikong Xing’s eyes shone brightly, “Since you are willing to come to us, we are naturally willing to come to you.”

Meng Qi smiled bitterly. Starfallen Sea had a terrible reputation. No matter how much she insisted, her friends would not believe that she was fine. Even if she now told them about Yun Qingyan, would they believe it?

“…Then let me tell you about another thing.” Meng Qi was helpless, “Sister Xue, the blood moon your brother gave me is gone.”

During her time in the Great Tournament Barrier, the blood moon was used to feed the goshawk summoned by Yun Qingyan…

Xue Jinwen smiled sweetly and shook her head gently: “Meng Qiqi, even if we have to comb every inch of the Starfallen Sea, we will definitely find you. Even if the blood moon is gone, it won’t make us change our minds. However, if my elder brother knows about it…” She paused and shook her head again, “Forget it. Let’s stop mentioning him now.”

Meng Qi: “But without the blood moon, it will be very difficult to find me. The Starfallen Sea is so dangerous, you guys…”

Everyone in the private room had a smile on their face. Even Qin Xiumo, who had always been as cold as an iceberg, also looked at Meng Qi with a warm gaze.

“Okay, okay.” Su Junmo waved his hand again, “We should go. Meng Qiqi, protect yourself and wait for us!”

“Meng Qiqi.” Sikong Xing hugged Meng Qi tightly, “Wait for us!”

“Meng Qiqi.” Xue Jinwen gently touched Meng Qi’s hair, “You must live. Even when you are on your last breath, don’t you ever give up!”

“Meng Qi.” Qin Xiumo finally said, “Your life is more important than others. So, don’t go around to save people!”

Only Chu Tianfeng didn’t say anything. With a firm determination, the black-robed young man took a last deep look at Meng Qi before turning around and leaving the private room with the others.

Until everyone left and the door closed again, Meng Qi was struck in place, dumbfounded. She always felt that her reputation was not bad. She never lied or deceived others, and she always treated others with frankness.

So why did these guys…

Meng Qi’s nose suddenly became sour, and her eyes felt hot.

She actually knew the reason.

Because they really treated her as a friend!

Therefore, all of them, none of whom was above the Spirit Severing stage, dared to enter the Starfallen Sea for her sake, despite the place’s reputation.

But she couldn’t!

She couldn’t watch them die!

Meng Qi suddenly jumped up and rushed out. She was going to ask Yun Qingyan! It was because she couldn’t mention about him that her friends didn’t believe her. But without Yun Qingyan’s permission, she couldn’t tell others about him.

“Sister Xue!” Su Junmo and the others had not gone far. Meng Qi ran after them and stopped them: “Wait for one incense stick of time… No! Half an incense stick of time!” She said again, “I’ll be back soon!”

Leaving those words behind, Meng Qi quickly ran out of the restaurant building.

Su Junmo and others looked at her back figure and were stunned in place.

“What should we do now…” Xue Jinwen muttered.

“Wait for Meng Qiqi!” Sikong Xing was the most decisive, “I believe she won’t lie to us!”

“Okay.” Su Junmo nodded, “Let’s wait for her for one incense stick of time. If she doesn’t come back, we’ll follow the plan.”

“Sovereign Qingyan!” As soon as Meng Qi left Beyond The Heaven, she immediately opened her eyes and hurriedly called out. She was already in Yun Qingyan’s room, so she stood up and turned to the place where Yun Qingyan was cultivating just now.

On the big ornamented bed, the white-robed man was still sitting there, cross-legged.

Hearing Meng Qi’s voice, he suddenly opened his eyes.

However, the originally azure blue eyes seemed to be occupied by bloody light, and they were eerily red!


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