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THDP Ch 104 Part 2 – Unexpected Danger (II)

The initial refining process of a natal magic weapon was usually called foundation establishment by cultivators. At this stage, there was no need to use any refinery materials. The cultivator first dived into their spiritual sea and used their own spiritual sense and familiar control of aura to carve out the initial shape of their natal weapon of choice.

Some cultivators, known as geniuses, were born with stronger control over spiritual aura. For example, Pei Mufeng, Qin Xiumo, and Xue Chengxuan from the Xue family. Compared to other cultivators, they were able to cultivate faster with the same cultivation method. Many of those geniuses also already had enough aura during the later stage of the Foundation Establishment to start refining their own natal magic weapon.

A natal magic weapon could communicate directly with a cultivator’s soul. In the process, the cultivator could even cultivate a strand of spiritual consciousness in the natal weapon, which people often called ‘spirit.’

Pei Mufeng was able to cultivate a sword spirit when he was still in the Nascent Soul stage, proving how extremely talented he was. The people of the Xingluo Pavilion were willing to make him their pavilion master, not because he was already the strongest person in the sect but because the elders had high hopes for his growth and believed that he would lead Xingluo Pavilion to the next level.

Meng Qi didn’t know if Xue Chengxuan had also cultivated a spirit for his natal magic weapon, but at least Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo still did not have it yet.

However, this was not important now.

Meng Qi’s spiritual sense entered her spiritual sea. At this moment, the white sphere that was her golden core was surrounded by strands of aura, looking very lively and healthy. Next to it was the book Lin Yan gave her, also surrounded by strands of spiritual aura. The two were coexisting harmonically.

This time, there was another bamboo slip above Meng Qi’s spiritual sea. The bamboo slip was warm and moist, and it was the one that she had just held in her palm — the one that recorded the refining method of the Five Spirits Cauldron.

Meng Qi began to send commands with her mind. After entering the Golden Core stage, her control of spiritual sense and aura was far better than before. She extracted a strand of spiritual aura from the spiritual sea and wrapped it around the bamboo slip. The aura was like silk thread — slowly wrapping itself around the bamboo slip like a layer of silk cocoons.

On the bamboo slip, there was also a clear light flowing out, which in turn illuminated Meng Qi’s spiritual sea. Carefully, Meng Qi took out another strand of aura from the spiritual sea and repeated the process again and again, totaling forty-eight layers of cocoons.

The bamboo slip was now enwrapped in layers of spiritual aura, but the clear light it emitted could still penetrate out of the thick cocoon. As the light from the bamboo slip swayed, the spiritual aura wrapped around it to be no longer under Meng Qi’s control. Instead, they were controlled by the light itself and began to turn rapidly, forming a sphere of light.

Meng Qi held her breath and doubled down her focus, pulling out the last strand of aura from the spiritual sea and wrapping it around the sphere that was getting brighter and brighter. With a soft swish, the sphere suddenly jumped twice, then began to change its shape. Three small bumps slowly grew from its bottom and gradually elongated. At the same time, the upper half of the sphere of light slowly became flat and began to form a concave.

The sphere of light made from a bamboo slip and strands of Meng Qi’s spiritual aura gradually transformed into a small tripod cauldron.

This transformation process was very slow, as it would take almost twenty-four hours in total. But Meng Qi was not in a hurry. She adjusted her breath and focused her mind on the task. In fact, this first step of forming one’s natal magic weapon could be done since the Foundation Establishment stage, and thus, it was not a very difficult process.

As long as the cultivator could get their hands on a bamboo or jade slip that recorded the method of refining a natal magic weapon, the first process was already a success. The difficulty was, therefore, to find the materials and ingredients needed to further refine the natal weapon and give it unique characteristics.

For example, this legendary Five Spirits Cauldron. After forming itself following the initial process, it was actually no different from other refining cauldrons. If Meng Qi couldn’t find the five elemental materials needed to make a Five Spirits Cauldron, the cauldron could not be called a Five Spirits Cauldron, as it was just an ordinary tripod cauldron.

But now…

Meng Qi gently stroked her storage space item. Now that she had the nether iron, she was already one-fifth towards the completion, all thanks to Yun Qingyan. Meng Qi raised her lips slightly and turned to the white-robed man who was still sitting on the bed. The one incense stick of time she had promised them had passed, but Yun Qingyan still showed no sign of finish.

When would he finish today? Su Junmo, Sister Xue, and the others were still waiting for her…

Or should she……

Meng Qi took out the Beyond The Heaven jade slip. She should inform her friends first, telling them to wait for another day and cancel their plan to set off to Starfallen Sea tonight. After Yun Qingyan finished cultivating, she would immediately ask for his instructions. As long as she could persuade her friends about her safety, they would surely dispel the idea of coming to the Starfallen Sea.

As for when she would return…

Meng Qi glanced at Yun Qingyan again.

If Sovereign Qingyan was going to stay here, she would like to be by his side, no matter how long it would be.

Meng Qi made up her mind and held the Beyond The Heaven jade slip tightly when suddenly—

“Ah—” Before Meng Qi could push her spiritual aura into the jade slip, a powerful force suddenly slammed, catching Meng Qi off guard and causing her to fall backward. The jade slip also slipped away from her hand, drawing slanted trajectory mid-air before landing on the floor with a loud clang.

Meng Qi didn’t have time to mind the jade slip as she quickly put her hand on the ground and jumped. Before she could get up, another powerful wind blew towards her, carrying tiny droplets of water.

The crystal clear water droplets were tiny and looked very cute, but Meng Qi knew that they possessed enough momentum to directly pierce through her body. She quickly bent her body backward, dodging the incoming attack.

Sovereign Qingyan?!


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