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THDP Ch 104 Part 4 – Unexpected Danger (IV)

“Sovereign Qingyan.” Meng Qi carefully took every step until she finally arrived at the white-robed man. The vision of the five elements looked overwhelming, but they only affected Yun Qingyan and had no effect on her. It was the pressing aura that Yun Qingyan subconsciously released to protect himself that had a greater impact on Meng Qi.

Meng Qi was holding her silver knife in her hand. She then shoved all nine Beiming Pills and used a small wisp of spiritual aura to envelop each individual pill. This way, she could control when to consume the pills and turn them into her own use.

As for the Cangmingsan Pill, she planned to save it for the end.

Meng Qi then held out her hands, and the fingertips of both her hands started to flicker. Feeling one-tenth of her spiritual aura was instantly drained by the Five Aggregates Heart-clearing Spell, Meng Qi let out a wry smile. At this time, she hated herself for not being strong enough. If only she was already in the Spirit Severing stage, or at least in the Nascent Soul stage, the risk would be much lower than now.

Meng Qi reached out and held Yun Qingyan’s hands. The man’s slender yet firm fingers were terrifyingly cold. As soon as their skin made contact, a huge vortex of rampaging aura rushed into her body.

Meng Qi began to focus. She closed her eyes, ignoring the powerful aura that was painfully invading her meridians. The Five Aggregates Heart-clearing Spell slowly circulated from her fingertips. Little by little, her spell carefully entered Yun Qingyan’s body.

In the beginning, Meng Qi could only push a tiny amount of the Five Aggregates Heart-clearing Spell, but this tiny amount was soon crushed by Yun Qingyan’s much stronger spiritual aura, which then rushed to invade her body in retaliation. Like knives and swords, this aura cut through Meng Qi’s meridians very painfully.

Meng Qi frowned, and her body trembled slightly. The light on her fingertips dimmed, but soon lit up again.

Thankfully, Meng Qi’s medical cultivation was already in the fourth rank, and her mastery of the Heart-clearing Spell had reached the fifth realm. Even though she was merely a Golden Core cultivator, she was already capable enough to give medical treatment to a Spirit Severing cultivator.

The Yun Qingyan at his full health must be much stronger than a Spirit Severing, but he was too seriously injured before. After arriving at the Great Wilderness Island, he indeed had regained some strength with the help of five primal aura, but the strength he recovered should be less than one-tenth of his original strength. Now that he was on the verge of entering qi deviation, the aura he subconsciously could mobilize was barely ten to twenty percent of his peak.

Therefore, although the attack from Yun Qingyan’s aura was very painful, it was not completely unbearable. Meng Qi held Yun Qingyan’s hands tightly and patiently injected Five Aggregates Heart-clearing Spell into his body again and again. The Beiming Pills in her mouth melted away one after another, filling up her dried-up spiritual sea.

A long time seemed to have passed, but it also seemed to be just a moment. Meng Qi’s spiritual sea was emptied, only to become full again the next moment. After a few cycles of fullness and emptiness, the violent spiritual aura in Yun Qingyan’s body was finally no longer as chaotic as before. Under the appeasement of the spell Meng Qi repeatedly injected, the aggressive and hostile aura calmed down at last.

If Meng Qi opened her eyes at this time, she would find that the five elements vision around Yun Qingyan was no longer as terrifying as before. However, the blood color in the man’s eyes was still very deep and thick, with no tendency to recede.

The seventh Beiming Pill turned into spiritual aura, filling up Meng Qi’s spiritual sea. At this time, her blue robe was already soaked through. Beads of sweat were dripping from her forehead down to the tip of her nose. Meng Qi’s originally red lips also turned pale, and her hair was soaked with sweat. Standing in front of Yun Qingyan, her small and slender body was shaking slightly, as if she would collapse at any time.

Meng Qi could feel that the aura in Yun Qingyan’s body was getting calmer. She sighed in relief, but still did not dare to relax in the slightest, fearing that she would lose all her hard work in a moment’s carelessness. The method of using external aura to calm down rampaging aura in someone’s body was not an easy feat. If Meng Qi failed midway, there was a danger of Yun Qingyan directly falling into qi deviation because of backlash, even more serious than before.

The eighth Beiming Pill, and then the ninth…

Meng Qi was finally reaching the edge of the place where Yun Qingyan’s spiritual sea was supposed to be. Under the appeasement of Five Aggregates Heart-clearing Spell, the dark and empty void seemed to be no longer so terrifying. She could even detect the slowly flowing spiritual aura from Yun Qingyan’s body. It was huge, like a bottomless sea. Just probing the edge was enough to shock Meng Qi.

Finally, the last bit of spiritual aura in Meng Qi’s body was exhausted. The Beiming Pills were all gone, but she still had the Cangmingsan Pill, which could instantly make her into a cultivator at the peak of the Golden Core stage. This should be enough…

After a moment of deliberation, Meng Qi opened her eyes slightly and smiled at Yun Qingyan. She knew that she looked ugly now — she could feel the cold fabric of her robe clinging to her back, soaked with sweat.

Meng Qi took a deep breath and dissolved the aura enveloping the Cangmingsan Pill. As she felt the effect of the pill begin to work, Meng Qi smiled at Yun Qingyan again. Although the man’s eyes were still blood-red, his gaze was no longer as cold as before.

He even frowned slightly, as if his consciousness was slowly awakened and began to restrain the rampaging five primal aura.

The most dangerous time should have passed. She must hold on!

Meng Qi slowly closed her eyes again.

However, a strong force suddenly hit her shoulders, causing her to stagger and almost fall.


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