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THDP Ch 105 Part 1 – Kiss (I)

“Ugh—” Meng Qi groaned. Her back hit the floor, but something soft gently supported her body, making the fall did not hurt much. However, Yun Qingyan’s hand was holding her so tightly on the shoulder that it was painful.

Meng Qi opened her eyes and stared into the figure of the handsome man, whose reflection fell into her pair of brilliant eyes. It was a pity that Yun Qingyan’s eyes were still blood-red, making Meng Qi unable to see her own reflection there. But even if she couldn’t see it, Meng Qi still knew that their current pose was a bit ambiguous.

Suddenly and without warning, Yun Qingyan pulled his other hand away, which was still tightly held by Meng Qi. Feeling the sudden movement, Meng Qi grasped his hand even tighter and called in a hurry, “Sovereign Qingyan!”

Because of the panic, Meng Qi’s breathing became slightly rapid. The overbearing effect of the Cangmingsan pill began to spread in her body, and she felt spiritual aura surging inside her spiritual sea, spreading frantically in all directions.

Quickly overflowed by the sudden increase of spiritual aura, Meng Qi’s spiritual sea was rapidly overstretched. There was a saying in the Three Realms — cultivators only truly set foot on the path of cultivation after they formed their inner core. The gap between the Qi Condensation stage and the Foundation Establishment stage was not large, but the gap between the Foundation Establishment and Golden Core was tremendous, and once you step foot into the Golden Core stage, each realm advancement before the Nascent Soul stage was almost equal to that of the Foundation Establishment’s breakthrough into the Golden Core stage.

In other words, despite being in the same cultivation stage, those who had just entered the Golden Core stage could not be compared with those at the peak of the Golden Core stage.

Cangmingsan Pill’s effect was inherently overbearing. The aura it produced swirled swiftly in Meng Qi’s spiritual sea, setting off a large storm. The feeling of having one’s spiritual sea forcibly overstretched was very uncomfortable. Meng Qi clenched her teeth tightly, but her right hand gripped Yun Qingyan’s hand even harder as she continuously sent spiritual aura into his body.

The Five Aggregates Heart-clearing Spell was used to the extreme by Meng Qi, and thanks to the sudden increase of spiritual aura, her spells became slightly stronger than before. Meng Qi even felt that she could now reach out to that boundless and terrifying void that was Yun Qingyan’s spiritual sea.

Like droplets of water that slowly created a hole into a hard stone, Meng Qi’s persisting effort slowly took effect, calming Yun Qingyan’s chaotic aura. However, the slender fingers in her hand suddenly struggled again. “Sovereign Qingyan!” Meng Qi was shocked. This time, Yun Qingyan completely pressed her to the ground. His handsome face was very close to hers, less than the distance of half an arm. From such a closeness, Meng Qi could clearly see the total lack of emotion in those blood-colored eyes of his.

She must not stop! If she stopped at this juncture, not only would her previous efforts go into the drain, but it was almost certain that Yun Qingyan would really fall into the qi deviation.

Meng Qi gritted her teeth and held Yun Qingyan’s hand even tighter. The hand on her shoulder also strengthened his grip, making her shoulder start to become numb. It was so much that Meng Qi couldn’t feel her left arm and left fingers anymore.

But her right hand…

Meng Qi used almost all her strength to hold Yun Qingyan’s hand tightly.

Under the effect of the Cangmingsan Pill, the amount of spiritual aura in Meng Qi’s body kept increasing, continued by the expansion of the spiritual sea. Finally, after Meng Qi’s spiritual sea grew to almost twenty times its original size, the effect stopped.

Meng Qi clearly sensed the overly abundant aura in her body. Ignoring the pain and numbness on her left shoulder, she gently pulled Yun Qingyan’s hand she was gripping and called, “Sovereign Qingyan!” Meng Qi looked into his eyes. Her eyes were clear, her expression was gentle, and there was no resentment in her eyes: “I will never harm you…” She softened her voice: “…trust me.”

The blood-red color in the white-robed man’s eyes seemed to dissipate for a moment, but soon became more intense than before. He kept looking at Meng Qi with a cold gaze devoid of any emotions.

“Sovereign Qingyan…” Meng Qi repeated softly, “I will never harm you.” She stared directly into Yun Qingyan’s eyes; her gaze was pure and sincere. All this time, she kept holding onto his left hand, never cutting off the continuous supply of Five Aggregates Heart-clearing spells.

The pressure on Meng Qi’s left shoulder suddenly lightened. Once the pressure was no longer so intense, the biting pain returned in an instant, so painful that her entire left hand seemed to be pierced by thousands of fine needles.

Meng Qi’s face paled, and her lips turned blue. She blinked; her long eyelashes fluttered slightly as more beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. “Sovereign Qingyan…” Meng Qi’s voice was still soft, “I’m Meng Qi. I will never harm you…” She repeatedly murmured in a gentle voice full of infinite tenderness and consolation, just like a mother singing a lullaby to calm her crying child.

Yun Qingyan slowly lifted his slender fingers. The cool fingertips first gently touched Meng Qi’s pale face, then lightly brushed her long eyelashes before finally landing on her pale, dry lips.

Meng Qi was startled. When Yun Qingyan’s fingertips gently made contact with her soft lips, slight warmth seemed to penetrate her skin. The blood-red color in his eyes was still very thick, making Meng Qi completely unable to see through him, but the left hand in her right hand stopped struggling and no longer tried to break free.

Soon, Yun Qingyan moved his right fingers away from Meng Qi’s lips. From this look, it seemed that he was slowly regaining his consciousness.

Meng Qi sighed in relief. Although their current posture was even more ambiguous than before… she shouldn’t mind it for now! It was fortunate that Yun Qingyan was able to regain consciousness. If he really marked her as a threat, she wouldn’t be able to resist at all, even with the help of the Cangmingsan Pill that temporarily raised her cultivation base to the peak of the Golden Core stage.

Meng Qi slowly exhaled. She closed her eyes again and focused her mind on continuing sending wave after wave of Five Aggregates Heart-clearing spell into Yun Qingyan’s body.

However, it didn’t take long for another distraction to come again. This time, Meng Qi felt a slight pain in her jaw, as if being pinched. She hurriedly opened her eyes and saw Yun Qingyan’s peerlessly handsome face, who was very close to hers and kept getting closer—

Before she could react, something soft and warm touched her lips, and she realized that it was Yun Qingyan’s own lips.

Meng Qi: “???”

Meng Qi: “!!!”


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