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THDP Ch 107 Part 2 – Ideal (II)

“Take it!” Sikong Xing shouted. Obeying her command, the countless ice arrows flashing with tiny thunderbolts immediately rushed towards Chu Tianfeng’s large red lotus flames. Qin Xiumo’s natal long sword swooped in front, slashing its sword aura left and right, opening a path for Sikong Xing’s ice arrows.

Su Junmo raised his eyebrows, feeling his fighting spirit aroused by his allies. “I command…” Su Junmo drew a huge cross in the air. As his fingers moved, slight crackling sounds followed. “…cut them!” Su Junmo finished his spell, and countless willow leaves appeared midair, cutting from all directions like small daggers.

Lights from various weapons and spells flashed intertwined, and a murderous aura penetrated every crack and nook of the battlefield.

“Ahhhhhh!” A hoarse scream came from the area hidden by the smoke and flames. The voice sounded like a wounded beast but also like a man’s dying scream. It was hoarse, painful, and full of unwillingness.

Su Junmo’s heart jumped slightly, and Li Che, who was next to him, had already opened his mouth and said, “Is there… someone over there?”

“There are no people in the Starfallen Sea!” Qin Xiumo retorted coldly. His eyes were like cold stars, gleaming with ruthless light. “Either they are remnants souls that have been fallen for maybe thousands of years, or the tortured souls that have turned corrupted after their bodies were swallowed by mutant beasts.”

Li Che had already taken a step forward, but took it back again.

“Save me… save me… aaaaaah!!!!” Amidst the loud noises of battle, the hoarse voice screamed again. This time, the voice was clearer than before, and everyone could hear that it truly sounded like a person’s voice. Although hoarse, dry, and full of pain, the voice was really calling for help.

“But…” Li Che frowned, still hesitating.

Qin Xiumo lowered his fingers and sent his sword in the direction of the voice.

“Ah!!!” The long scream rang again, more tragic than before.

Li Che’s frown deepened. Before he could say another word, Qin Xiumo’s natal long sword had flown through the flames and smokes and quickly returned to its master. A smaller half of a huge beast’s head was pierced on the tip of the sword — despite being a smaller half, the severed head was almost as bigger as two Li Che. As Qin Xiumo’s sword flew closer, the bloody smell it carried also became more pungent and sickening. Purple blood dripped from the head, emitting puffs of black smoke upon contact with the ground.

Li Che suddenly shut his mouth and stared at the flying sword.

Qin Xiumo took back his sword and threw the severed head on the ground. The ground seemed to vibrate slightly, and another disgusting stench gushed out from the dripping blood.

“Do you understand?” Qin Xiumo gave Li Che a cold look.

“…Yes!” Li Che’s face was a little pale, but he nodded solemnly, “The Starfallen Sea is full of dangers. I shouldn’t have such unnecessary sympathy.”

Qin Xiumo’s eyes became gentler. After successfully overcoming the tribulation and entering the Nascent Soul stage, Qin Xiumo doubled his effort and worked harder than before, becoming stronger with each passing day. His cultivation was advancing by leap and bound, and in just over a month, this proud and aloof young man had reached the third realm of the Nascent Soul stage — an achievement that stupefied even Chu Tianfeng a little.

Qin Xiumo was a dual cultivator of sword and spell. He could also cultivate a sword spirit, but reasonably speaking, the speed of his progress shouldn’t be as fast as a pure sword cultivator like Pei Mufeng. Yet, as Qin Xiumo’s cultivation progressed rapidly, his sword spirit also grew crazily at a terrifying speed.

Even Xu Zijun, the number two of the Xingluo Pavilion’s younger generation, a talented sword cultivator by his own accord who was used to seeing Pei Mufeng’s genius in the sword, also couldn’t help sighing to himself upon seeing Qin Xiumo’s prowess after they entered the Starfallen Sea.

He even had an impression that Qin Xiumo’s sword talent was not inferior to that of his senior brother Pei Mufeng, the man recognized as the number one sword cultivator among the younger generation in the Eastern Realm, and was also expected by their elders to be the leader that would push Xingluo Pavilion to its peak.

With a flick of Qin Xiumo’s fingers, his natal long sword disappeared from sight. When he spoke to Li Che again, his tone was unexpectedly gentle. “It’s okay.” He paused, “That’s the nature of medical cultivators. I understand.” The corner of Qin Xiumo’s lips raised slightly, as if he really didn’t care about Li Che’s previous recklessness.

Chu Tianfeng snorted softly. Of course he knew why Qin Xiumo said that. Medical cultivators who clung to their path as healers stayed by their code of ethics of practicing medicine to save those in need. They might be pedantic and sometimes even too stubborn for their own good, but without those traits of theirs, both he and Qin Xiumo might have died long ago!

“What is this?” Now that the battle had temporarily concluded, Sikong Xing walked to the huge severed head of the mutant beast and looked curiously. The tone of her voice had regained its usual leisure, but the red fox girl’s breathing was still heavy, her cheeks were flushed, and fine beads of sweat covered her forehead. The battle just now had cost everyone, including Sikong Xing, a lot of aura and stamina.

Su Junmo also stepped forward and looked at the severed head on the ground. He pondered briefly and said, “It looks like a black fox.”

“Huh?” Sikong Xing was puzzled.

“You must have never seen one. They are demon beasts that had completely been wiped out from the Demon Realm thousands of years ago.” Su Junmo explained. “Despite being a beast, these guys are very smart. Do you remember? An ancestor once said that the only true difference between the demons and the demon beasts is the ability to enter the path of cultivation.”

Su Junmo lightly kicked the smell-fouling head and continued, “And the black foxes are very smart. Even the ancestors said that given another ten thousand years, maybe they can successfully awaken their spiritual wisdom, entering the path of cultivation and truly becoming a part of the demon race. Unfortunately…” He shook his head: “A few thousands of years ago, there was an elder of the royal demon clan who obtained a secret record from an unknown source. This record claimed that the blood of black foxes could be used to refine the ten thousand beast platform. As a result, this elder slaughtered the black foxes, causing them go extinct.”

Sikong Xing nodded in understanding. Her knowledge of the Demon Realm’s rumors and legends was indeed far inferior to Su Junmo. “That’s right.” After listening to the story, another thing came to Sikong Xing’s mind, “Before the battle started, you suddenly said that you had to go to Beyond The Heaven. Have you finished your business?”


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