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THDP Ch 108 Part 1 – She Must Go (I)

The blue-robed girl sat cross-legged on the white jade platform; her expression was clear and serene. Inside her spiritual sea, a white light slowly revolved around the five spirits cauldron, only one step away from finishing its initial form.

Meng Qi had experience in refining a natal magic weapon. She moved a trace of spiritual sense and controlled her golden core to slowly float over the small cauldron. Threads of white light hung down from the core, slowly covering the cauldron below. Lin Yan’s bamboo slip also flew in the same direction, pouring out another batch of white lights covering the small cauldron completely.

The small cauldron slowly turned in the air. Inside the spiritual sea below, spiritual aura steamed up and rushed into the belly of the cauldron. Meng Qi’s spiritual sea quickly dried up by half. Her eyes flickered slightly, and a trace of spiritual senses was turned into the shape of a short knife, which then flew with the fastest speed and quickly engraved a neat ‘Qi’ character from her name on the surface of the cauldron.

The remaining aura in the spiritual sea surged wildly in an instant and came forth to surround the cauldron, bringing forth loud banging sounds similar to dozens of sledgehammers. The aura kept pouring, tempering the cauldron. When Meng Qi’s spiritual sea finally dried up, the white light surrounding the cauldron also dissipated, revealing a bronze-colored body.

It’s done!

Meng Qi’s lips turned up into a smile, and her expression straightly relaxed. The next moment, she felt something cold on her lips, and a small piece of roundish fruit was stuffed into her mouth. The finger tucked together with the fruit was warm and dry, and its tip lightly touched her soft lips. Meng Qi subconsciously took a bite, and a refreshing sweetness instantly spread from the tip of her tongue, replenishing her empty spiritual sea.

“Meng Qi.” Yun Qingyan stood in front of Meng Qi. The hem of his robe fluttered with the wind. He raised his hand and lightly pressed his warm palm on her forehead: “Do you remember the Lihuo Great Fire Array?”

“…yes.” She nodded.

“Engrave it on the cauldron.”

“…is it possible?” Meng Qi’s eyes widened, and her mind suddenly jumped very fast. Right! Since she could engrave characters on the natal weapon, other things should be engravable too!

Without waiting for Yun Qingyan’s further explanation, Meng Qi immediately sprung into action. Her spiritual sea had just been replenished, and it was now full of stronger aura. She controlled the white light, turning it into a knife once again before quickly drawing on the bottom of the cauldron.

However, this action consumed a lot of aura. Less than one-tenth of the array had been drawn when Meng Qi’s spiritual aura was about to dry up again. A warm touch fell on her lips, delivering another sweet fruit into her mouth. The fragrant and slightly cool juice not only made her feel better, but even more importantly, it quickly replenished her spiritual sea.

Like this, after eating twelve fruits in a row, Meng Qi’s spiritual sense landed the last stroke on the cauldron. The five spirits cauldron trembled slightly, and Meng Qi’s spiritual sea dried up again. Another taste of sweetness came into her mouth, prompting Meng Qi to lick up subconsciously, trying to swallow the remaining sweet juice. Her soft tongue, however, touched something else than her lips, which was… Yun Qingyan’s fingertips.


“Concentrate!” Yun Qingyan said sternly. As if being scalded, he quickly withdrew his hand from Meng Qi’s lips and hung it by his side. His robe sleeve fell down, covering his slightly twitching fingers. As if subconsciously, Yun Qingyan’s thumb gently brushed the tip of the finger that Meng Qi’s lips had just accidentally touched.

“…Yes!” Meng Qi quickly held her breath and poured all her concentration into controlling her rejuvenated spiritual aura. The five spirits cauldron, which had just finished another round of refinement, made a deafening bang. Draining the last drop of Meng Qi’s spiritual aura, the white light surrounding the cauldron suddenly exploded, signaling the end of the turmoil in her spiritual sea.

Meng Qi’s golden core flew back to its original position. The bamboo slip Lin Yan gave her also returned with the golden core, floating side by side. There was another object above the sea, which was a small tripod cauldron. Inscribed on its body was a character ‘Qi’ written in ancient form, while the bottom was full of a dense pattern of an array.

Meng Qi was very happy. She was initially not very keen on choosing a cauldron as her natal magic weapon. Given a choice, she would in fact prefer a silver needle, just like Xue Chengxuan. But presently, when she gazed at the five spirit cauldron floating above her spiritual sea, Meng Qi was still very satisfied, even though she had only finished one stage.

Meng Qi exhaled and slowly opened her eyes. Before she could react, a small red fruit was brought to her lips again. “Ah?” Meng Qi was stunned. She looked at Yun Qingyan’s hand, which was practically almost touching her lips, and then…

Meng Qi raised her head slightly and looked at the handsome white-robed man standing right in front of her. Their distance was extremely close, and she could even smell the man’s refreshing and clear body odor.

“Success?” Yun Qingyan casually stuffed the fruit into Meng Qi’s mouth. He then retracted his hand, returned to his recliner, and then tossed another fruit into his mouth.

“Yeah…” Meng Qi hadn’t fully returned to her senses. Out of reflex, she bit the fruit in the mouth, having been accustomed to its extraordinarily sweet and refreshing taste after eating so many in a row. What surprised her the most was its extremely fast speed of aura recovery! The Beiming Pill, which was already the fastest aura recovery medicine in Three Thousand Worlds, was nothing compared to this fruit.

Meng Qi’s dried-up spiritual sea was filled up again in just a blink of an eye. What’s this? Her eyes subconsciously followed Yun Qingyan’s hand and fell on the small tea table next to his recliner. A wooden fruit bowl was on it, filled to the brim with a pile of small, cute-looking red… fruits…?!!!

Meng Qi’s eyes widened suddenly: “Pho-pho-phoenix fruit?!”

“Yes.” Yun Qingyan had just thrown another one into his mouth when he replied casually.


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