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THDP Ch 108 Part 3 – She Must Go (III)

“Thank you, Sovereign Qingyan!” Meng Qi hesitated a bit, but still put all the phoenix fruits into the wooden box. She made up her mind. Once she left the Starfallen Sea, she would refine all the fruits into Nirvana Pills and return them to Yun Qingyan.

In addition to its miraculous life-saving ability, Nirvana Pill also had the effect of instant recovery of aura. Even if the spiritual sea was completely shattered — like the case with Yewu — a Nirvana Pill could temporarily restore the cultivator’s aura to its previous peak. Although Nirvana Pills had no effect on repairing a damaged spiritual sea, at least it could win a chance to escape when encountering danger.

What’s more, Meng Qi didn’t know how long it would take Yun Qingyan to heal his internal injuries completely, and having Nirvana Pills would give him another layer of self-protection. In case there was another situation where the five primal aura went rampant and she was not by his side, the Nirvana Pill would surely be his help.

“Sovereign Qingyan…” Meng Qi hesitated for a moment, but finally asked, “You previously promised to tell me the news of my friends after I finished refining the five spirits cauldron.” She politely cupped her hands and said again, “Sovereign Qingyan, can you now tell me how they are?”

Yun Qingyan had just picked up another piece of fruit. His eyes flickered. Because of the fierce side effect of the Cangmingsan Pill, Meng Qi was temporarily unable to enter Beyond The Heaven, so he went in her place to inform Su Junmo and the others about her safety and tell them that there was no need to venture into the Starfallen Sea. Unexpectedly, his communication with Su Junmo was abruptly disconnected. Yun Qingyan could guess a few points — it must be some emergency that caused Su Junmo to disappear suddenly. Afterward, Su Junmo didn’t appear again, either because he had not passed the emergency yet or because he had lost or even broken his Beyond The Heaven jade slip. In the end, Yun Qingyan had to tell Meng Qi that Su Junmo was temporarily safe and there was no danger of his life.

Yun Qingyan didn’t lie. Su Junmo was his subordinate. Since he could call him into Beyond The Heaven, he had a way to know if Su Junmo was safe or not. He also frankly told Meng Qi that with her current condition, she wouldn’t be of help even if something truly happened to her friends. Therefore, he instructed Meng Qi to first finish refining the five spirits cauldron.

Yun Qingyan originally thought that Meng Qi would not believe his explanation. At the very least, he thought that she would bombard him with questions, demanding more explanation. Unexpectedly, the girl trusted him so unconditionally. At that time, Meng Qi nodded obediently and immediately began to concentrate on refining the five spirits cauldron.

Yun Qingyan looked at the girl in front of him. Seeing that she clearly didn’t harbor any dissatisfaction, the corners of his lips raised slightly. Before Yun Qingyan could finish his thoughts, however, his eyes fell on the respectful and courteous look on Meng Qi’s face, and then on her clear eyes full of curiosity and anticipation. The corners of his lips that had just raised suddenly froze—

Meng Qi was sincere, and she didn’t seem to mind the incident that had happened before. Even after being treated so rudely by him, she didn’t take the matter to heart at all.

Did she really…not mind it?

This thought had repeatedly appeared in Yun Qingyan’s mind countless times in the past few days. He never knew that he could feel so entangled because of a person! Whenever he felt that Meng Qi seemed to treat him differently, new evidence would appear, telling him that no, this girl treated him no differently than others.

“Su Junmo and the rest of your friends should have entered the Starfallen Sea.” Yun Qingyan stared straight into Meng Qi’s eyes and said slowly.

“Ah?” Meng Qi almost jumped up in fright, “They did what?!” She was instantly anxious, “Where should they be now?” Meng Qi’s mind was overwhelmed with panic, and she didn’t notice Yun Qingyan’s gaze always falling on her.

“The Starfallen Sea is too dangerous, and they…” Meng Qi threw her gaze outside the windows. It was now daytime, but the stars were still shining brightly in the sky, as if reminding her that she was in the Starfallen Sea now!

It was one of the most dangerous places in the three realms! Countless powerful cultivators had perished here, and it was said that those below the Spirit Severing stage had no chance to survive!

None of her friends was in the Spirit Severing stage, and even Su Junmo, the strongest among them, should just be at the peak of the Nascent Soul stage, still one step below the Spirit Severing.

But they still came here! Just to save her!

Meng Qi took a deep breath. It’s all her fault — why did she let them know that she was in the Starfallen Sea! Su Junmo had indeed told her their plan, but even with more manpower, entering Starfallen Sea at their current cultivation base was close to a suicide mission.

“Sovereign Qingyan.” Meng Qi suddenly turned around. Her fists clenched, but her eyes were firm, “I must go to them.” She bowed to Yun Qingyan and said again, “Asking Sovereign Qingyan’s help to send me back to the shore.”

“The Starfallen Sea is very dangerous…”

“I know.” Meng Qi replied.

“After leaving this Great Wilderness Island, you won’t be able to go far with your current strength.” Yun Qingyan said slowly, gazing straight into Meng Qi’s eyes, “On this island, there is still the Buddhist Sand that you need to advance your five spirits cauldron into the third realm.” He paused, “Wait another month. My strength would be restored one-third, and I can help you pass the thunder tribulation and break through to the Nascent Soul stage.”

Meng Qi: “…”

So it turned out that the current Yun Qingyan had not even recovered one-third of his power?

“Thank you, Sovereign Qingyan.” Meng Qi was actually quite entangled. On the one side was Yun Qingyan, who had saved her countless times and was also the person she vowed to always obey. On the other side, however, were the friends willing to venture into such a dangerous place just to save her.


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  1. She’ll most likely decide to leave to find her friends, but I’m pretty sure Yun Qingyan will remain so that he can continue to repair his spiritual sea. If that the case, then I wonder how long it’ll take him to make a full recovery and if he’ll return to her as “Xiao Qi” so that he can remain by her side once he’s recovered to his peak state.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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