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THDP Ch 109 Part 1 – Friendship (I)

Did Ji Wujiong fall into the Starfallen Sea just like her? Astonishment flashed in Meng Qi’s eyes, and she hurriedly stared at the sky-viewing mirror again. Amidst the terrifying night of the Starfallen Sea, a man in a black robe stood arrogantly at the top of the green mountain peak. The mirror was a bit far, and a mere reflection could not match that of a direct view, making Meng Qi unable to see the man’s face clearly.

Although she was unable to clearly distinguish the facial features of the black-robed man, the bright array, the familiar amethyst eight trigrams compass flowing next to him, and more importantly, his somewhat arrogant and confident body language told Meng Qi that this person was indeed the same Ji Wujiong with whom she had fought side by side in the Grand Tournament’s barrier.

Meng Qi’s eyes swept around, and only then did she see six or seven gigantic gray wolves surrounding Ji Wujiong — each was four or five times taller than a typical adult man. All the wolves had their body slightly lowered in hunting mode, and their eyes gleamed extraordinarily menacing in the dim night. Even throughout the mirror’s reflection, Meng Qi almost shuddered at the wolves’ murderous look.

However, even these gigantic and fierce-looking gray wolves seemed afraid of Ji Wujiong’s array. They approached slowly, but kept their distance on the mountain slope and never dared to make a move.

Meng Qi frowned slightly. Ji Wujiong’s body was very unstable — alternating between the state of being full of aura to totally devoid of it. Needless to say, in Ji Wujiong’s current state, being in such a place as the Starfallen Sea was extremely dangerous.

Meng Qi’s eyes suddenly flickered. The black-robed man standing on the mountain peak raised his hand, promptly activating the array.

Ji Wujiong made the first move!

Countless black figures popped out from the array and rushed towards the gray wolves. In an instant, the mountain slope became a free-for-all battlefield, and the outnumbered wolves were quickly overwhelmed.

Meng Qi kept watching. Ji Wujiong still stood there unmoved. Although Meng Qi couldn’t see his face clearly, she could imagine his expression at this moment — proud and arrogant, as if looking down at everyone and everything in the world.

Meng Qi subconsciously let out a sigh of relief. She remembered that in the Grand Tournament barrier, Ji Wujiong’s amethyst eight trigrams compass turned very fast during the most intense moment of the final battle, clearly showing the severity of the situation. Now, the compass was floating leisurely next to its master, occasionally flashing in a purple glow as if mocking the wolves.

Meng Qi continued watching. In just half an incense stick of time, the gigantic gray wolves besieging Ji Wujiong had completely disappeared, as if they had never existed from the beginning. Meng Qi was relieved. Although Ji Wujiong’s action of stealing Stardust from the Xingluo Pavilion was hateful, she didn’t want to see him killed, especially because Stardust should still be on him now, and Meng Qi wanted to return it to Pei Mufeng if possible.

Seeing the danger was gone, Meng Qi took note of Ji Wujiong’s approximate location and continued looking for her friends. Inside the sky-viewing mirror, the Starfallen Sea looked boundless and dangerously stunning. Dense forest, deep valleys, vast grasslands, blue lakes… if it weren’t for the ferocious-looking beasts she saw from time to time, Meng Qi would almost mistake it for Three Thousand World’s scenery.

The only thing that bothered Meng Qi was that she still hadn’t seen a single cultivator besides Ji Wujiong. Even at the edge of the Starfallen Sea, dangers were always constant. She grew increasingly worried and looked even more carefully for fear that she would miss her friends.

“Eh?” After another incense stick of time, Meng Qi’s eyes flashed slightly, finally finding what she was looking for so desperately. Inside the mirror, one area of the Starfallen Sea was illuminated by fires raging on the ground. Several sword lights danced wildly in the air, coming from two long swords that looked sharp enough to hack through everything. The swords gleamed coldly as they cut and swung with terrifying momentum.

Meng Qi held her breath subconsciously, for she recognized one of the swords.

It’s Qin Xiumo’s!

Meng Qi slowly let out her breath. Qin Xiumo, as a dual cultivator of sword and spell, used a sword that was slightly different than the ones commonly used by pure sword cultivators. Qin Xiumo’s sword had no particular hilt, making its shape resemble that of flowing water. Meng Qi, who had seen the young man use his sword dozens of times before, recognized it in an instant.

Meng Qi squinted her eyes — she finally found them! Was that flame Chu Tianfeng’s?

Meng Qi’s excitement had just risen when she saw a red lotus rising slowly in the air. Each petal of the lotus was like a blazing flame, illuminating the figure of the black-robed young man below it. Chu Tianfeng’s expression was stern, and his thin lips pressed tightly. He pointed to the sky, commanding the red lotus to start spinning midair, leaving countless afterimages wherever it passed.

Then out of a sudden, the afterimages exploded, merging into the flames still burning on the ground.

Immediately afterward, a huge black wave wrapped in lightning rose from the ground, protecting Chu Tianfeng inside.

—Sikong Xing!!!

Meng Qi focus quickly moved to the red-robed beautiful girl standing not far behind Chu Tianfeng. Sikong Xing’s hair was blown up by the strong wind, and her face contorted slightly as she focused on controlling the black wave.

The person next to Sikong Xing should be…Xue Chengxuan? Seeing this person, Meng Qi was startled and suddenly felt a little guilty. She didn’t regret losing the blood moon Xue Chengxuan lent her, but she was indeed at wrong here. Therefore, seeing how Xue Chengxuan really entered the Starfallen Sea because of her, Meng Qi was inevitably feeling a little guilty.

Pursing her lips, Meng Qi continued her gaze forward and saw another unexpected person behind Xue Chengxuan—

That person… Li Che???

Why was he here?!

Meng Qi looked at Li Che, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground. Was he injured? Otherwise, even a medical cultivator wouldn’t have the leisure to sit in such a fierce battle.

So what were they dealing with?


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