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THDP Ch 109 Part 2 – Friendship (II)

Meng Qi watched the battle for a while. Spell lights and sword aura intertwined, mixed with the raging flame and black wave. Yet, Meng Qi still didn’t see the enemies. Well aware of her low cultivation base, Meng Qi was desperate to gather as much information as possible before going to her friend’s aid. Without a solid plan, not only might she be unhelpful, but she could end up dragging them down.

Although the sky-viewing mirror could fully present the situation of the battlefield, the distance was still a bit too far. Meng Qi took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down. She kept staring into the mirror intently. Chu Tianfeng’s flame filled the entire ground, making it hard to see any shadows that might be the enemies…

Ah! Meng Qi’s pupils shrank suddenly. She found it!

Meng Qi was preconceived that the enemies must be of huge size and thus missed seeing swarms of shadows surrounding Qin Xiumo and the others. But the swarms didn’t seem very big and looked like… flying insects?

Meng Qi opened her eyes wide, trying to see as many details as possible. The flying insects were completely ignored by her at first, and she only took notice when they were burned by Chu Tianfeng’s flame and fell in a dense swarm to the ground.

What exactly were they?

In the blink of an eye, the battle grew more intense. Chu Tianfeng’s spells flew without pause, filling the sky with the flames that made the surroundings as bright as day.


Meng Qi’s expression turned grave. The large swarm that flew by the light of flame looked similar to bees. The black wave controlled by Sikong Xing swept in, protecting her allies within, especially Li Che. The young medical cultivator, sitting cross-legged on the ground, was shrouded from head to toe by Sikong Xing’s black waves.

Countless thoughts quickly flashed through Meng Qi’s mind. Was Li Che poisoned? Or injured? Seeing that the enemies looked like insects, they were likely to be poisonous. What insects were they?

After giving a quick glance at the sky-viewing mirror, Meng Qi got up and ran to Yun Qingyan’s room.

“Sovereign Qingyan.” The white-robed man was still lounging on the recliner with a book. On the tea table next to him was the box of fruits given by Meng Qi. When he heard the hurried footsteps, Yun Qingyan didn’t put down the book in his hand as he asked casually, “What?”

“Sovereign Qingyan.” Meng Qi said quickly, “Do you know about flying insects in the Starfallen Sea that look like bees?” She paused, then quickly added: “Their wings are white. I didn’t see their body clearly, but their size is about…” Meng Qi thought for a moment and gestured with her hand, “…should be about half the size of my fist. Their wings are a bit longer than my fingers.”

The insects’ wings were red under the illumination of Chu Tianfeng’s flames. But where the flame didn’t reach, those wings were as white as snow.

Yun Qingyan finally gave Meng Qi a glance: “White wings? Look like bees?” He pondered for a while, “Indeed, there is one.”

Meng Qi’s eyes lit up.

Yun Qingyan dropped the book in his hand: “Snow fang bee, a species of poisonous insect. Once their cold poison entered the body, one incense stick of time was enough to freeze a cultivator into ice. Even if they didn’t die, they would not be able to move at all.”

Meng Qi gasped.

Snow fang bees?!

It turned out to be Snow fang bees!

That was a poisonous insect that had long been extinct in the Three Thousand Worlds! Said to no longer exist in three realms, Meng Qi had only read about snow fang bees in books.

So the snow fang beasts actually still existed in Starfallen Sea?!

Meng Qi turned around and quickly dashed back to the sky-viewing mirror. With so many snow fang beasts, Sikong Xing and the others would immediately get stung as long as they lowered their guard for even a moment… dared not to continue the imagination, Meng Qi quickly racked her brain to recall everything she had read about snow fang bees.

It was said that this poisonous bee originated from the Northern Realm of the Three Thousand Worlds. Even thousands of years ago, they were classified as dangerous creatures. Fortunately, snow fang bees only came out when it snowed and would hibernate in their nest at other times. Most cities in the Three Thousand Worlds, including some small towns, were guarded by sects. This protection meant that not only natural disasters such as heavy snow, drought, and flood were basically nonexistent, but the cities could also enjoy spring-like warmth throughout the year. So at that time, the harm caused by the snow fang bees was relatively limited.

Until later, a group of devil cultivators cross-bred a devil realm’s poisonous bee with the snow fang bee, resulting in a new species that not only possessed the powerful cold poison of the snow fang bees but was also active in all seasons.

This new species soon became a scourge that could no longer be ignored by the Northern Realm’s sects. In addition, although the reproduction rate of the snow fang bees was not as rapid as its progenitor, it was not slow either. After more than ten years, the harm they caused began to spread from the Northern Realm to the bordering Eastern Realm and Western Realm.

A snow fang bee’s sting was highly poisonous. Although it might not be deadly for a cultivator, the poison had the effect of freezing their limbs, muscles, and internal organs. Except for their still existing consciousness, the victim was no different from the dead. For some, this situation was even worse than death. Moreover, the poison was extremely difficult to solve. The common detoxification pills used in Three Thousand World were useless against it, and medical cultivators could only rely on fire-based healing spells to expel the poison from the body little by little.

As for non-cultivators, the effect was naturally worse. Basically, once the poison entered the body, the victim would die within a few hours, often before medical treatment could reach them.

So, it was no wonder that later, cultivators from all over Three Thousand World banded together to completely eradicate the snow fang bees. This event was written in many records, from which Meng Qi learned. Presumably, Xue Chengxuan, Li Che, and even Qin Xiumo and others also knew about this. The extermination of snow fang bees took the course of seven long years. Countless cultivators joined forces, venturing deep into every corner of the Northern Realm to find every single nest of snow fang bees.


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  1. I have to say that the devil cultivators are pretty vicious to breed such a dangerous insect. Even if they did end up exterminating a majority of the humans with them, when they invade the Three Thousand Worlds afterwards, how do they plan to exterminate the hybrid bees that would have mass-produced by then?

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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