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THDP Ch 109 Part 3 – Friendship (III)

For thousands of years following the large-scale extermination, no snow fang bees had ever been seen again in Three Thousand Worlds. It was no wonder that Meng Qi didn’t recognize them. On top of that, the books and records said that the bees were around the size of an adult’s fingers, but the ones she saw attacking Sikong Xing and the others were about the size of her palm.

And the poison effect…

Meng Qi shook her head. She returned to the sky-viewing mirror and was now leaning towards the water surface with both hands, her hands resting on the well. She took a deep breath and resumed watching the fierce battle with the greatest attentiveness.

Lights from spells and sword aura intertwined complexly, making it hard to see some details…

Eh? Meng Qi’s narrowed. On the area previously blocked from her sight by Xue Chengxuan lay a white-robed young man, and she suddenly realized that Li Che was not sitting cross-legged on the ground to recuperate—

Su Junmo!

Did Su Junmo get poisoned? No wonder she didn’t see him just now! Meng Qi subconsciously gripped her storage space as countless thoughts flashed in her mind. Calm down! She took a deep breath and repeatedly reminded herself not to be reckless. Not only would her recklessness not help, but it would only make things worse for her friends.

Meng Qi’s eyes fell on Chu Tianfeng, who was conjuring spells endlessly. Fortunately, snow fang bees’ weakness was fire, and Chu Tianfeng’s flame-based spells worked tremendously well against them.



Meng Qi reached out her hand and touched the surface of the sky-viewing mirror. Feeling the coldness of the clear well water, her mind somehow got clearer.

“Meng Qi.” Yun Qingyan’s voice came from the courtyard’s entrance, “Have you thought about it?” He added lightly: “The sky-viewing mirror can only be used one-way. There is no return.”

“Yes!” Meng Qi turned around decisively. Her eyes were clear, and her expression was firm: “Sovereign Qingyan, thank you for your care.” After a pause, Meng Qi took out the wooden box containing the phoenix fruit from her storage space item and carefully placed it on the ground, “These phoenix fruits can be refined into Nirvana Pills.” She explained, “Except for its miraculous healing properties, Nirvana Pills also have the effect of restoring the orderliness of spiritual aura and can also pull back a cultivator who was about to fall into qi deviation, restoring their sanity and protecting their spiritual consciousness.”

Yun Qingyan was startled. His gaze shifted from Meng Qi to the wooden box on the ground: “Protecting their spiritual consciousness?”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded, “Nirvana Pill is extremely rare, which is why they are mostly used to save people on the brink of death. In fact, it can also be used to protect the spiritual consciousness of someone in the process of falling into qi deviation.” She pondered for a moment, then quickly said: “Cultivators fall into qi deviation mostly because of the corruption of their internal aura, specifically, the collapse of the balance of five primal aura that made up the spiritual aura. This causes their spiritual consciousness to also begin to break apart…”

Halfway through Meng Qi’s explanation, Yun Qingyan already understood. On that day, the vision he manifested showed the collapse of the balance. The spiritual aura inside a cultivator was originally composed of the five primal aura, and one’s spiritual consciousness was used to both control and bind them. When the balance of the five primal aura collapsed, the binding disintegrated, and the aura was no longer under control and even began to devour the spiritual consciousness, which resulted in a qi deviation.

On that day, Yun Qingyan was anxious to heal himself and accidentally absorbed too much five primal aura from the Starfallen Sea into his body, causing the balance of five primal aura inside him to collapse.

If not for the endless supply of Five Aggregates Heart Clearing Spell that Meng Qi provided, he would have truly fallen into qi deviation by now.

Meng Qi pursed her lips and said again, “Among the medicinal ingredients needed to refine Nirvana Pill, only phoenix fruits alone are extremely rare, and the rest can easily be found even at Cloud Immortal Pavilion. Furthermore, any medical cultivators of the fourth rank and above should be able to make them.” At this point, Meng Qi stopped. Yun Qingyan was extremely smart and intelligent, and he should have realized what she wanted to convey.

Meng Qi glanced slightly at Yun Qingyan with reluctance and longing. This handsome, powerful, and very knowledgeable man was the only person she swore to follow behind throughout her two lives and also the only person in the world who had always treated her gently regardless of profit and loss. Not only did he never laugh at her whimsical ideas, he was even willing to follow through with them seriously and work hard with her to make those ideas a reality.

Meng Qi took a deep breath for a moment and finally said, “I should be staying behind and serving you well… but Sikong Xing and the others are risking great dangers by entering the Starfallen Sea for my sake, and I can never ignore them.”

Meng Qi cupped her hands and made a solemn bow at Yun Qingyan. When she rose up again, she said with a bright smile, “Sovereign Qingyan, I will definitely come back alive.”

Finished, Meng Qi turned around and disappeared into the sky-viewing mirror.

“Fool.” The corner of Yun Qingyan’s lips suddenly curled up. Then, with a flick of his sleeve, the box in his hand also fell into the sky-viewing mirror, as if it wasn’t full of extremely rare legendary natural treasure coveted by countless.

“Ugh!” As soon as Meng Qi passed through the sky-viewing mirror, the wooden box fell straight into her arms. The force of the fall was not big, more like being gently put into her arms rather than thrown down.

“Sovereign Qingyan…” Meng Qi murmured as she looked up into the sky. But there was no sign of the sky-viewing mirror there, only an endless dark sky full of bright twinkling stars.

Her connection to Yun Qingyan had gone, and she was now alone in Starfallen Sea again. This time, she didn’t know when they would meet again… but! She would definitely return!


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