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THDP Ch 109 Part 4 – Friendship (IV)

Many thoughts flashed through Meng Qi’s mind, but in just a moment, her feet had already landed on the ground. She closed her eyes and put all the reluctance behind her. Thankfully enough, her landing place was very precise, next to Sikong Xing and right into the middle of the black wave she used to protect her allies, so accurate that Meng Qi suspected this to be another of Yun Qingyan’s help. Right above her was a wall of flames coming out from the blooming red lotus, maintained by Chu Tianfeng’s great effort to block the snow fang bees.

“Meng Qiqi?!” Sikong Xing suddenly shouted. But the joyful color on her face only flashed for a split second before it turned into horror, “Are you really Meng Qiqi?” Sikong Xing’s bright eyes were full of vigilance. Her hands adeptly controlled the huge black wave, protecting her allies all the time.

Near the red fox girl, Qin Xiumo, Chu Tianfeng, and the others also turned their gazes at Meng Qi.

“Meng Qiqi?” Qin Xiumo’s eyes flickered, and his brows slightly wrinkled. As he quietly took a few steps to Sikong Xing’s side, his natal long sword flew back and hung by his side. The sword’s tip shone with cold light, pointing directly at Meng Qi.

Chu Tianfeng gave her a slight glance. The young man’s handsome countenance looked a little pale under the light of his flames; all the while, he gritted his teeth and kept conjuring spell after spell to burn the snow fang bees.

Xue Chengxuan raised his hand and brandished a medical knife as he looked at Meng Qi silently.

Even Su Junmo, lying on the ground, and Li Che, who was sitting cross-legged beside him, also looked at Meng Qi with vigilance.

Meng Qi was stunned for a moment and instantly realized that something similar must have happened before. She didn’t have time to explain and quickly smiled at Sikong Xing: “Xingxing.”

Sikong Xing seemed relieved, but her alertness did not fade much: “Meng Qiqi?”

“Meng Qi.” Qin Xiumo opened his mouth. He looked at Meng Qi and suddenly asked, “Do you know who the person called Little Devil Lord is?”

Meng Qi was stunned. She looked at Qin Xiumo’s black lacquer-like eyes and murmured subconsciously, “You…”

She closed her mouth again immediately. The nickname Little Devil Lord precisely referred to Qin Xiumo — but not in this life. In Meng Qi’s previous life, Qin Xiumo returned to his former sect to take revenge, bloodbathing all the close friends who had betrayed him and forcefully seizing the Sect Leader’s seat by brutal force alone. It was this feat that gave Qin Xiumo such a nickname, although others only dared to call him that secretly behind his back.

Devil Lord was the title given to the lord of the strongest Great Devil Seat. In other words, it existed only in the Devil Realm, but not in the Three Thousand Worlds.

Qin Xiumo’s lips twitched slightly, but he immediately began inquiring, “Meng Qi, do you recognize those bees?”

“They are snow fang bees!” Meng Qi raised her head and gasped suddenly. Now that her view was no longer restricted by the reflection in the sky-viewing mirror, she finally realized the sheer number of snow fang bees that was overwhelming enough to cover the sky. Each bee was as big as her fist. Their wings vibrated rapidly, filling Meng Qi’s ears with endless buzzing noises.

After Su Junmo was injured, Qin Xiumo took over as the leader of the group. Now that he had confirmed Meng Qi’s identity, Sikong Xing instantly cheered up: “Meng Qiqi, it’s really you! Woohoo…” She raised her hand, raising another burst of black wave barrier while muttering, “Su Junmo is injured! He was stung by these damned snow fang bees!”

“I know.” Meng Qi nodded. She looked back at Su Junmo, who was lying on the ground. She then turned her hand over and clenched a silver medical knife in her hand.

“Deal with these bees first.” Qin Xiumo jumped up with his long sword and killed a few bees that managed to sneak into Sikong Xing’s black wave barrier while talking, “Meng Qiqi, can you do something?”

Meng Qi looked up at the sky and said, “Let’s use the Lihuo Great Fire Array!”

Sikong Xing was dumbfounded, “Li-lihuo Great Fire Array?! The one legend said to be the world’s most ferocious and violent fire array?!”

“…Yes.” Meng Qi pursed her lips. What she used to refine medicine was the modified version of the Lihuo Great Fire Array. In order to suit her needs, Yun Qingyan specially modified the original array and taught her the simplified version. Even the second form of Lihuo Array he taught her was far less powerful than the original.

However, Meng Qi knew the original version of the Lihuo Great Fire Array. As Sikong Xing said, Lihuo fire was extremely dangerous and violent, worthy of being placed first in the entire three realms. It was certainly far more powerful than what Meng Qi could handle, and if she really tried to use it for refining medicine, she would be lucky if the cauldron was the only one that ended up being burned to ash.

In fact, Meng Qi still didn’t have enough cultivation base to use the original Lihuo Great Fire Array. But she had the five spirits cauldron as her natal magic weapon, and engraved on its bottom was precisely Lihuo Great Fire Array.

She could give it a shot.

Meng Qi took a deep breath, bent down, and quickly moved the silver knife in her hand. On her other hand were three pieces of lustrous red phoenix fruits. Yun Qingyan should have guessed her plan, so he gave her the box of phoenix fruits.

Thinking of Yun Qingyan, Meng Qi’s heart suddenly warmed. But she didn’t allow herself to be distracted and continued moving very quickly, almost turning herself into an afterimage.

Sikong Xing’s reaction was equally fast. With a movement of her single finger, a ball of lightning surrounded Meng Qi like a layer of armor, giving her firm protection. Although the snow fang bees were numerous and their poison was not easy to deal with, their individual combat power was just equal to the Golden Core stage at best, so it was easy for Sikong Xing to protect Meng Qi alone.

The group had been fighting side by side for many days, and they already had a tacit understanding of each other. While Sikong Xing focused on protecting Meng Qi, Qin Xiumo’s sword suddenly moved faster. In addition, he also made a hand seal with his other hand, activating a spell that instantly turned his natal sword into countless afterimages, which then quickly rushed towards the swarm of snow fang bees.

Chu Tianfeng also raised his hand, setting the red lotus ablaze with soaring fire. The rest of the flame wall also soared, illuminating the entire sky with their bright glow.

None of them asked Meng Qi what she was doing, nor the reason behind her action. The tacit understanding and trust between them were more than enough.


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  1. Doesn’t Meng Qi’s answer let Qin Xiumo know that she was also reborn with her memories intact?! I wonder if Chu Tianfeng also heard and how they’ll act around her once they discover it and vice versa. I’m just wondering what made Qin Xiumo suspect Meng Qi also had memories from the past life, other than the timing of her actions being different from back then. As for Su Junmo, I wonder if Meng Qi healing him would also help him regain his memories of the past or if she has to heal him with the injuries being similar to the ones in the past life (being afflicted by the immortal devouring vine).

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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