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THDP Ch.11 Part 2 – Fentian Palace’s Elder (II)

THDP’s sponsored chapters (2/5). All this week’s sponsored chapters are brought by snowy angel, Mo, Ellie, Marchmallow, QuarantineReading, and anonymous sponsor at ko-fi . Thank you for your support!

The first part of this week’s mass release is Ch.11 part 1.

Qingfeng Valley was not very vast. After asking enough questions, Elder Yan accelerated his pace. They quickly entered the great hall via the side entrance. The two disciples hurriedly stepped forward and respectfully opened the door for Elder Yan.

The people in the main hall seemed to be in the middle of a conversation. When the door creaked open, everyone stopped talking and turned to look at the entrance.

“Junior Brother Yan,” The sect leader stood up, “Why are you also here?” She quickly introduced Elder Yan to Fentian Palace’s guests sitting on the side: “This is my junior brother, one of Qingfeng Valley’s Elder. On his trip outside last year, he was poisoned when saving townspeople. The poison affected his legs and lowered his mobility, so he is currently recuperating in the sect.”

One of the Fentian Palace’s people stood up, “Are you perhaps Fellow Daoist Yan Mingfeng?” He was the Elder who already reached the peak of the Nascent Soul stage. Yet his tone when speaking with Elder Yan was so polite, and wasn’t like someone who talked to a person with cultivation level one whole stage lower than himself. The Fentian Palace’s Elder politely bowed his head and saluted Elder Yan: “I have long heard about Elder Yan’s benevolence as a healer. Today it is my honor to finally meet you.”

“Fellow Daoist is too polite.” Yan Mingfeng politely saluted back. His expression unchanged and didn’t show any particular enthusiasm for seeing a great powerhouse like Fentian Palace. His treatment to this elder wasn’t even as warm as to Meng Qi.

Meng Qi supported Elder Yan to sit down on the seat next to the sect leader. She saluted the sect leader first, then turned to look at the people from Fentian Palace. Among the guests, except for one elder in Nascent Soul’s peak, two other cultivators were also in the Nascent Soul stage. Meng Qi was imprisoned in the dungeon in her previous life, so she didn’t know how strong was the Demon Realm invasion. However, now they have three Nascent Soul cultivators here. One of them even already had one foot stepped into the Spirit Severing stage. This force could be considered powerful even in the whole Eastern Realm.

The Three Thousand Worlds and the Demon Realm were separated by a boundary. When demon cultivators tried to forcefully break through that boundary, the higher their power was, the stronger would the backlash they receive. Except for Qingfeng Valley, there was only one small town nearby, not worth it for the demon realm to send a big army. So three Nascent Soul cultivators should be enough to protect this place.

Meng Qi was finally felt relieved. She also noticed that Chu Tianfeng was not in the hall. Although she didn’t know where he was, it still made Meng Qi relieved. Previously she was so anxious to save the little white tiger and stop being entangled with Chu Tianfeng. Now, when she saw the people from Fentian Palace and remembered the young man’s soul oath, she only felt a headache.

Fentian Palace’s Elder retracted his gaze. He then smiled at the sect leader: “Your sect really filled with talented people. You have someone like Fellow Daoist Yang, a healer who was famous for his benevolence and ability. It is no wonder you could cultivate such a brave and fearless disciple like Young Daoist Lu.” When he spoke, he was smiling kindly at the Lu Qingran standing next to the sect leader.

When Fentian Palace’s people arrived in Qingfeng Valley, Chu Tianfeng and Meng Qi still didn’t return from the mountain. It was Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader who greeted them in the great hall. That’s why the Elder already knew how Lu Qingran blocked the devil beast for his martial nephew. Although she was only a small cultivator in the Foundation Establishment stage, she was beautiful. So when the Elder heard that his martial nephew risked his life to save Lu Qingran, he quickly guessed their relationship.

Lu Qingran blushed and immediately said: “Elder, you are too polite. In the end, it was Tianfeng who saved my life. I was dragging his legs, making him injured and poisoned.”

Meng Qi didn’t care about their small chats. She already knew that afterward, Qingfeng Valley would be merged with Fentian Palace. She also remembered that Lu Qingran would become an honored guest of Fentian Palace because everyone knew that the young palace master had a crush on her. However, although in the previous life she was locked in the dungeon, in this life, she didn’t need to waste those three months again. This alone made her happy. Standing quietly beside Elder Yan, with her head bowed down, Meng Qi took out the bamboo slip she just got and started to carefully read the record inside.

Fentian Palace’s Elder politely said a few more words before finally changed the topic: “Sect leader, you told me that another person detoxified my martial nephew. Is it Fellow Daoist Yan?”

The Elder already took a glance at Meng Qi and saw that she was only in the Qi Condensation stage. If Qingfeng Valley still had a member whose medical skill was higher than the sect leader, then the only possibility was this famous Elder Yan Mingfeng.

Before the sect leader had a chance to explain, the hall’s entrance once again opened. A black-robed young man quickly walked inside.

“Martial uncle.” Chu Tianfeng saluted the elder.

“Martial nephew Tianfeng.” Fentian Palace’s elder looked at his martial nephew. “You are finally here.” He added: “Your father received your message and asked me to bring people to help you.”

Chu Tianfeng was their sect’s young palace master, the future master of Fentian Palace and a famous genius cultivator. Although the elder currently had a higher cultivation level, he still treated the young man politely. His tone was even a bit like speaking to a superior.

Lu Qingran blushed. She glanced at Chu Tianfeng shyly. Although she knew that Chu Tianfeng was the young master from Fentian Palace, and also knew that the handsome young man was one of the best cultivators in the younger generation. Still, at this moment, she saw for the first time how a powerful cultivator in the Nascent Soul stage treated him respectfully.

Lu Qingran looked at Chu Tianfeng’s approaching figure. The young man was so handsome, making her heart pounding loudly.
Meng Qi didn’t even glance at Chu Tianfeng. Her head still bowed down, she already read the bamboo slip halfway. If the little white tiger really was poisoned by the same poison written in this record, then not to mention the current her, even the Meng Qi in her previous life, who had already formed her golden core before her death, would be still rendered helpless.

But there must be a way. She will definitely find it! It seems that she needs to take another trip to the library pavilion.

The moment the black-robed young man entered the great hall, his eyes fell on Meng Qi. He didn’t even take a look at Lu Qingran and silently walked towards Fentian Palace’s elder.

“Martial nephew Tianfeng.” The elder smiled at him. “I have met Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader and young Daoist Lu Qingran.”

“I didn’t know that Qingfeng Valley had such a brave and kind disciple. Your mother will like her very much.”

Chu Tianfeng suddenly tightened his jaw. He glanced coldly at Lu Qingran and said: “Martial uncle, this disciple was actually saved by that Fellow Daoist.” Raising his hand, he pointed at Meng Qi.

When the elder’s gaze fell on Meng Qi, he suddenly exclaimed: “A Qi Condensation cultivator?” Although surprised, the Elder knew how prideful was this martial nephew of his. If the girl wasn’t his savior, it would be impossible for him to say otherwise.

The girl’s appearance wasn’t bad, but what was she doing? The elder widened his eyes in disbelief. He was a powerful cultivator in the Nascent Soul stage, so he naturally could see Meng Qi’s action.
The girl is … reading a bamboo slip?! In this hall, in front of himself and her sect leader?!

Chu Tianfeng’s words obviously didn’t give Lu Qingran any face. All Qingfeng Valley’s disciples in the hall have their eyes on Lu Qingran, whose face reddened in shame. They couldn’t understand. Only a few days ago, this young palace master did return to their sect with Lu Qingran in his arms, so why does now his attitude towards her completely changed?

Then everyone quickly looked at Meng Qi again. Fentian Palace’s young master publicly admitted that she was his savior. So did it mean that junior sister Meng Qi would become an honored guest of Fentian Palace? Many envious eyes ardently stared at Meng Qi.

Meng Qi finally returned her mind from the bamboo slip. Fentian Palace’s Elder coughed a bit and looked at her: “Thank you for Young Daoist for saving my martial nephew. Our Fentian Palace was really grateful to you, don’t know if we could return your grace…”

“No need.” Meng Qi waved her hand and directly said: “Your young palace master had promised me to pay enough spirit stones.”

“Spi-spirit stones?” The elder was stupefied. She saved a young master from a great sect, such a big grace, how many benefits would it bring?

Yet what was this girl talking about? Does she know how much would she lose just for some measly spirit stones?!

Without waiting for the elder to gather back his thoughts, Meng Qi took out two bamboo slips between her fingers: “Young Master Chu’s storage space seemed to be destroyed when he fought the devil beast.” She then glanced at Lu Qingran before continuing: “If it is convenient for Elder, please help him settle his debts. This disciple will be thankful.”


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    1. Lol it was better if you weren’t thinking about it… Maybe he was just chilling? After all she wasn’t that knowledgeable in the past as shes now so maybe she couldn’t catch this elders attention?

      1. Elder Yan appreciated her personality and talent, not her knowledge..the valley was under attack, remember? And elder Yan doesn’t have much authority in the sect… probably he even died during the attack.

  1. I was about to say that it was unfair to FL to be shamed like that but then again there were really no lies there since the only thing she did was stand in between and probably got in the way instead. Without her FL powers, yeah. That and considering the issues with past life memories and stuff, yup.

    Fl probably just spread doom whilst she was oblivious to most if not all of it and then got a happy end, for her anyways. So, taking all those into account…Not feeling sorry for her that much anymore. Well, still props for trying to stand in between, on the premise that she genuinely wanted to save/help the Young Master then.

    1. +1

      I do think she really wanted to save him and if she was actually injured she’d be pitiful because while of no real help in the fight, her disregard of her own safety would have at least distracted the enemy or blocked one attack but she was perfectly fine. Any sane person would wonder if the guy would be less injured if he didn’t have to protect this reckless fool.

      Clearly the halo she has is still working. What elder would be thrilled at the prospect of his highly regarded junior falling for LQ in this prospect? I‘m not saying he should go „your parents won’t approve“ but the „your mom will be pleased to meet her“ is a tad to enthusiastic for a weak girl recklessly jumping into danger and ultimately needing rescue.

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