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THDP Ch 110 Part 1 – Teamwork (I)

“Help… help me up…” Su Junmo, who had been lying on the ground, opened his eyes and turned in Meng Qi’s direction. He gasped as he pressed one hand on the ground, trying to get up.

Li Che, who was by Su Junmo’s side, quickly gave assistance and helped him up.

Su Junmo stood up weakly, giving a light nod to Li Che. After a snow fang bee stung him, Su Junmo’s limbs gradually froze, making him look pretty shaky as he stood up. Still, he hadn’t lost his ability to use his aura at present, which was all that mattered.

Su Junmo raised his hand high and spread his fingers out. His fingertips flickered, and a blue light flew out of his palm with a soft swish. Immediately afterward, a small white figure appeared out of thin air and floated next to him.

The small white figure was surrounded by a blob of spiritual aura that resembled a huge transparent bubble. No sooner than it appeared, the white figure quickly stretched out its limbs. Its small body trembled slightly, and tails bigger than its body shook behind.

Standing beside Su Junmo, Li Che was stunned for a moment: “This is…”

Meng Qi also gave Su Junmo’s side a quick glance. The white figure within the layer of spiritual aura was clearly a small white fox cub. One, two, three… five tails! Meng Qi was startled — had Su Junmo reached the Spirit Severing stage?

The cultivation level of the demon race was roughly similar to that of the humans. However, instead of having distinct stages, their cultivation base was categorized into ranks: first rank, second rank, and so on.

That little white fox was a primordial spirit unique to the demon race. Said to be born from the spiritual sea upon breakthrough into the Nascent Soul stage, a primordial spirit was said to be connected to its master on the soul level, just like human cultivators’ natal magic weapons.

Once the demon cultivator reached the Spirit Severing stage — that is, the fifth rank in the demon cultivation system — the primordial spirit would be able to leave the spiritual sea and assist its master in a battle, just like what Su Junmo was doing at this moment.

Only when this primordial spirit was brought into the stage would the true power of a demon cultivator be unleashed. It was said that a demon cultivator and a human cultivator with the same cultivation base were comparable to one another up to the Nascent Soul stage, sans a huge difference in talent. However, once they both reached the Spirit Severing stage and the demon cultivator was able to utilize their primordial spirit on the battlefield, the human cultivator would hardly be their opponent.

Dozens of thoughts passed through Meng Qi’s mind in just but a moment. Meanwhile, Su Junmo began to wave his hand.

“Heaven and earth net!” He shouted. Blue light exploded from his body, morphing into a huge net slowly descending mid-air. The five-tailed white fox next to Su Junmo began to dash upward. For each step it took, the fox’s body flickered, turning into multiple copies of itself.

In just a blink of an eye, one fox turned into ten, ten turned into one hundred, and soon, countless little white foxes rushed towards the sky, as if chasing after the red lotus flames.

Su Junmo’s foxes then charged toward the swarm of snow fang bees. Some of the bees that managed to avoid Su Junmo’s net were bitten, smacked, and chased relentlessly by them.

“Natal primodial spirit…” Sikong Xing stared at the white figures in the sky and muttered dumbfoundedly, “How amazing!”

Sikong Xing’s cultivation base had yet to reach the fifth rank, and although she had successfully formed a natal primordial spirit, she was still unable to release it in battle.

At this moment, Qin Xiumo, who was standing beside Sikong Xing, let out a long whistle with a cold expression. His right hand held high, with his right index finger and middle finger put together. The natal long sword obeyed its master’s summon and flew swiftly, cutting a cold light across the sky. Then, just like Su Junmo’s primordial spirit, the sword instantly turned into countless sword shadows that filled the sky.

“Myriad of Nature.” Qin Xiumo recited coldly. The sword shadows condensed in the air, forming a forest of swords that stood around Su Junmo’s net.

Xu Zijun, who had been fighting side by side with Qin Xiumo for several days, slowly let out a shocked gasp as his eyes fell on the latter’s cold yet handsome face. Xu Zijun wasn’t aware of this mysterious youth’s origin. Yet, despite being a sword and spell dual cultivator, Qin Xiumo’s strength and mastery of swordsmanship were not inferior to the disciple of a pure sword sect like Xingluo Pavilion.

Xu Zijun even faintly figured that Qin Xiumo was probably on par with their young Sect Leader, who was recognized by the entire Eastern Realm as the number one genius swordsman of their generation.

Looking at his performance until now, Qin Xiumo probably would be as famous as Pei Mufeng once his cultivation base caught up with the latter.

Xu Zijun took a deep breath and moved his gaze around, only to have it fall on the nearby Meng Qi. This time, he was more puzzled instead of amazed. This girl was a medical cultivator with little to no combat ability, not even counting a cultivation base merely at the Golden Core stage. Her cultivation base was clearly the lowest among them, and her combat power should be nothing to speak of. She also didn’t hail from a large sect, and there was no powerful clan supporting her behind. Yet, for some reason, he felt that the atmosphere of the team suddenly changed altogether the moment she showed herself.

Obviously, they came here to save her. But why did he have an impression that she was the backbone of the entire team?!

Xu Zijun had been fighting side by side with the team for several days, and he now had gotten a good grasp of each individual’s talent. Even looking all over Three Thousand Worlds, those who gathered here clearly had enough ability to stand on the top of their generation. All of them were very cooperative, quick to respond, and took the overall situation above their own safety and well-being. Therefore, despite only knowing each other for a short time, Xu Zijun found their teamwork quite pleasant.


The young swordsman pondered deeply. In this team, there was Su Junmo, who was good at controlling the flow of the battle, observing the enemies, and directing his allies accordingly. There was also Sikong Xing, a beautiful and flamboyant-looking young lady whose appearance belied the strength that was enough to put the majority of Three Thousand World’s cultivators beneath her.

Then there was Qin Xiumo, who, despite being a dual cultivator, possessed swordsmanship that was not inferior to a pure sword cultivator.

There was also Chu Tianfeng with his powerful and wide-ranged flame-type attack spells.

And Xue Chengxuan and Li Che, two young outstanding medical cultivators.

Plus himself.

Xu Zijun even felt that fighting with these people was more satisfying than doing the same with his fellow sect members.

Yet, he always felt that something was missing!


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