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THDP Ch 110 Part 2 – Teamwork (II)

Xu Zijun even felt that fighting with these people was more satisfying than doing the same with his fellow sect members.

Yet, he always felt that something was missing!

He observed in silence for a few days and found that each member of the team was individually strong, had an excellent tacit understanding, and was also extremely observant. With the exception of Sikong Xing, he could tell that all of them had experienced hundreds of battles. Their ability to analyze the battlefield was first-rate, and they always knew when and how to assist a teammate who needed help the most. Which such excellent cooperation, the team went through victory after victory in the smoothest and most efficient way.

However, something was still missing!

With Meng Qi’s appearance, Xu Zijun suddenly discovered the missing piece of their team. This girl was just a Golden Core cultivator and, logically speaking, should be more than useless in Starfallen Sea. Strangely enough, it was precisely her who made the entire team undergo some silent changes. It just happened that she, a medical cultivator with the lowest cultivation base, made up what Xu Zijun felt the team lacked.

Xu Zijun glanced at Meng Qi silently again. As a member of Xingluo Pavilion, he was also present in the Apricot Forest that day and had witnessed the event within the Grand Tournament barrier with his own eyes.

Amidst the blue light, countless sword shadows, and endless flame, a huge black wave rose into the sky. Meng Qi stood straight in the middle. A gleaming silver knife was brandished in her one hand, while her other hand sent a few profound-grade spirit stones flying in all directions. The spirit stones swept across the sky and began to flicker, illuminating the eyes of everyone present.

Meng Qi raised her left hand. With a soft clang, the five spirits cauldron, which had disappeared from the world for more than ten thousand years, finally made its debut again. The legendary artifact at this moment was just an inconspicuous small cauldron, looking no different from the average natal weapon of many medical cultivators. To be honest, the mass-produced cauldron Meng Qi later bought at the Cloud Immortal Pavilion looked even fancier than it.

Xue Chengxuan and Li Che raised their eyes and stared at the small cauldron floating next to Meng Qi. Was this Meng Qi’s natal magic weapon? They both pondered silently inside. On the outer surface of the small dark cauldron was a character ‘Qi’ written in fine and strong penmanship, looking quite elegant.

Both Xue Chengxuan and Li Che failed to recognize the five spirits cauldron, which was no wonder. This thing, after all, had never appeared in Three Thousand Worlds for tens of thousands of years. Ever since the fall of countless ancient powerhouses, many of the powerful magic weapons they once possessed also disappeared into the river of time and were delegated into mere legends. Despite their status and position, even Xue Chengxuan and Li Che had only read some records about the five spirits cauldron in the books, which was not enough for them to recognize it at a glance.

With another clang, the five spirits cauldron began to turn gently in the air. Although there should be nothing within it, the cauldron made a heavy swishing sound as it turned, looking like it was about to spew something out.

With another wave of Meng Qi’s hand, the natal weapon born from her aura promptly followed her order and flew directly above the Lihuo fire array she had just drawn.

Clang clang clang! Amidst the deafening sound, Meng Qi threw another batch of profound-grade spirit stones into the cauldron, which quickly tilted aside and began pouring down what seemed like a mass of scorching hot air.

In an instant, the whole array emitted a bright light. Flames shot up into the sky one after another with each flicker of the spirit stones, illuminating almost half the sky.

Almost simultaneously, Chu Tianfeng raised his hand, and his floating red lotuses immediately exploded.

Su Junmo’s blue net followed right after, falling right above the swarm of snow fang bees that managed to survive.

Qin Xiumo was the next to spur into action. His sword shadows followed behind Su Junmo’s net and crashed themselves on the ground, cutting the trapped snow fang bees into countless pieces.

In an instant, the whole world seemed filled with blazing flames, blue light, and sword shadows.

Almost all snow fang bees were caught in this orchestra and met their demise.

Li Che and Xue Chengxuan were dazzled by the scene, and even Xu Zijun let out a loud gasp. Not willing to be left behind, the young sword cultivator summoned his natal long sword and slashed it toward a small group of snow fang bees desperately trying to escape.

After a while, the world finally returned to peace, as if the battle just now had never existed. However, it was clear that the composite attacks just now had successfully eliminated the swarm of snow fang bees.

Meng Qi took a deep breath, inhaling the burnt smell lingering in the air. A gust of wind blew, slowly flurrying a single wing that apparently had not been burnt out. Meng Qi reached out and caught the fluttering wing, which had some burnt traces left on it. Despite having been separated from the body of the snow fang bee, the small wing still gave Meng Qi a bone-chilling coldness upon contact.

Meng Qi looked up at the sky. The Lihuo fire she used was the most violent and brutal fire array in the world, having enough strength to burnt almost all living beings it encountered to ashes. The snow fang bees, despite having enormous size compared to their extinct counterpart in Three Thousand Worlds, were also no match to the Lihuo fire and were burnt to ashes in no time.

Meng Qi waved lightly, calling the five spirits cauldron back to her side. The small black cauldron circled around its master, and a joy that clearly did not belong to Meng Qi suddenly grew from the bottom of her heart.

Meng Qi was stunned for a moment before realizing that the joy belonged to the five spirits cauldron.

Was this… the so-called spiritual connection between the natal weapon and its master?

She reached out and stroked the cauldron gently. It swayed a few times mid-air, as happy as a playful kid, and kept rubbing itself against Meng Qi’s palm.

“This is…” The rest of the group had slowly gathered around Meng Qi.

Su Junmo was supported by Li Che, but not even his current weak state could contain his curiosity, “Meng Qiqi, is this your natal magic weapon?”

Su Junmo stared at the black cauldron for a moment, but failed to identify its nature.

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded.

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