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THDP Ch 112 Part 1 – The Weird Su Junmo (I)

“???” The blue brocade bag embroidered with a beautiful floral pattern felt almost weightless on Meng Qi’s hand. Out of habit, she poured a bit of aura to see the contents of the bag, and then—

“Su Junmo!” Meng Qi gasped in shock. There were nine hundred profound-grade spirit stones in the bag! It was not a small amount of wealth by any standard. She had previously taken 2000 profound-grade spirit stones from the Xue clan and used a handful of them during the Grand Tournament, but there were still more than 1900 left.

Nine hundred profound-grade spirit stones — placed in any sect in Three Thousand Worlds, it was not a small number. The inhabitants of Three Thousand Worlds only used lower-grade spirit stones for their daily lives, and those of the ninth grade and above were scarcely seen outside special occasions such as Beyond The Heaven’s invitation-only auctions. Even a prestigious clan like the Xue Clan or a large sect like Fentian Palace wouldn’t treat profound-grade spirit stones lightly.

“Su Junmo.” Meng Qi threw the bag back to him, “You shouldn’t do this.” She paused and explained, “You guys came here to rescue me, so your poisoning is basically my responsibility.”

“But…” Su Junmo frowned.

Meng Qi waved her hand, “Even if you are not coming for me, since we are venturing as a group into such a dangerous place as Starfallen Sea, it is just a given that we supported each other unconditionally. As a medical cultivator, it’s my role to treat whoever gets injured in our team.”

“…” Su Junmo’s hands holding the bag slowly lowered, but his grip tightened. He understood what Meng Qi wanted to convey, but he meant it differently. This matter was no longer about spirit stones, alright!

Su Junmo raised his eyes and met Meng Qi’s gaze. The blue-robed young girl was as calm as usual. Her bright eyes were scanning her surrounding attentively, maintaining a state of high alertness. This was how Meng Qi was; she always knew what she was doing and what she wanted — Su Junmo thought in a daze. He lowered his head again, staring into the brocade bag in his hands for a moment. Moments later, the corners of his lips suddenly raised. “Meng Qi,” he strode towards her.

“Huh?” Meng Qi turned in his direction.

“Since I’ve given it to you, you must accept!” Su Junmo forcefully shoved the bag toward her. For a brief moment, their hands made contact. Meng Qi’s skin was smooth, her fingertips were slightly cool, and they seemed to bring a faint medicinal fragrance — very soft and nice to touch…

Su Junmo’s heart suddenly jumped, and he hurriedly let go of Meng Qi’s hand, as if it was a hot iron. “Take them, take them all!” He said, “I don’t lack spirit stones anyway.”

Meng Qi: “…”

She felt offended!

Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo exchanged another glance and saw similar thoughts in each other’s eyes: Really another one?!

Even Su Junmo?!

Exactly how many people have been saved by Meng Qi?!

“Meng Qi.” Qin Xiumo suddenly opened his mouth, “Just accept it. Su Junmo isn’t so poor that he will go bankrupt paying you.”

“This guy’s right.” Chu Tianfeng quickly chimed in, “Didn’t you use the precious fiery eagle’s blood on him? And that zilan lotus is not something mere money can buy. Accept the payment! You can use it to buy more medicinal materials.”

“Meng Qi.” Xue Chengxuan smiled, “Just accept it.” After a slight pause, he said again, “The Medical Society Alliance, including the twelve medical sects, preach that medical cultivators must not aim for money when providing medical service for others. However, we still have to accept a proper remuneration.”

“Yeah.” Li Che also nodded, “Our Canglang Academy also charges patients accordingly.”

For a while, Meng Qi was conflicted. It was not that she refused to accept Su Junmo’s payment, but the amount was simply too much. Others urged her to accept it, but they had no idea that this small brocade bag contained 900 profound-grade spirit stones.

In both of her lives, Meng Qi embarked on the path of medical cultivation and honed her skills by giving medical treatments to those in need. Most of the cases, she was used to receiving spirit stones or other rewards from her patients, but there were occasional exceptions, such as when she encountered someone seriously injured and was already unconscious.

For example, when she picked up Su Junmo in her previous life, this chatterbox fox was injured so badly that he couldn’t maintain his human form. She found him as a white fox, lying on the rotten leaves in the dark jungle, dying. At the time, the only reason Su Junmo was still alive was his natural instinct as a demon cultivator to protect his heart and spiritual sea at any cost.

It was in such a condition Meng Qi picked him up, and for the first ten days she started his treatment, Su Junmo stayed in his white fox form, too weak to even open his eyes. Except for the still beating heart and his feeble breathing, he would have been mistaken for a corpse. When Meng Qi finally dragged him back from the gate of the underworld, the barely rejuvenated Su fox quickly regained his non-stop chattering ability, starting the beginning of Meng Qi’s torment.

At that time, the level of noise pollution was akin to having thousands of bees buzzing in her ears, day in and day out. Even when asleep, Meng Qi was haunted by nightmares, dreaming of herself falling into a huge hive full of buzzing bees. Her only thought at the time was to quickly cure this fox, then part ways and never see him again in this life!

So on the night that Su Junmo was cured, Meng Qi immediately packed her things and ran to another city hundreds of miles away in one go. Upon arriving, she found the largest and most luxurious inn with a hot spring to check in, and finally had a full night of peaceful sleep following a comfortable hot spring bath.

In her hurry, Meng Qi totally forgot about getting a treatment fee from Su Junmo, but it was nothing compared to the importance of getting rid of a certain chattery fox!

“Meng Qiqi.” When Meng Qi was immersed in memories, Xue Chengxuan walked slowly to her side, “The Medical Society Alliance has a certain rule, did you know?”

“Huh?” Meng Qi raised her eyebrows.


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