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THDP Ch 112 Part 2 – The Weird Su Junmo (II)

“Meng Qiqi.” When Meng Qi was immersed in memories, Xue Chengxuan walked slowly to her side, “The Medical Society Alliance has a certain rule, did you know?”

“Huh?” Meng Qi raised her eyebrows.

“Meng Qiqi…” This time, even Li Che couldn’t help laughing. The days of fighting side by side had cemented their bond, and they were now comrades-in-arm. Seeing the others besieging Meng Qi, Li Che also called out jokingly, “Even I know the rules.”

Xue Chengxuan gazed at the night sky above, then lowered his eyes to Meng Qi again. Starlight in Starfallen Sea was much brighter than in the Three Thousand Worlds. When the starlights fell onto Meng Qi’s slender figure, they seemed to be dyeing her entire self in a faint, soft glow, making her look like a small star itself: bright and clear.

Seeing the confusion in Meng Qi’s eyes, Xue Chengxuan’s smile deepened. Starfallen Sea was a very dangerous place, but there was no Feng Alliance or other prestigious sects here, only a group of comrades with whom he entrusted his back. With them, he didn’t need to put on the face of the Xue Clan’s heir…

The corner of Xue Chengxuan’s lips rose slightly. Even though Starfallen Sea was called the most dangerous place in three realms, even though they had just gone through a fierce and dangerous battle… still, he felt unprecedented ease.

“The rule states this: if a medical cultivator treats a patient — be they ordinary people or cultivator — and the said party was unable to pay the medical treatment…” Xue Chengxuan explained, “then the medical cultivator may go to the Medical Society Alliance, who will provide a part of the payment. In exchange, the medical cultivator must write a report detailing the process of the treatment and submit it to the Alliance.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded thoughtfully. Finding out for the first time the significance of the Medical Society Alliance for the Three Thousand World’s medical cultivators.

Xue Chengxuan looked straight into Meng Qi’s eyes. “Therefore, even if you don’t receive Su Junmo’s treatment fees now, you can go to the Alliance’s office after we leave the Starfallen Sea and submit the request for payment. Snow fang bees were already very rare to begin with, and you also used the blood of the nirvana fiery eagle on him. Even counting the expense alone, the number shouldn’t be low.” He pondered for a while, “In my calculation, at least three to five hundred ninth-grade spirit stones.”

Hearing this, Li Che scratched his head and said a little embarrassedly, “I also get my payments through the Alliance sometimes.”

Meng Qi nodded. She opened the brocade bag, did a quick mental calculation, and took twenty profound-grade spirit stones before returning the rest to Su Junmo. “This is enough.” She said, putting the twenty spirit stones into her own storage space.

Su Junmo took the bag with a stunned expression and had a very rare moment of speechlessness: “…”

Was his life so cheap?

And he didn’t just mean the cold poison from the snow fang bee, but rather…

Su Junmo opened his mouth, but didn’t say anything in the end. He cleared his throat, looked around, and addressed the rest of the group, “My carelessness has brought us dangers.” After a pause, he began explaining to Meng Qi, “Not long after we passed through the jungle, we encountered an injured cultivator.”

Meng Qi nodded. It was not uncommon to encounter injured cultivators in the Starfallen Sea.

“But that’s not a real cultivator. It’s an illusion.” Su Junmo hesitated, but still continued.

“Illusion?” Meng Qi was surprised.

“Yes!” Su Junmo nodded, “The illusion was used by snow fang bees to confuse their prey. We saw a young woman lying on the ground, seemingly injured, and asking us for help. ”

“Wait!” Meng Qi keenly grasped the key point in Su Junmo’s words: “You mean, all of you were seeing the same illusion?”

“Yes.” For some reason, Su Junmo’s face suddenly turned red, and he quickly glanced away as he nodded slightly.

Meng Qi lowered her eyes, thinking seriously. What was used to show the same illusion to a group of people? Was it poison? Or some kind of hallucination spell? Or… an array?

She then looked up and turned to Chu Tianfeng. From the moment she appeared until now, this young heir of Fentian Palace hadn’t said a word to her.

“It’s not a spell.” Chu Tianfeng raised an eyebrow and responded, having guessed what Meng Qi wanted to ask.

“We weren’t poisoned either.” Xue Chengxuan said from the side.

Meng Qi tilted her head and nodded silently. If it wasn’t poison or a spell, it was probably an artifact or array. She turned her head and stared into the distant horizon. Darkness still shrouded the earth, but the stars in the sky were far brighter than the Three Thousand Worlds, almost as if the starlight itself had materialized into a substance full of rich aura.

Human cultivators of Three Thousand World must use cultivation techniques to absorb the spiritual aura in nature for their use, but demon cultivators like Su Junmo and Sikong Xing were different. Every time a demon cultivator took a breath, the spiritual aura in the starlight would naturally be absorbed by the star array they were born with.

The Starfallen Sea and its abundance of starlight was surely a very suitable place for demon race to cultivate. Similarly, it was also very suitable for mutant beasts and mutant plants. The effect on them was not as good as the proper demon race, but in this Starfallen Sea, they also received the same result with half the effort.

So, the question is — was the illusion a new attack method the snow fang bees had learned over thousands of years in Starfallen Sea?

Meng Qi’s heart jumped, and she suddenly noticed the change in the Five Spirits Cauldron, prompting her to hurriedly probe into her spiritual sea. The cauldron, which up until now was dutifully turning the aura produced by Meng Qi’s golden core into a more condensed form of snowflakes, suddenly shook slightly.

All the snowflakes that fell over the sea of spiritual aura below had covered its surface with a thin layer of ice. With the shaking of the Five Spirits Cauldron, the snowflakes began to fall in a more regular pattern, as if the cauldron itself was trying to draw something over the layer of ice.

In just a moment, a complete, simple pattern was produced.

An array she has never seen before!

Meng Qi’s eyes flashed, and she quickly pondered over it.

Was this an illusion array?


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  1. I really find it funny how Su Junmo changed in an instant, since he was healed by her! her harem keeps getting bigger and bigger 😀 Thank you so much for translating this story,I really look forward to it every week!

  2. Will Meng Qi’s natal weapon not only be proficient in medicine-making, but also in array-drawing? If so, it’s definitely a major upgrade compared to Lin Yan’s Five Spirits Cauldron. Doesn’t that mean that Meng Qi can learn arrays from beasts that know them as long as her cauldron absorbs their essence? I just think it’s pretty alarming that beasts can learn arrays. Do they learn them by observing cultivators who use them or did they gain the wisdom themselves after being in the Starfallen Sea for so long?

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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