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THDP Ch 112 Part 3 – The Weird Su Junmo (III)

Was it an illusion array?

Deep in thought, Meng Qi extended her fingers and quickly drew the array in the air. She was absentminded — If Yun Qingyan was here, he must know what this was… The next moment, she remembered that she had left the Great Wilderness Island through that one-way mirror. Despite still being in the Starfallen Sea, she and Yun Qingyan were now separated by a considerable distance.

Thinking of this, Meng Qi’s eyes dimmed slightly, but no one noticed the change in her expression under cover of night.

“Meng… Qiqi.” Su Junmo had been acting strange for some reason after his poison healed. He seemed very awkward when facing Meng Qi, and there were strange pauses every time he called her name.

“What is your opinion?” Su Junmo glanced at Meng Qi and asked politely. With the exception of Meng Qi, he was the most knowledgeable about arrays in the group.

“It may be a kind of illusion array.” Meng Qi said, “The creatures in Starfallen Sea are not the same as their counterparts outside. It seems that they have evolved more dangerously.”

“Hmm.” Su Junmo nodded. If it was an array… then the sum of the knowledge of everyone present here was probably less than 1/1000th of Meng Qi. After all, she was taught personally by that person! No one could compare with him, even counting through all the cultivators in the Three Realms!

Su Junmo pondered for a moment, then continued: “That array has a mysterious effect and automatically targeted the one with the strongest cultivation base…”

“Su Junmo, you have already advanced to the level of Spirit Severing stage.” Chu Tianfeng suddenly interrupted. “Is that why we saw an injured ‘Lu Qingran’ back then?”

Su Junmo’s face turned red. He didn’t instantly refute Chu Tianfeng, but instead gave Meng Qi a timid look. Seeing Meng Qi’s expression remained unchanged even after hearing Lu Qingran’s name, he finally sighed in relief.

Next to them, Sikong Xing suddenly asked with a frown, “Su Junmo, why do you seem to…” she paused, “…seem to be afraid of Meng Qiqi?”

Throughout the conversation, Sikong Xing saw how Su Junmo frequently glanced at Meng Qi with a timid and cautious look. The three of them had traveled together for some time, and Sikong Xing was familiar with how Su Junmo and Meng Qi usually interacted. Su Junmo was always friendly, but he never gave neither she nor Meng Qi such a glance before.

“What nonsense are you talking about?!” Su Junmo waved his hand in panic. He cleared his throat and quickly defended himself, “Meng… Meng Qiqi, don’t listen to her nonsense. I haven’t done anything wrong, so why am I afraid of you? Haha, haha.”

“Cannot you see how unconvincing you are now?” Sikong Xing snorted.

“Xingxing.” Meng Qi shook her head at Sikong Xing and explained, “Lu Qingran and I were once fellow disciples of Qingfeng Valley, and she was my former senior sister. Our relationship was not close, and there were also some misunderstandings in between.” She glanced at Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo before continuing, “But it’s all over now.”

“Meng Qiqi.” Sikong Xing took Meng Qi’s arm into hers. Too lazy to wait for Su Junmo’s hesitated pauses and timid excuses, she explained everything in one breath, “We saw the injured ‘Lu Qingran’ lying on the ground that day, and, upon seeing us approaching, was calling for help. Because of the event in Xingluo City, no one has doubts. Especially…”

Sikong Xing raised her jaw at Li Che: “This Li Che, who testified that Lu Qingran was the kind-hearted and brave girl who rescued him before. We ran to save her, but there was no injured person…” She snorted, “when we got here, that ‘Lu Qingran’ suddenly exploded and turned into a lot of snow fang bees… Su Junmo walked in the front and was stung as a result.”

“You also know what happened later.” Sikong Xing ended up her story. The red-robed beauty shivered with some lingering fears as she looked up at the night sky, which had regained its tranquility, “Too scary! Just that endless buzzing sound is enough to make me feel nauseous!”

Meng Qi nodded sympathetically.

Su Junmo’s face was even redder than before. He didn’t interrupt Sikong Xing, but timidly glanced at Meng Qi again. The girl still looked calm as usual, without the slightest change in her expression. From the moment Meng Qi suddenly descended from the sky, Su Junmo had countless questions in mind. The Lord suddenly gave him an urgent summon that day and mentioned Meng Qi’s name right before the connection cut off. Was she with the Lord until a moment ago?

At this moment, Su Junmo, who was still full of curiosity, no longer had the courage to question Meng Qi. He didn’t even mention anything that happened that day and could only secretly rejoice that he had made the right bet!

Su Junmo’s eyes swept across Meng Qi’s face. Even if Meng Qi’s cultivation base was a bit too low, he wholly acknowledged her as the Lord’s dao companion! He was ready to clear off any obstacles for them, even at the cost of his own life…

“You guys have taken enough rest? Let’s go.” Xue Chengxuan looked at Su Junmo and Meng Qi, feeling the atmosphere between the two a bit off. There was no romantic undertone, but for some reason, he found them somewhat not like before.

“Are we going to take the same route back?” Xue Chengxuan asked again.

“Where snow fang bees live.” Li Che pursed his lips and said, “There must be snow fang honey.”

“Well…” Meng Qi muttered.

“It looks like we’ve wiped out all the snow fang bees. That leaves their honey unguarded, isn’t it?” Li Che’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down.

Like most bees, snow fang bees lived in a hive and produced honey. They were, however, bad at making honey and only produced a very small quantity of it. A huge hive might only produce a small bottle of snow fang honey after a hundred years.

The slow production rate made snow fang honey extremely rare. Many medicine formulas use the honey of ordinary spiritual bees to neutralize the side effect of some ingredients. The honey of snow fang bees was no exception, and it even had a wonderful boon of doubling the medicine’s efficacy.

Want it! Meng Qi and Li Che exchanged glances and saw the same desire in each other’s eyes.


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