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THDP Ch 113 Part 2 – Besieged (II)

“It’s a golden thread beetle.” Meng Qi looked down and said. She then used her foot to gently kick the bee’s severed body and turn it over, revealing a pattern similar to thin gold threads on its back.

Meng Qi took out her silk gloves and put them on, then took out a small box and put the golden thread beetle in it, “It can be used as medicinal ingredients.” Holding the box in front of her chest, she turned to Qin Xiumo and asked, “We will divide the spoils after returning to Three Thousand Worlds. Who will keep these for now?”

“Me.” Qin Xiumo gave a glance, took the small box from Meng Qi’s hand, and threw it into his storage space item.

After this small interruption, the group quickly resumed their journey. “Starfallen Sea is full of spiritual energy.” Qin Xiumo said to Meng Qi in a low voice, “No wonder so many cultivators eventually venture to the Starfallen Sea for training. Cultivating here indeed gives more gain with less effort.”

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded.

“When I get to the Spirit Severing stage, I will return to this Starfallen Sea again.” Qin Xiumo continued, “It’s the best training ground for sword cultivators.”

Xu Zijun nodded: “Our Pavilion Master said the same thing. Any cultivator who seriously pursues the dao of the sword must enter this Starfallen Sea at least once.”

Meng Qi made no comment. The appearance of the golden thread beetle seemed to inform that they had left the territory of the snow fang bees and were now returning to the unknown danger.

The group hadn’t gone far when Qin Xiumo suddenly stopped. “Be careful.” His cold eyes swept across the surrounding. Right now, they happened to be surrounded by five or six shallow hills, making the space much narrower compared to the open space they had passed.

Upon Qin Xiumo’s signal, Chu Tianfeng and the others also stopped and looked around vigilantly. Two long swords flew quickly in the air. Sikong Xing raised her fingers, and a small blob of black water emerged from the ground and landed in her palm.

“Be careful, it’s…” Before Sikong Xing could finish her sentence, more than ten blue lanterns suddenly lit up on the top of surrounding hills, as if receiving some signals. “…wolf!” Sikong Xing’s eyes widened suddenly, and she shouted the second half of her sentence.

Meng Qi quickly glanced around and saw seven or eight tall wolf-shaped black silhouettes standing on the top of the hills, looking far taller as they looked down at the people below from their high standpoint.

—those blue lights were not lanterns, but the giant wolves’ cold and gleaming eyes.

“Ah—” Sikong Xing suddenly exclaimed and quickly moved closer to Meng Qi, “There are more!” She raised her finger and made a circling gesture to the foot of the hills, “We are surrounded!”

Sure enough, the next moment, five or six giant wolves with dark blue eyes slowly appeared from behind each hill. These wolves were not as tall as the one standing on the top of the hill, but each one was still twice taller than Meng Qi.

After the pack appeared, they did not immediately launch an attack, but just slowly surrounded Meng Qi and her group. Meng Qi took a deep breath. Qin Xiumo and Xu Zijun’s swords stopped midair, hanging above their heads, each tip pointing in the opposite direction. Chu Tianfeng raised his hand, igniting a circle of blue flame that protected him and his friends inside. The rest didn’t stand still and quickly moved in a formation, standing close together back-to-back, watching the wolves’ movement from within the wall of flame.

Meng Qi calmly observed the giant wolves. They were far taller than any wolves found in the Three Thousand Worlds. Their blue eyes shone against the night background, adding a layer of horror to their already menacing figures.

“The leaders of the pack are on the top of the hills.” Su Junmo said quickly. “There are forty-three in total.” He glanced around: “Those seven leaders were all fifth-rank mutant beasts; the rest are third and fourth rank.”

“Got it.” Qin Xiumo nodded.

Meng Qi’s eyes glinted. In other words, they were now surrounded by a group of enemies equivalent to seven Spirit Severing cultivators and a few dozens of Golden Core and Nascent Soul ones. In a normal situation, cultivators usually had a great upper hand against mutant beasts, even if their cultivation base was deemed equivalent. For example, a sword cultivator in the fourth or fifth realm of the Golden Core stage could easily deal with a fifth-rank mutant beast. But nothing was normal in Starfallen Sea!

The seven giant wolves on the top of the hill still didn’t make their move, and so did their subordinates below. The pack just stood in their position, looking straight at Meng Qi and her group.

The night suddenly became very quiet, and only the sound of the wind blowing through the canyon could be heard. The night wind carried the smell of the wolves along with a pungent smell of blood, as if they had just returned from bloody hunting.

Meng Qi’s heart jumped a bit. Suddenly, something inside her storage space vibrated wildly. Meng Qi lowered her hand carefully and slowly touched the surface of the item. Inside, a black token was vibrating vigorously, as if sensing something outside.

This… the token of the Ji family head that Ji Wujiong gave her before?!

Right, Ji Wujiong!

Meng Qi suddenly remembered. Before she rushed into the sky-viewing mirror, she saw Ji Wujiong in the Starfallen Sea, besieged by several giant wolves! Although it took him some effort to get rid of the wolves, he obviously had the upper hand.

Suddenly, there was a loud boom from the direction where the firework signal was previously released. Another firework flew into the sky and exploded brilliantly, forming a character ‘Wen’ before quickly dissipating.

“Go!” Qin Xiumo waved his hand. Like an arrow released from the bow, his natal sword roared towards one of the giant wolves on the hills.

Xu Zijun, who already had a tacit understanding with Qin Xiumo after the battles they had gone through together, quickly followed suit, directing his own sword towards the giant wolf on another hill.

Under the night sky, the two swords flew at lightning speed and slashed two giant wolves in the blink of an eye.

“Ow—” The attacked wolves roared loudly. They slumped down and slapped their giant claws around, throwing the sword aside. This seemed to be a signal of an attack. The giant wolves at the foot of the hills immediately raised their heads and howled as they charged toward Meng Qi and her group.


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