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THDP Ch 113 Part 4 – Besieged (IV)

Sikong Xing also gave up persuading. She raised her hand, calling the huge black wave to her side, and had it protect Meng Qi tightly inside.

Xue Chengxuan flicked his finger and summoned a silver medical knife into his hand. His figure then swayed with a flash, only to appear in front of Meng Qi in an instant. His gaze turned around, looking vigilantly at the pack of wolves surrounding them.

Next, Li Che raised his palm upward, revealing his natal cauldron. It was true that medical cultivators had little in terms of combat ability, but proficiency in medicine meant that their knowledge of poisons was second to none. With a flick of Li Che’s fingers, seven or eight strands of medical herb fell into the cauldron, and in just but a moment, green smoke began to permeate, carrying a foul and decadent smell with it.

Having cooperated quite tacitly since their arrival in the Starfallen Sea, it took the group just a moment to get ready for battle. They all stood in high alert, just waiting for Chu Tianfeng’s red lotus to explode as the signal to start their attacks.

“Haha—” On the top of the hill, the snow wolf suddenly chuckled. His voice carried both heavy contempt and overflowed with naked disdain. From his position above, he looked down at the group below, exposing his sharp fangs as he snarled, “A bunch of fools. Dare to play tricks in front of this old man!”

“Meng Qiqi.” Sikong Xing took a step forward and frowned, “Be careful.”

Ever since the wolf started talking, Meng Qi kept staring at him.

Everyone was ready for battle, but she alone was still staring at the snow wolf, as if being enchanted.

“Meng Qiqi?” Sikong Xing quickly pulled Meng Qi’s arm, “Are you okay?”

Sikong Xing’s words attracted everyone’s attention. Qin Xiumo and Chu Tianfeng quickly turned their heads and glanced at Meng Qi. “Meng Qiqi.” Chu Tianfeng asked worriedly, “Are you all right?”

Both Qin Xiumo and Chu Tianfeng had traveled with Meng Qi all the way from Qingfeng Valley. Having gone through several battles together, they knew one fact very well: regardless of her cultivation base, Meng Qi was never someone who dragged down others.

Therefore, her abnormality right now made them worried.

“Meng Qiqi?” Sikong Xing was anxious, “What’s wrong?”

“This little girl is clearly overwhelmed by this old man’s noble aura and wants to stay.” The snow wolf chuckled. “You guys should give up and leave.”

Sikong Xing: “…”

“Kill him now!” Chu Tianfeng jumped up, half-panicked and half-anxious. With a loud boom, the red lotus exploded, illuminating the vast night sky above. Bursts of flames fell onto the pack of wolves. Having not received any orders, none of them dared to move, and all they could do was howl desperately as they tried to avoid the flaming blaze.

The snow wolf at the top of the hill suddenly let out a long howl. No one saw when he moved, but he appeared at the foot of the hill in a blink of an eye. His huge front paws slammed down, extinguishing the flaming red petals in an instant.

“Dare to play tricks in front of this old man! Truly foolish!” The snow wolf jumped to the group and arrived in front of Chu Tianfeng’s flame barrier. He didn’t immediately try to break the barrier. Instead, he just walked around in a circle, showing off his menacing yet agile figure to the people inside.

From inside the barrier, Chu Tianfeng and the others watched the wolf vigilantly. Qin Xiumo and Xu Zijun’s natal swords followed closely behind the wolf, but both of them knew that they couldn’t do anything to him.

Su Junmo put his right index finger and middle finger together, pointing toward the snow wolf. Seven green nets suddenly appeared in the air, ready to trap the enemy inside.

“Hahahahaha…” The snow wolf suddenly let out a long laugh. The next moment, several spirit stones flew out of his giant claws.

“Boom!” With a loud bang, pillars of light suddenly shot up into the sky, emitting a blast of spiritual aura.

Chu Tianfeng’s flame barrier and Sikong Xing’s black wave were hit by the aura and dissipated in an instant.

“What the…” Su Junmo and Sikong Xing’s expressions changed drastically, and they looked at the snow wolf with disbelief. It’s an array! Although this snow wolf was once part of the celestial demon clan, they didn’t know that he could use array!

And such a powerful one at it!

“Meng Qiqi!” Sikong Xing no longer thought about resisting. She quickly reached out to Meng Qi, put her arms around her wrist, and pulled her behind.

At this time, the rest of the group finally noticed something was wrong with Meng Qi. Everyone else was fighting desperately here, but she alone stood in a daze, not doing anything. Totally abnormal!

“Little red fox!” The snow wolf let out a low whistle and rushed forward, “Put her down!”

“Don’t think about it!” Sikong Xing’s face flushed red. Taking advantage of her taller figure, she quickly bent over and put her hands over Meng Qi’s knees to pick her up.

While Sikong Xing took Meng Qi to escape, Su Junmo and Xue Chengxuan stood in front of the snow wolf.

“Foolish! Idiot! Stupid!” The snow wolf cursed furiously. His only intact eye fell on Xue Chengxuan’s face, “The Xue family’s descendant is actually too stupid to see what she is going through at this moment?” He then turned his gaze to Li Che, who was standing next to Xue Chengxuan. “There is another medical cultivator here? Heh… even adding two idiots together, there is no way you can become a little bit smarter, only more and more stupid!”

Li Che: “…”

Xue Chengxuan: “…”

“Little red fox!” The snow wolf snarled, “Try to escape? What a fool! Just wait…” As if to make true of his words, the wolf’s huge body suddenly flashed, and before anyone could react, he had already stood beside Sikong Xing, “…See it now? Can you be faster than me? Of course not!”

“Sir!” Sikong Xing hugged Meng Qi tightly, “Please let Meng Qiqi go! She’s a good girl!”

“Idiot!” With a sneer, the snow wolf raised his huge front paw and slapped towards Sikong Xing.

“Stop!” Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo shouted. The red lotus and long sword rushed towards the snow wolf in an instant, followed by the figures of the two young men.

“Humph…” The snow wolf snorted. Raising his front paw again, he quickly slapped Qin Xiumo’s sword with incredible accuracy.

The sword was thrown away, and although it was not shot down, it shook heavily in the air.


“Ji Wujiong…” Before snow wolf could finish speaking, Meng Qi’s soft voice suddenly rang, interrupting his next words.

After a slight pause, she asked, “What happened with your left eye?”


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