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THDP Ch 114 Part 1 – To Pay a Debt (I)

Ji Wujiong?!

This name struck like thunder, especially for Xue Chengxuan, Li Che, and Xu Zijun, whose expressions changed drastically. These three could be said to have a grudge against Ji Wujiong. Needless to say for Li Che and Xue Chengxuan, but with all the charades Ji Wujiong made during the Medical Cultivators Conference, Xingluo Pavilion, who hosted the event, also had their face smeared alongside the Medical Society Alliance.

Tightening his grip on the medical knife, Xue Chengxuan stared coldly at the one-eyed snow wolf. At such a close distance, the true mightiness of the gigantic figure became more apparent, as even the only remaining green eye was almost larger than a human head. Xue Chengxuan knew he was not this wolf’s opponent, yet he didn’t want to let go of the person who had humiliated the Feng Alliance and the Xue Clan.

The snow wolf grinned. A mocking smile appeared on the gigantic face, revealing two rows of white teeth gleaming with cold light. The sight of a giant wolf smiling looked particularly frightening under the brilliant starlight. He then casually glanced at Xue Chengxuan, clearly looking down at the other’s vigilance and animosity. Instead, his eye lazily returned to Meng Qi.

“Meng Qiqi.” He said. “You are correct. It seems that I can’t hide from you.”

Although he did not return to his human form, the snow wolf was clearly admitting that he was Ji Wujiong.

“I’m fine.” Meng Qi patted Sikong Xing’s shoulder and jumped off.

“Be careful.” Sikong Xing hurriedly supported her.

Meng Qi shook her head and gave the red-dressed girl a reassuring smile. She then took a deep breath. Her eyes fell on the snow wolf’s face as she asked, “Ji Wujiong, what happened with your eyes?”

The huge snow wolf grinned again, and a cold light flashed across his white teeth. He raised his front paw and slammed the ground lightly: “Guess?”

Meng Qi’s gaze slowly moved. The distance between her and the snow wolf was very close, and the bright starlight in the sky provided an ample source of light, enabling her to examine the latter’s body in precise detail. The wolf’s long fur was just like snow: white and soft, covering his entire body up to the pair of large, fluffy ears. His right eye was greenish, just like the turquoise color of a deep water body, but his left eye was tightly shut with a thin scar on the eyelid.

Meng Qi pursed her lips and continued her observation to the left side of the snow wolf’s face. Because of the thick fur, she couldn’t tell if the wound was still there, but…

Meng Qi tilted her head slightly and glanced at the pack of Starfallen Sea snow wolves, still standing obediently in their positions. Clearly, they wouldn’t dare to move without Ji Wujiong’s order, so there was no risk of a sudden attack.

Was Ji Wujiong, perhaps, as Sikong Xing said, actually a celestial demon banished to the Starfallen Sea?

As soon as this guess came out, Meng Qi promptly denied it. Ji Wujiong had been injured many times during their time in the Grand Tournament barrier, and she had probed into his spiritual sea for medical treatment. Therefore, she knew for sure that Ji Wujiong’s spiritual sea was structured totally differently from that of Su Junmo’s, proving that he wasn’t a demon cultivator.

“You…” Meng Qi tilted her head slightly, “Are you possessing this snow wolf?” She pondered and asked again, “Did you injure your eye… or was this wolf already blind from the begin with?”

Meng Qi was still wobbling slightly and had to lean on Sikong Xing for support. Yet after a moment of pondering, she tried taking a step towards the huge snow wolf that Ji Wujiong had transformed into.

The snow wolf suddenly raised its head and let out a long howl. Amidst the howl, his body swayed, and the figure of a black-robed man suddenly appeared next to it. No one saw when and how he appeared. Meng Qi’s eyes flickered slightly, and her gaze landed on the flank of the snow wolf’s body, where she clearly sensed fluctuations of aura just now.

“Did you use an array to attach yourself to this wolf and control his actions?” Meng Qi asked, incredulous.

Ji Wujiong showed her a lazy smile: “You know my greatness now? How about you worship me as your master?”

Meng Qi pouted, too lazy to respond. Even if she hadn’t found Yun Qingyan, she still wouldn’t have the intention of becoming Ji Wujiong’s disciple, let alone now. Meng Qi returned her attention to Ji Wujiong’s left face, which was scarred with huge wounds spanning from his forehead to the cheek. The wounds, never healed, now were even more terrifying. Ji Wujiong’s scarred face now looked as if it had been torn open, revealing a surging black aura beneath the skin.

Ji Wujiong’s left eye was open, but there was no light in his pupil. Yet he didn’t seem to care. From beginning to end, he did not bother to hide the fact that he had lost half of his sight.

Countless thoughts quickly passed through Meng Qi’s mind, but Su Junmo, standing a few steps in front of her, suddenly cried out, “You…you have already advanced to the Void Comprehending stage?!”

“Oh? This white fox brat has good eyesight.” Ji Wujiong raised his eyebrows arrogantly and gave Su Junmo a lazy glance, “Still, your netting technique is barely so-so. You need to study harder, kid.”

Su Junmo: “…”

“Little girl, you too. Why did you waste time following a black tortoise to learn water spells? If you, a red fox, want to learn from another celestial clan, couldn’t you go to a phoenix and have them teach you fire spells? Tsk… which fool came up with this ‘genius’ idea to let you enter the tutelage of the black tortoise clan? Fire and water are inherently incompatible, yet that black tortoise master of yours dares to accept a red fox disciple! Not only did this fool teach you half-assed skills, but he even dared to let you run into the Starfallen Sea! Oh well, people said that disciples resemble their masters. No wonder. Your low IQ must be inherited!”

Sikong Xing: “…”

Meng Qi: “…”


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