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THDP Ch 114 Part 3 – To Pay a Debt (III)

“You…” Xu Zijun’s face turned red with anger, yet he was unable to come up with a rebuttal. The sacred Star Lake, which had been passed down in Xingluo Pavilion for thousands of years, was known to be able to help cultivators break through the cultivation base. For this reason, the disciples of Xingluo Pavilion competed hard to win one of the three coveted quotas every year, lest they fall behind their peers. Because of the strong demands, the sect even made a rule that a disciple who won this year could only try again after five years.

Xu Zijun had no idea about other people’s experiences, but he, who was full of excitement and expectation in the beginning, quickly became at a loss once he actually entered the coveted Star Lake.

Right! The aura in the Star Lake was indeed stronger, but it was still far away compared to the natural grotto-heavens, let alone the Starfallen Sea. Not to mention helping him to break through, but the result of a full day soaking in the lake was unbelievably minuscule. As for how much? Assuming that he initially needed another year to advance to the next realm, soaking in the Star Lake had shortened this time by two or three days.

This was completely different from the legend passed down from generations of Xingluo Pavilion.

Xu Zijun was puzzled, but he didn’t dare to ask his fellow disciples, because the Star Lake was the highest mystery for the members of Xingluo Pavilion, a legend protected by a veil of secrecy. Without exception, every disciple worked themselves to the bone in order to win the coveted yearly three quotas, including even the elders.

But all disciples who had entered the Star Lake kept silent about their gains, and no one ever talked to others about the experience and benefits they obtained during the visit.

For this reason, even though Xu Zijun was puzzled and confused, he only surmised that either his talent was insufficient or his cultivation was not enough, which explained why he got practically nothing from Star Lake.

This happened three years ago, and according to the sect’s rule, he wouldn’t be allowed to receive a quota again for another two years.

So Xu Ziju quickly readjusted his mentality, preparing himself to win another chance to enter Star Lake again in two years.

With better cultivation, he surely wouldn’t return empty-handed like the last time!

Xu Zijun glared angrily at Ji Wujiong.

——This guy’s too infuriating!

Meng Qi had stayed with him for so long during her time in the Grand Tournament barrier and even risked her life to save him in the end, but this guy… this guy…!!!

“Thus, the Star Lake becomes the number one sacred site of Xingluo Pavilion… tsk tsk tsk.” Ji Wujiong had not finished, “Is this really what they call the number one sword sect of Eastern Realm? Really similar to those four major clans of Feng Alliance… you guys are indeed birds of the same flock!”

“Ji Wujiong!” Xue Chengxuan yelled furiously, “What do you mean?!”

“What do I mean? As the eldest son of the Feng Clan Leader, you saw with your own eyes how your two younger sisters were injured and poisoned. Yet you, who claim to be the top among the medical cultivators of your generation, dared not to step forward and save them. Aren’t you already very clear yourself?” As Ji Wujiong spoke, he turned and winked at Meng Qi: “Right? Meng Qiqi.”

Meng Qi was silent.

“You?!” Xue Chengxuan’s face was ashen. Born as the eldest son and heir to the Xue Clan, it was always his duty and destiny to maintain the honor of the family clan. Clenching the knife tighter, he snarled coldly, “Come here and get me if you dare!”

“Oh?” Ji Wujiong slowly drew out his pitch-black saber, “Are you challenging me?” With a flick of Ji Wujiong’s finger, an amethyst eight-trigram compass appeared next to him. He then turned to Meng Qi, “Meng Qiqi, this guy and his family must have a mass delusion and are scheming to have you marry him. Otherwise, how could the high and mighty Xue Clan be willing to let their precious eldest son take such a great risk by entering the Starfallen Sea? Haha… I will do you a favor and solve this problem, okay?”

Xue Chengxuan’s face suddenly flushed red, and he gritted his teeth in frustration. His family indeed had this intention, but he…

Turning his eyes to Meng Qi, Xue Chengxuan found that the girl still had her usual calm on her, as if the thing Ji Wujiong had just revealed had nothing to do with her.

For a moment, complicated emotions swirled inside Xue Chengxuan. With gritted teeth, he tightened his grip on the knife in his hand and pointed it at Ji Wujiong, “Come!”

Ever since Xue Chengxuan could remember, it was very rare for him to have any impulsive moments and rarer still to follow the said impulse. As the eldest son of the Xue Clan, he shouldered the future of his family clan and always abided by the role demanded from his position and status. But at this moment, he was truly angered by Ji Wujiong’s repeated provocations, and all he could think was to fight the other party and shut that damned mouth of his!

“Fellow Daoist Xue.” Meng Qi finally spoke. She frowned slightly, “We still need to find Sister Xue first. The grievances between you and Ji Wujiong will be resolved after we leave the Starfallen Sea, okay?”.

“Ji Wujiong.” She then turned to Ji Wujiong, “The Star Lake belongs to Xingluo Pavilion, and they can use it how their want. Xingluo Pavilion has guarded the lake and everything within it for thousands of years, so this is what they deserve.”

“In Three Realms, strong is justice, and the winner takes all.” Ji Wujiong replied casually, “Otherwise, let him fight with me. Whoever wins can claim the Stardust.”

“You want to fight? Good!” Xu Zijun was also enraged and summoned his natal sword. Even knowing that the opponent was stronger, he still didn’t hesitate to fight for his sect, “If you lose, you will not only return the things that belong to my sect, but you will also come with me and apologize to the people of Xingluo Pavilion.”

“Think you already win?” Ji Wujiong flicked his finger, prompting the amethyst compass to flicker and sway slightly, as if imitating its master to laugh at Xu Zijun’s brashness.

“Count me in,” Sikong Xing suddenly stepped forward, “I won’t let anyone trample on my master and father’s name!”

Meng Qi: “…”

“Ji Wujiong.” Meng Qi suddenly took out the IOU that Ji Wujiong gave her, “Is this thing still counted?”

Ji Wujiong gave her a slight glance, “Do you think I will renegade my debt?”

“Very good.” Meng Qi nodded, “You are reluctant to return the Stardust, but you should be able to pay your debt to me now. How?”

Ji Wujiong: “…”

After writing an IOU worth a thousand profound-grade spirit stones, he left the Apricot Forest before immediately arriving at Star Lake. Obviously, he had no time to find enough spirit stones to pay his debt to Meng Qi. At most, what he had on him now was a few hundred ninth-grade spirit stones. Let alone one thousand, he couldn’t produce even a single profound-grade spirit stone.

Being stunned by Meng Qi’s sudden demand, Ji Wujiong started to rummage into his storage space item. After falling into the Starfallen Sea, he had obtained quite a harvest, but nothing was useful for Meng Qi.

“If you don’t have enough spirit stones, then…” Meng Qi glanced at Ji Wujiong, then turned to ask Su Junmo, “In terms of spirit stones, what is the market price of hiring a Void Comprehending cultivator for a day?”

Su Junmo: “…ten profound-grade spirit stones…I think?”

Needless to say, Void Comprehending cultivators hardly ever let themselves be hired by others. However, considering that one hundred ninth-grade spirit stones were enough to hire a Spirit Severing cultivator for several days, ten profound-grade spirit stones should be a fair daily price to employ a Void Comprehending cultivator.

“Okay,” Meng Qi nodded and shook the IOU in her hand, “Ji Wujiong, it’s only natural to pay back one’s debts, and you also said that you would never renegade on your debts. Since this is the case, I will hire you at the price of ten profound-grade spirit stones a day to travel with us and help us find Sister Xue.” She looked straight into Ji Wujiong’s eyes and added: “The agreement is effective immediately, right at this moment.”


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