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THDP Ch 115 Part 1 – Do You Want to Learn? (I)

Meng Qi turned to Xu Zijun and Xue Chengxuan: “Fellow Daoist Xue, Fellow Daoist Xu, our number one priority is to find Sister Xue.” She then reached out and pulled Sikong Xing’s arm, “Xingxing, we can beat him together after leaving the Starfallen Sea!”

“Got it.” Sikong Xing nodded sullenly.

Xu Zijun’s natal sword remained brandished, but after a while, he finally gave Meng Qi a small nod. The sword by his side shook slightly, as if expressing its master’s dissatisfaction. The guy surnamed Ji was too infuriating. If Xu Zijun was alone, he would certainly have fought Ji Wujiong regardless of the consequences, and even knowing he had no chance to win, he would still challenge the latter in order to defend his sect’s honor.

Xue Chengxuan also put down the hand holding the knife, and his expression gradually regained its usual calmness. He turned his head to look at Meng Qi. The girl in the blue robe usually looked calm and expressionless, but she had several different attitudes when facing other people. For example, him. Even though Meng Qi was on good terms with his younger sister, she was polite to him and always maintained a sense of distance that didn’t exist when she faced Su Junmo and the others.

The rich starlight from the brilliant night sky fell upon the Starfallen Sea, giving Meng Qi’s skin a soft glow that seemed to emphasize her beautiful countenance. She stood side by side with the flamboyant Sikong Xing — one was as gorgeous as the red plum blossom in full bloom, and the other was like an elegant orchid in the quiet valley. Both were brilliant, but it was impossible to tell who was more beautiful than the other.

Looking at Meng Qi’s clear and cold eyes, Xue Chengxuan’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. When they met for the first time in Fentian City, the girl was not as alienated towards him as she was now. The two actually hit it off at the first meeting and had a lot of conversation, especially when he brought up Pei Mufeng of Xingluo Pavilion. He and Meng Qi had many common interests, and Xue Chengxuan was even a bit regretful that they hadn’t met earlier. It was for this reason that he generously gave Meng Qi the formula of Jiuhuanyang Pill and the Yinyue sword technique despite their short acquaintance.

Even at the time, Xue Chengxuan already understood that such an encounter was both rare and precious. Once they went on their separate way, he and Meng Qi would at most become a passing acquaintance, and there was nothing he could do about that. After all, he was born as the eldest son of the Xue Clan Head, and he had too many duties to shoulder under the high hopes of the family elders.

Sure enough, soon after that, he and Meng Qi parted ways.

But he never expected the string of incidents to happen in Xingluo City. After a big turnaround, he was reunited with Meng Qi.

Xue Chengxuan recalled Ji Wujiong’s mocking remark just now. Although his father didn’t say it directly, as a son and heir, he knew very well with what eyes the Xue Clan, the entire Feng Alliance, saw Meng Qi now. As the first person to pass all the Great Tournament’s challenges, enter the fourth hidden level, and finally get the approval of the remnant of Lin Yan’s will, Meng Qi’s value was innumerable for the current medical society.

Even if his family didn’t have such an idea, the remaining three clans of Feng Alliance were probably already eyeing her in the dark, not to mention other sects in the Medical Society Alliance who also knew the secrets of the Apricot Forest…

Xue Chengxuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. From a certain point of view, it was probably fortunate that Meng Qi, for some unknown reason, accidentally fell into the Starfallen Sea right after she left the Grand Tournament Barrier. If she was still in Three Thousand Worlds, it was no exaggeration to say that a group of the best and most outstanding young disciples of the ten major medical sects would have been rushing to her right now, eager to show her their best side and make her fall for them.

When he thought of this most-likely scenario, Xue Chengxuan suddenly wanted to laugh out loud. Ji Wujiong’s tongue was nasty, but his eyes were very sharp. No one knew who he was or his origin, but his hostility towards medical sects was very apparent, as if he had some kind of grudges against them.

“Let’s go.” Meng Qi put a note on Ji Wujiong’s IOU, deducting ten profound-grade spirit stones from the total amount, “Ji Wujiong, you walk in front.”

Ji Wujiong sneered in response, but he turned back to the snow wolf’s body. After Ji Wujiong left the body, the snow wolf lay motionless on the ground, either dead or passed out. Ji Wujiong put his hand on the abdomen, and the snow wolf suddenly opened his eyes. His left eye, which was shut when Ji Wujiong possessed him, was also open at the time, just like a lantern. However, there was no light in those pair of eyes, as if the owner had no consciousness of his own.

The snow wolf opened his mouth and let out a few short howls. The pack of wolves surrounding Meng Qi and the others, including the six leaders on the hill, turned their heads and started running.

Su Junmo’s frown deepened. His lips quivered, as if wanting to say something, but he stopped himself in time. This snow wolf was once a member of the celestial demon clan, exiled to the Starfallen Sea. Even if he was deprived of the ability to transform into a human form, even if his cultivation base could no longer grow, even if he was slowly eroded by Starfallen Sea miasma and gradually regressed into a normal beast… still, he was once part of the Demon Race’s nobility, the member of the snow wolf clan, a clan powerful enough to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their fox clans.

And such a powerhouse was now commanded by Ji Wujiong like a common spirit beast. What exactly was this guy’s origin?!

Su Junmo quickly glanced at Ji Wujiong. The black-robed man stood tall and arrogant. Without the black gauzed hat that he used to wear, his bare face was now visible for others to see, revealing half of his handsome face that was in contrast with the other half, which was scarred with grotesque and terrifying wounds.

Ji Wujiong walked to Meng Qi’s side. After throwing Sikong Xing a light glance, he said casually, “Let’s go.”

Thanks to this delay, more than one hour had passed. The group hastened their speed and rushed towards the place where the firework signal was last seen. The rest had begrudgingly accepted Ji Wujiong’s addition to the group, but they did not lower their guard.

Xu Zijun and Qin Xiumo kept their natal swords out, ready to strike any moment.

Su Junmo took a few steps back and walked in the back with Li Che and Xue Chengxuan.

Sikong Xing snorted. She raised her hand and flicked her fingers, summoning a wave of black water that rose up in response before throwing itself into the ground again. Sikong Xing didn’t forget to give Ji Wujiong a glare, as if saying — each member of their team had their own role and responsibility, and this arrangement would not change even with his sudden addition.

Ji Wujiong chuckled in disdain, “Little girl, has your master never told you? The red foxes and the black tortoises are incompatible by nature. No matter how hard you try, at best, you could only learn one-third of his skills.”


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