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THDP Ch 116 Part 1 – One Hundred Profound-Grade Spirit Stones (I)

Ji Wujiong snorted with a face full of disdain: “You want to pay me to teach you stuff? Meng Qiqi, what do you think of me?!”

“Forget it if you don’t want to.” Meng Qi narrowed her eyes and resolutely turned her gaze away.

The long night was coming to an end. The sun began to rise, creating a line of white light on the distant horizon. The morning glow slowly dyed the eastern sky red, obscuring the stars a little, making them a bit less bright than during the night.

Meng Qi’s group stopped, keeping their ears open to the burst of howls from the wolf pack running at the front. The menacing howls echoed loudly under the silent night sky. Sikong Xing promptly jumped to Meng Qi’s side and made a hand seal with her right hand. Black water emerged from the ground and rose to form a water wall about the height of her waist, enclosing them all in a protective manner.

Chu Tianfeng clasped his fingers, prompting the red lotus by his side to suddenly bloom brilliantly. Every petal was like a burning flame, looking extremely dazzling.

Xu Zijun and Qin Xiumo’s swords each pointed to the direction in which the snow wolves were still howling in a low voice, sometimes interrupted by growls and whimpers that seemed to express their nervousness about the danger.

Su Junmo raised his hand. A blue light flew out from his palm and sank into the ground.

The group had gone through many battles with constant cooperation. The moment a danger was sensed, everyone immediately leaped to their places and prepared for battle.

Ji Wujiong looked around and watched their movements in silence. He raised his eyebrows but did not let out his usual sneer. He then pressed his hand on his chest and slowly pulled out his iconic pure black saber.

Meng Qi was standing next to him and had a clear view of his actions. From up close, it was obvious that Ji Wujiong’s saber was neither a natal weapon nor a magic weapon, but was actually drawn from his chest in the literal sense.

Meng Qi’s heart jumped a bit, and she suddenly remembered one of the many stuff she had once heard from Su Junmo. According to the fox, there was a very special group among the celestial demons. Their members used their own bodies as a refining furnace and their bone and blood as the material, creating a weapon that ranked higher than a natal weapon.

That particular group was a well-known powerhouse in the Demon Rank, but Su Junmo didn’t say whether they were a proper clan or a mixture of various people.

Could it be that Ji Wujiong was actually a demon cultivator? Meng Qi frowned slightly.

The amethyst eight trigram compass was also summoned out by Ji Wujiong. It seemed to have grown familiar with Meng Qi. As soon as it appeared, it flew towards her and rubbed itself against her shoulder, looking quite energetic.

Ji Wujiong held out his hand, grabbed the compass, and dragged it back to his side, chiding coldly, “Prepare for combat.”

The compass shook its small body aggrievedly, as if unwilling to be parted from Meng Qi. But due to Ji Wujiong’s deterrence, it could only rub itself against his shoulders and did not dare to fly off again.

Meng Qi couldn’t hold back her smile. Any natal weapon was connected with its master’s soul and had the potential of cultivating a spiritual consciousness, but she had never encountered anything half as lively as Ji Wujiong’s compass.

“Take out your natal cauldron.” Ji Wujiong reminded Meng Qi.

“Oh,” Meng Qi snapped her fingers, summoning the five spirits cauldron and had it floated next to her. After leaving her spiritual sea, the chilly aura in the cauldron seemed to have disappeared, making it look ordinary and simple, not even comparable to Li Che’s natal cauldron. All in all, the legendary five spirits cauldron looked no different from any basic-level cauldron used by someone who had just broken through into the Golden Core stage.

Ji Wujiong glanced aside and was not surprised when he saw the character ‘Qi’ engraved on the cauldron’s body. His eyes turned to the belly side of the cauldron, toward the fire array Meng Qi engraved using her spiritual aura. This engraving was supposed to be hidden in the belly and should not be visible from the outside, but Ji Wujiong seemed to be able to see through it.

“This thing has many wonderful uses.” Ji Wujiong’s voice suddenly rang inside Meng Qi’s brain, “You should have noticed it just now. The five spirits cauldron collected the cold aura from the snow fang bees and used it to temper your spiritual sea.”

Meng Qi was startled. In fact, she had already guessed that the chilling aura that condensed her aura into ice flakes and almost froze her entire spiritual sea originated from snow fang bees. Now, Ji Wujiong had basically confirmed her guess.

“The five spirits cauldron gained its name from its ability to absorb many things and turn them into five primal aura.” Ji Wujiong told her through the voice transmission, “Still, I don’t know much either. Is there any usage instruction on the jade slip you got?”

Meng Qi gently shook her head. Her heart was trembling again. Lin Yan’s natal magic weapon was also a pill cauldron. This five spirits cauldron came from the Grand Tournament barrier, where the remnant will of Lin Yan resided. Could it be…

“Prepare for combat first.” Ji Wujiong’s voice came through again, “From now on, try to use it every time you fight. Ten thousand years have passed, and there is hardly anyone who can still recognize this cauldron. Besides, it looks too rustic now, not even half as good as an ordinary cauldron. You don’t have to worry about being recognized for the time being. When it becomes stronger, you should already be strong enough, so there will be no problem.”

Meng Qi nodded again.

Ji Wujiong suddenly cursed in a low voice. He threw a jade slip to Meng Qi and transmitted: “Take it. That’s the instruction record of the voice transmission technique. Learn it, and stop looking stupid!”

“…” Meng Qi threw the jade slip into her storage bag. This thing was not too unusual. She extended her index finger to Ji Wujiong, gesturing that she would write off some of his debt in exchange for the jade slip.

Ji Wujiong snorted and cut off the voice transmission. He turned around and set his eyes ahead. The howls of the snow wolves were getting increasingly louder, but Meng Qi and the others could only see the wolves rushing about in the open space and had no idea what they were fighting against.

“Snakes!” Sikong Xing suddenly shouted, “There are snakes! Lots of them!” Her voice faltered as if holding back the urge to vomit, “At least… at least tens of thousands of them… ugh…”

Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong quickly exchanged a glance, recalling the scene of the battle they had with the Tengshe Sect back in the Grand Tournament barrier.

As Sikong Xing’s voice fell, a rustling sound suddenly came approaching. It was very loud and numerous, like the sound of wind blowing through the bamboo leaves in a dense bamboo forest, or like the sound of fine sands rolling over a dune.

Immediately afterward, there was a strong stench in the air. It was such a strange, unpleasant smell, with a hint of bitterness and strong murderous intent.

Meng Qi’s heart skipped a beat: “Venomous snakes.”


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