THDP Ch 116 Part 2 – One Hundred Profound-Grade Spirit Stones (II)

Meng Qi’s heart skipped a beat: “Venomous snakes.”

Without wasting time, she took out a porcelain bottle from her storage space and made a circle around her friend in one swift movement, distributing three Qingfeng pills for each of them. She refined these pills after leaving the Grand Tournament barrier, making them fourth-realm pills, each imbued with a similar level of Qingfeng spell.

Everyone accepted the pills calmly, all except Xue Chengxuan, whose expression changed slightly. He turned his head and glanced at Meng Qi. The girl had already returned to her initial position and was ready for combat, a silver knife in one hand and a natal cauldron floating silently by her side.

It’s her?! Xue Chengxuan was struck with complicated emotions. So Meng Qi was that mysterious person who auctioned the bottle of second-realm Beiming pills that caused so much sensation?!

In other words, she at least knew the person who refined the pills and was even likely to be the descendant of the other party.

So it turned out to be Meng Qi again!

Xue Chengxuan was a bit dumbfounded. Meng Qi, a wandering cultivator still in the Golden Core stage, had made a sensation when she brazenly leapfrogged the twelve largest medical sects and discovered the deepest secret of the Grand Tournament barrier they had failed to find in thousands of years.

And now it turned out that she was even acquainted with the genius medical cultivator whom the Xue Clan were trying hard to identify and locate!

No wonder his younger sister even left the Xue Clan for Meng Qi. If it was only for the matter in the Apricot Forest, she wouldn’t be so decisive.

How many surprises did Meng Qi have?!

On the other side of Xue Chengxuan, Li Che was also left stunned by the pills in his hand. His Canglang Academy had never bought the Beiming pills Meng Qi auctioned, but his sect’s specialty was in the medicine refinery, and their disciples possessed the ability to identify at a glance what others might be unable to from a piece of medicine.

Although he was aware that they were about to face a dangerous battle, Li Che was still stunned for a moment. He subconsciously took a glance at Xue Chengxuan and found that the other party was looking at Meng Qi with a strange expression on his face…

Li Che clenched the Qingfeng pills in his hand. For some reason, he faintly felt that it was normal that Meng Qi could refine such a pill. After all, she was that…

She was what?

Li Che was suddenly dumbfounded. He felt he should know more, but there seemed to be large gaps in his memory, as if he had forgotten some key points. More importantly, why did he think it was normal for Meng Qi to be able to refine this kind of pill?

“Be careful!” Qin Xiumo hissed, “They’re coming!”

Qin Xiumo flicked his hand, turning his natal sword into thousands of clones that densely filled the entire sky. The swords did not immediately move and just floated mid-air in vigilance. Their tips, pointed downward, gleamed coldly and threateningly.

The rustling sound was getting louder, and so did the howl of the snow wolves. One, two, three… ahead, the snow wolves fell one after another. Meng Qi and her friends watched from the distance as the large figures of the fallen snow wolves were getting enveloped by what looked similar to a huge blanket. In just a blink of an eye, the bodies, each bigger than three or four burly men combined, were completely wiped out, as if they never existed from begin with.

At this rate, the pack could only hold on for two incense sticks of time at most before completely getting wiped out.

The corners of Ji Wujiong’s lips suddenly raised, and his eyes brightened dazzlingly, “The Starfallen Sea is extremely dangerous and the mortality rate is very high even among the strongest of cultivators, yet the cultivators of Three Thousand Worlds, despite their fear, keep flocking in here to practice once they reached the Spirit Severing stage. Do you know why?”

Meng Qi shook her head.

Ji Wujiong gave her a slight glance and suddenly raised his voice, “The flesh and blood of fierce mutant beasts in Starfallen Sea are also the best materials to temper one’s natal weapon or even some regular magic weapon.”

Qin Xiumo and the others suddenly turned to Ji Wujiong.

The black-robed man continued nonchalantly: “However, you need to attach a special array in the weapon you want to temper. I can help with this, but…” He paused, then glanced at Meng Qi again: “I’m charging you spirit stones.”


Except for Meng Qi, Qin Xiumo and the others cursed inside. Why did this sound familiar? The temptation was indeed great, but could they trust Ji Wujiong? This guy was too wanton and wild. No one knew what was in his mind, but he seemed keen on making enemies with practically everybody and anyone, and never refraining from attacking others with his poisonous tongue.

Could they trust him?

Ji Wujiong shrugged: “Meng Qiqi understands arrays. I can first draw on her natal cauldron and let her inspect the result. You should trust her judgment, right?”

Without further ado, Ji Wujiong lifted the black saber in his hand and quickly drew an array on the side of Meng Qi’s five spirits cauldron. He moved quickly and neatly, completing a complex and exquisite array in a blink of an eye. “Payment,” he lifted his jaw towards Meng Qi, “Seven profound-grade spirit stones.”

This time, the rest gasped in shock. One array for seven profound-grade spirit stones? That’s profound-grade, for heaven’s sake! Even someone like Xue Chengxuan, who was born the heir of one of the most prominent medical clans, did not usually carry profound-grade spirit stones on him. In the Three Thousand Worlds, having two or three hundred ninth-grade spirit stones on one’s body at a time was generally more than enough to cover even the most extravagant of spending, with profound-grade and above was reserved for heavy transactions involving rare treasures — for example, for the auctions in Beyond The Heaven.

But Meng Qi seemed unperturbed. With a flick of her hand, seven profound-grade spirit stones flew out from her palm and embedded themselves into the five spirits cauldron.

With a bang, the cauldron started to spin around, releasing a flash of spiritual aura brilliantly.

“Ugh—” Meng Qi suddenly frowned and groaned.

“Meng Qiqi!” Sikong Xing quickly reached out to support her, “Are you okay?!”

“I’m okay.” Meng Qi waved her hand. She took a deep breath and said, “This array can indeed assist in refining our natal weapon.” She then turned to Chu Tianfeng, “If you had this array when we encountered the snow fang bees before, your karmic flame lotus would have upgraded ten percent of a realm.”

Chu Tianfeng gasped, and the rest also couldn’t hide their shock. For someone at their level, improving one’s natal weapon would consume not only a lot of rare and precious treasures, but also needed the user to accumulate experience by using the weapon countless times. Although the battle against the snow fang bees just now was very dangerous, their natal weapon only gained a bit of progress — not even one percent of a realm, let alone ten.

In an instant, everyone’s focus turned to Ji Wujiong.

“Heh.” Ji Wujiong chuckled, “For you guys, it’s one hundred profound-grade spirit stones!”

What the—!

The rest couldn’t help cursing again. Money mattered a little to them, for they were all elite disciples of a large sect, but the problem was Ji Wujiong. This guy was too infuriating!

Suddenly, Meng Qi glanced at Ji Wujiong. A hint of hesitation flashed on her face, but she still said, “Actually… I can also do this array.”


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