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THDP Ch 118 Part 1 – Dragon Transformation (I)

“Yes.” Meng Qi was stunned for a moment, then nodded heavily. “Xingxing.” She turned her head decisively, “Follow me.”

After Meng Qi finished speaking, she walked forward. The battle ahead was about to end with the snakes’ win, but more and more black clouds were gathering in the sky, illuminated by small sparks that gradually became bigger. Although technically a beast, the snakes had also evolved after surviving as a race in the Starfallen Sea for so many years and thus knew what the black clouds signified. Knowing how powerful a thunder tribulation was, the snakes were not in a hurry to reach Meng Qi’s group and instead slowed down to gather in one place.

Meng Qi brandished her silver knife and rushed forward; her gaze remained steady ahead. More and more snakes gathered at one point; their slithering figures looked even more nauseating under the shadow of the dark clouds. They climbed upon each other, stacking themselves higher and higher.

A long howl suddenly came from a distance, and the three snow wolves who persisted until the end finally fell. The remaining snakes that besieged them slithered back to the rest of their group and climbed up on the pile that had grown very tall by this point.

In the blink of an eye, a gigantic snake, at least several dozen feet, appeared just outside the range of tribulation clouds. Composed of countless smaller snakes, the giant snake had no eyeballs, yet it seemed to be staring at Meng Qi and her group.

Once fully formed, the gigantic snake stopped moving. It stood silently in place, seemingly having no plan to attack for the time being, yet also without the intention of leaving.

Su Junmo’s expression turned dark, “This is…”

“Dragon transformation.” Ji Wujiong cut him off. The black-robed man turned around, the corners of his lips raised slightly as his eyes gleamed in excitement, “I didn’t expect this Starfallen Sea to have such an ancient array preserved.”

Su Junmo’s pupils narrowed, and his expression became more serious.

“What are you talking about?” Li Che asked.

Su Junmo took a deep breath and shook his head heavily: “I have only heard about it in passing, but according to the old legend, the snake clan once had a powerful live-saving artifact. It is said that when enough snakes get together, they can use this artifact to transform into a dragon. ”

“Dragon?” Li Che was startled.

Su Junmo nodded, “A dragon indeed. One of our demon race’s royal clans.”

Right after Su Junmo’s words fell, two golden snakes suddenly climbed onto the giant snake’s head and coiled themselves like a pair of dragon horns.

“So they are going to…” Li Che looked up at the sky. The tribulation clouds were already so thick. A huge vortex was formed in the middle with lightning flashing from time to time, ready to unleash its might at any moment.

Li Che looked again at the snakes, knowing now that they were transforming into a dragon. They obviously knew how powerful the thunder tribulation was and thus kept a safe distance, yet they also didn’t want to give up the prey about to enter their mouth, hence the wait.

“Xingxing!” Meng Qi listened to the conversation from the side and sprung into action. Without delay, she grabbed a handful of profound-grade spirit stones and held them ready in one hand while her other hand quickly stuffed a few phoenix fruits into her mouth and swallowed them in one gulp.

“Coming!” Sikong Xing followed Meng Qi without hesitation. The two ran towards the gigantic figure. Despite being composed of thousands of different snakes, the giant snake was very nimble and quick. Seeing Meng Qi and Sikong Xing rushing over, it easily slithered back, maintaining the same distance.

Meng Qi raised her head and glanced at the center of the black clouds. The silver knife in her hand began to dance around. Now a Golden Core cultivator, Meng Qi’s movement was far speedier than the time she had just met Sikong Xing. The two of them shared a tacit understanding. Despite having no idea what Meng Qi was going to do, Sikong Xing still followed her without hesitation.

Sikong Xing’s eyes followed the blurry blue figure that was Meng Qi. The silver knife danced freely on the ground, splashing soil around, accompanied by flashes of aura.

Qin Xiumo exchanged a look with Chu Tianfeng. He then walked to Xu Zijun’s side and said to the young sword cultivator, “We will handle the two golden snakes. One for each of us.”

“Okay.” Xu Zijun nodded. He joined the team when he was preparing to enter the Starfallen Sea himself. Although they only got along for a few days, the many battles they went through together quickly blended him into the team, especially with Qin Xiumo, with whom he shared the most tacit understanding. As sword cultivators, the two of them took the role of the group’s vanguards, attacking enemies in tandem as they charged forward.

Among the younger generation of Xingluo Pavilion, Xu Zijun was second only after Pei Mufeng. His talent in swordsmanship was extremely outstanding, and having someone ahead who was not only more talented but also very diligent meant that he had never felt complacent or slacked off. And it was precisely for this reason that Xu Zijun understood how precious his experience in Starfallen Sea this time was. He had only known these people for a few days, yet they cooperated so well that he never hesitated to hand over his back to his teammates, fully understanding that they would never betray his expectation.

—Especially after Meng Qi appeared, which suddenly seemed to give the team a new backbone, making them even more cohesive.

Xu Zijun made his move. With a loud clang, he and Qin Xiumo’s natal sword cut through the air, aiming toward the two golden snakes.


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