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THDP Ch 118 Part 2 – Dragon Transformation (II)

Xu Zijun made his move. With a loud clang, he and Qin Xiumo’s natal sword cut through the air, aiming toward the two golden snakes.

Behind them, Su Junmo’s eyes fell onto the distant figure as he released his primordial spirit mid-air. As knowledgeable as Su Junmo was, he was extremely nervous seeing an ancient legacy of the Demon Realm — a legend that had been lost for thousands of years — suddenly appear in such a place.

It was something he accidentally read in a very old record, which said that any snake could turn into a dragon when they were united. The power of the first strike after the transformation was earth-shattering, even above the attack of the royal clan Azure Dragon of the same rank.

Su Junmo looked at the still-busy Meng Qi, then looked up at the black clouds hanging in the sky. He subconsciously turned his head and glanced at Ji Wujiong, who was standing beside him. The black-robed young man was also looking at Meng Qi. The smile on his face slowly receded as a mixture of expressions — shock, disbelief, but also excitement — flashed in his eyes.

Su Junmo took a deep breath. In just but a moment, countless thoughts flashed in his mind.

Was it him?

Su Junmo’s eyes fell on Ji Wujiong’s intact left face, which showed a handsome countenance not lost even to the Lord’s. It was such a contrast to the right side of his face, made particularly terrifying by three scars that oozed out a black aura. Most importantly, however, this man had once summoned a celestial demon phoenix via his array.

It must be known that their demon race’s royal clans were never willing to submit to other cultivators. According to ancient books, even the top powers during the golden age of arrays could not summon the royal demons.

Unless…unless the summoner was a member of their clan or someone whom they trusted enough to entrust their name with.

Su Junmo’s pupils narrowed slightly, and his gaze landed on the moving figure of the blue-robed girl ahead. Ever since Meng Qi detoxified him, some scattered yet strangely very real pieces of memories kept flashing in his mind. Su Junmo could tell that those things had never happened; he remembered clearly that he and Meng Qi’s first meeting was on the floating island just outside Beyond The Heaven’s Profound Auction House. Yet, the scenes that repeatedly played in his mind told him that Meng Qi had saved him prior to that.

These memories were scattered and not in sequence, but Meng Qi always appeared in every single one. Sometimes, Su Junmo saw themselves inside a strange woodland that he swore he had never taken a step in. He could see that he couldn’t even maintain his human form at the time and could only lie on the bed of dead leaves in that gloomy forest as a white fox — his five fluffy tails drooped listlessly behind him. The celestial demon white fox clan grew more tails as their cultivation grew, which meant that he was already in the Spirit Severing stage at that time.

So when did these memories happen?

Was it in the future?

Su Junmo looked at Meng Qi thoughtfully. The girl in his memories looked the same as she was now, with the same blue robe, slender figure, and perpetually calm look. She also seemed to despise him for talking too much — the expression she showed in the memories was not unfamiliar to him. All through their journey together — from Qingfeng Valley to Fentian City to Xingluo City — Meng Qi also showed the same expression, disliking his talkativeness. Even so, she had never left him behind.

He was not surprised; this was how Meng Qi was.

In some memories he saw, Meng Qi seemed to be injured. There was a large amount of blood on her blue robe. Her slender figure was kneeling on the ground, and in front of her lay a man in a black robe. The man was handsome and seemed seriously injured, with his eyes tightly closed. Above them was a cauldron. Emitting a purple aura, the cauldron flickered with clear light, spreading the fragrance of medicine in all directions. Meng Qi herself was also holding a silver needle in her hand, which she moved with precise and steady accuracy.

If not for the raging wind behind, one would mistake it as another of Meng Qi’s normal treatment courses. The wind was like a blade, cutting into Meng Qi’s thin shoulder one after another, drenching her back with red blood.

Was it him?

Su Junmo’s eyes once again fell on Ji Wujiong’s face.

Was the black-robed man lying on the ground Ji Wujiong?

But it was strange. There was no himself in the scene, so why did he see this memory?

What exactly happened here?

Su Junmo was full of questions, but the only thing he was sure of was that these strange memories started to appear only after Meng Qi solved the snow fang bee’s poison in his body.

So…how did they come about?

And there’s more!

Su Junmo took a deep breath. The most baffling of all was when he saw his Lord appearing in these fragments of memories. His Majesty the Demon Monarch stood proudly at the junction of three realms, his white robe fluttering around with the wind. It was a place that Su Junmo had only heard of but never stepped into in his life.

The junction was where the Heavenly Dao of the three realms intertwined, and together with the power of the boundary that split the realms, it was a place where time and space were constantly torn apart. Said to be the true most dangerous place in three realms, it made the Starfallen Sea more like a spring garden in comparison. All Su Junmo knew about this place came from several ancient texts. According to the records, the junction was a road that ancient cultivators from the three realms had to go through when they were ready to ascend.

Walk across it with bare feet, and your mortal flesh will be tempered into immortality.

Step by step into the void, prove your Dao and ascend!


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