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THDP Ch 118 Part 3 – Dragon Transformation (III)

But a record was just a record. The legendary great powerhouses who had ascended in ancient times had never returned to the Three Realms. And following the fall of the golden era, there was not a single cultivator who had ever ready to ascend. It was said that even if a Great Ascension cultivator entered the place, they would likely be torn into pieces and die.

It was precisely this kind of place that appeared in one of the memory pieces Su Junmo suddenly saw following Meng Qi’s treatment. Regardless of when this scene happened, Su Junmo knew for sure that they would never set foot in the junction, even after thousands of years. The one who appeared in the scene was his Lord, the white-robed His Majesty the Demon Monarch. Standing on the top of the mountain, the Lord’s robes fluttered with the wind. His eyes were sharp and cold, and his voice was even colder than the snowy mountain itself—

“The Dao of Heaven is against me, then I… will become a Dao!”

What happened to the Lord?!

“Ugh—” Su Junmo frowned and groaned suddenly. Out of a sudden, thousands of thin needles seemed to prick his mind, dissipating the image he was seeing in an instant before putting it back together again. The figure of the white-robed Demon Monarch became blurred. Su Junmo saw that his Lord was still speaking, but he could no longer hear it. Su Junmo shook his head again, and even the fragments he had seen before suddenly became blurred. The forbidden area of ​​the Three Realms, the white-robed Demon Monarch, the towering snowy mountain… everything seemed to dissipate.

Su Junmo’s brows wrinkled in a frown, and a trace of confusion flashed in his mind. For some reason, he felt he must be hearing something extremely important just now, but could no longer remember what it was. As for Meng Qi… the strange memories featuring her were still there, and he could remember seeing her in every memory.

But… why did he feel that he should have known more?

“Xingxing!” Before Su Junmo could contemplate further, Meng Qi’s shout took his attention away. He looked over and saw the girl had put away her knife.

Meng Qi took a deep breath. The back of her blue robe was completely soaked with sweat. Even with the help of phoenix fruits, her aura was still severely overdrawn. Meng Qi raised her hand, and the five spirits cauldron floated toward the center of the array. She then waved her hand again, sending a fistful of profound-grade spirit stones into the cauldron.

“S-star array?!” Standing in the center of the array, Sikong Xing was completely stunned as she stared at the ground below her feet. Of course she recognized this array! The star array was such a crucial part of a demon cultivator, as it was the thing that allowed them to absorb the spiritual aura in the starlight to be used on their own cultivation, and every celestial demon was born with a star array specific to their clan.

Precisely because of the star array’s usefulness that the Devil Race coveted it. Some weaker demons were brutally killed by the devils, who then took away their star array using a secret method. But these case was very few and only happened to a handful of clans.

The greatest of star arrays were those in possession of royal demon clans. Called the Great Star Array, it was exclusive to its owner and couldn’t be learned by outsiders. For example, even if a cultivator who was good at arrays saw other people’s drawing of a Great Star Array and copied it to the dot, the result would still be unusable. Only the owner of a Great Star Array could teach others about it, and without their consent, it was impossible for outsiders to use a Great Star Array.

But Meng Qi… Meng Qi was a Golden Core human race cultivator! So how did she…

Sikong Xing suddenly felt her world spinning upside down. She raised her head to look at her best friend and saw the blue-robed girl standing just outside the array; fine beads of sweat were rolling on her forehead.

“Xingxing.” Meng Qi noticed Sikong Xing’s gaze and gave her a smile, “Don’t be afraid!”

Sikong Xing quickly shook her head.

Meng Qi threw out another batch of profound-grade spirit stones. The five spirits cauldron seemed to rejuvenate and began to spin quickly.

Contrary to Sikong Xing, Su Junmo was not that surprised. At this point, he already firmly believed that Meng Qi was the future Dao companion of his Lord. Taking a deep breath, Su Junmo turned his eyes to the tribulation clouds in the sky. A Great Star Array… at this point, maybe not long in the future, the entire Demon Realm would have to respectfully address Meng Qi as “Her Majesty.”

Only Ji Wujiong stared blankly at this scene. He was the only one present who knew about Meng Qi’s ability to use a Great Star Array despite being a human cultivator. With his own understanding of arrays, he would finally know who was Meng Qi’s so-called ‘Master’ by looking at the Star Array she used.

Ji Wujiong’s eyes were a little dull. He turned to look at Sikong Xing. Above the girl’s head, Meng Qi’s five spirits cauldron was still spinning crazily, fueled by more than a hundred profound-grade spirit stones fed into it. A huge beam of spiritual aura suddenly spewed out and poured into the array on the ground. In an instant, the star array was lit up and activated, beaming a pillar of light into the sky.

The huge tribulation vortex spun wildly in the sky. As if stimulated, countless thundering bolts rumbled in an instant, illuminating the whole sky made dark by black clouds. In response, the star array on the ground lit up even brighter, as if trying to overwhelm the blinding lightning.

The giant snake ahead seemed to smell the danger and subconsciously tried to distance itself from the thunders.

Too late… Ji Wujiong thought silently in his heart. He glanced contemptuously at the half-dragon snake that was still huddling a little further away, greedy to take advantage after the thunder tribulation did its might.

Idiot! Couldn’t it feel the soaring aura of the king from the star array?


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