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THDP Ch 118 Part 4 – Dragon Transformation (IV)

Idiot! Couldn’t it feel the soaring aura of the king from the star array?

Ji Wujiong’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he suddenly looked into the distance. From the very start, he was well aware that such a huge commotion would attract more Starfallen Sea’s beasts to come flocking. From the distance, he could see the flying figures of gigantic fiery eagles, much smaller but venomous ants that came in seemingly endless drove, and even a blue ape that had reached the peak of the Void Comprehending stage, only one step away from the Comprehending Perfection stage…

At the moment when the star array began to light up, these beasts suddenly turned around and fled desperately in the opposite direction.

With his lips curled up, Ji Wujiong glanced into the sky. The Demon Monarch Order had yet to return to its place, so it must still be in that person’s hands at this moment. Thus, the beasts’ reaction was only natural. Although those natives to the Starfallen Sea were no longer under the shroud of power of the Demon Monarch, their ancestry belonged to the demon race, meaning that the natural fear towards the Monarch had long been carved into their very essence. They might no longer obey the authority of the Demon Monarch, but they were still not willing to be enemies with the person who possessed the Order.

So it was him…

Ji Wujiong was a little excited.

So the guy Meng Qi kept thinking so highly of was actually him. Indeed… mysterious enough!

That person was cold by nature and had no interest in anything. Even though he possessed the Demon Monarch Order in his hands, he seemed too lazy to care about the governance of the realm and did only as he pleased.

At first, Ji Wujiong thought that, at most, the one Meng Qi was involved with was a clan member of one of the four royal clans, maybe even a member of the White Tiger clan. Unexpectedly, he turned out to be that man!

Star array…


Ji Wujiong almost burst out laughing. To even pass the Great Star Array to Meng Qi, that man must be deeply infatuated with her. But did he know? All Meng Qi wanted was to worship him as a master, and she never even saw him with that kind of feeling!

Ji Wujiong immediately relaxed. The sudden revelation brought him so much joy and schadenfreude, enough that he even found Su Junmo and the others much more pleasing to the eye.

In the blink of an eye, a huge thunder slashed through the sky and straight toward Sikong Xing. “Boom!” There was a loud noise, but the five spirits cauldron bore the brunt of the impact.

“Ugh—” Meng Qi groaned as her spiritual sea shook heavily.

“Meng Qiqi!” From her position in the center of the star array, Sikong Xing called in a panic, “Are you okay?” The five spirits cauldron kept spinning around frantically. The star array lit up beneath it, absorbing the huge power contained in the thunder tribulation, greatly lessening her burden.

Meng Qi nodded. Just now, her spiritual sea was shaken heavily, making her whole body freeze for a moment. “Xingxing…” Finally recovered, Meng Qi called Sikong Xing over, “Use black thunder…”

“Okay!” Sikong Xing responded; her eyes were as bright as the stars. Her red dress fluttered around as she turned around speedily, facing the giant snake that was turning itself into a dragon.

The two golden snakes that had entrenched themselves into dragon horns twisted twice, as if responding to the encroaching danger. Still, they did not believe that these preys — barely in the Spirit Severing to Nascent Soul stages — could do anything against them. They only had to wait patiently, as they could finally feast on the exhausted group once the five layers of tribulation came to an end.

Sikong Xing raised her right hand, her fingertips flashing. In the next second, a huge black water column shot up into the sky with a loud boom. Electric lights flashed in the water column as it bent down and rushed toward the gigantic figure of the snake.

“Tsk…” Ji Wujiong’s eyes flickered. Seeing the red fox girl’s adeptness in using the black tortoise water spell, he finally understood a little why her master was willing to accept her as a disciple.

“Xingxing!” Meng Qi shouted again, then she suddenly gasped. Her spiritual sea was still shaking heavily, and she couldn’t even use a strand of spiritual aura at this moment.

“Got it!” Sikong Xing crossed her hands and shut her eyes. Her feet slowly lifted off the ground as her hair fluttered in the wind. “Boom!” with such a loud noise, another thunder, more powerful and terrifying than the previous one, crashed down. The five spirits cauldron kept spinning around. The huge lightning bolt passed through the cauldron and slashed straight into Sikong Xing’s figure.

Sikong Xing raised her hand, summoning an even higher water column, and sent it toward the gigantic snake.


The third thunder struck down.

Sikong Xing took a deep breath, and another water column rose from the ground.

Boom! The fourth thunder came.

The five spirits cauldron made a loud clang.

“Ugh…” Meng Qi groaned again and bent down in pain. Her spiritual sea hurt so much, as if being cracked by countless hammers.

“Don’t be afraid.” Yun Qingyan’s gentle voice sounded in her ear, “Let me…”

“No!” Meng Qi took a deep breath and forced herself to stand up, “I can do it myself!”

Although Yun Qingyan’s words were not finished, she had already guessed what he was going to do. Yun Qingyan was still recuperating. His internal injuries had not healed, and it was just a few days ago that he almost fell into a qi deviation. She definitely couldn’t let him take the risk to help her!

Meng Qi slowly rose up, and her eyes became brighter with determination. She must become stronger, strong enough to stay by his side!

Taking another deep breath, Meng Qi’s eyes fell on the five spirits cauldron. After undergoing four thunder from the tribulation, a very small pile of transparent sands appeared on the bottom of the cauldron. The sand was very soft, had a hazy amber glow, and looked extraordinarily beautiful.

Boom! The last tribulation thunder finally struck down, and more amber-colored sands appeared inside the five spirits cauldron. The sands then seemed to liquefy and began to flow around, evenly smearing the inner side of the cauldron.

“Ahhhh!!!!” Sikong Xing screamed. The ground on which she was standing seemed to have turned into a vast ocean. A series of huge black waves rose around her and quickly rolled toward the gigantic snake.

This time, the snake finally looked afraid. The giant figure suddenly collapsed, dissipating into countless small snakes that fled in all directions.

But it was too late.

The water column, together with the huge waves, quickly engulfed them completely.


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