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THDP Ch 119 Part 1 – Inheritance (I)

Amidst the rumbling thunders and flashing lightning, the black tribulation clouds whirled wildly with a huge vortex in the center. The light of the star array firmly protected Sikong Xing on the ground. On the top of her head, Meng Qi’s five spirits cauldron was spinning madly, producing more and more amber-colored sand that gradually covered its inner wall.

Meng Qi stood outside the array. The five spirits cauldron was her natal magic weapon, and the connection they shared enabled her to feel the joy that came from it. At this point, most of the aura from the thunder tribulation had been absorbed by the star array, which then fed the transformed aura back to Sikong Xing and the five spirits cauldron, leaving enough remaining to be used by Sikong Xing to attack the group of snakes.

Standing at a distance, Su Junmo and the others watched as a huge black wave rose into the sky and crashed into the snakes. In a blink of an eye, the snakes who had just started to flee in all direction was swallowed up by the merciless flooding wave.

Amidst the loud hisses, even the golden snake that stood the tallest and acted as the group’s leader also fell to the ground, only to get stampeded by other fleeing snakes.

“Let’s go!” Qin Xiumo shouted. With a loud swish, he and Xu Zijun’s natal swords cut through the air and flew towards the group of snakes. Having no time to dodge, the sword easily cut across them, splattering foul-smelling green blood around.

Su Junmo snapped his fingers. Upon this command, his primordial spirit stood up and let out a soft cry, then began rushing towards the snakes with lightning speed.

Next to Su Junmo, Li Che and Xue Chengxuan also followed suit. As medical cultivators, their attacks might be nothing compared to sword cultivators, but the snakes had lost all their fighting spirit and were now scramblingly fleeing for their lives, leaving themselves open to the incoming attacks.

Chu Tianfeng held out his hand and made a light tapping gesture, summoning his natal red lotus. The snakes who had barely survived Sikong Xing’s giant water column soon ushered in a wave of crazy flames.

In the sky, the last thunder fell.

On the ground, the number of the snakes quickly dwindled under the relentless attack of Qin Xiumo and the others, leaving only a few who managed to escape in the end.

Meng Qi’s eyes turned back to Sikong Xing. The red-dressed girl was still shutting her eyes tightly as her body was filled with an endless stream of spiritual aura. Overflowing aura flickered across her body. Her hands were folded, palms up, on her chest. A small sphere of red glow slowly condensed in her palm, gradually growing bigger and brighter.

Bang! Following the last explosion, the black clouds suddenly vanished, revealing the original sky. Even in the daytime, the stars in Starfallen Sea were still so bright and clear, but for some reason, Meng Qi somehow felt them a little dimmer than before.

Meng Qi’s eyes fell on Sikong Xing again, and she watched as the red sphere in the girl’s palm got bigger and bigger. Once it reached the size of about two adults’ fists, the sphere suddenly jumped up and shone brilliantly.

The dazzling light slowly dissipated, and the red sphere gently returned to Sikong Xing’s palm.

As the last bit of thunder was absorbed, the star array also turned dim, until the last sliver of aura disappeared into the ground.

The five spirits cauldron, which had been spinning furiously, also stopped turning around. The little cauldron seemed to be very happy. It swayed joyfully in place before flying back to Meng Qi.

“Why does it seem…” Chu Tianfeng was standing not far behind Meng Qi. As soon as the tribulation clouds vanished, he and Qin Xiumo had quickly come to Meng Qi’s side, and he was now watching in agape as her natal cauldron returned with clear joy. He rubbed his eyes several times, thinking that he had seen it wrong: “Did Meng Qiqi’s little cauldron gain weight?”

Qin Xiumo gave him a short nod, “Yeah.”

The two were talking in low voices, but due to their close distance, Meng Qi could still hear their conversation clearly. She tilted her head and looked carefully at the five spirits cauldron. Thanks to their connection, she could feel its current joy and contentment, which also put her in a good mood.

He’s right……

Meng Qi took a closer look and found that the little cauldron seemed to have gained a little weight. Rather than growing in size, it was more similar to a person who had eaten to the brim, swaying slightly and moving a little slowly because of overfulness. She beckoned. The cauldron understood her master’s gesture and flew happily to her side. Meng Qi was delighted to find the inner wall of the five spirits cauldron fully covered by a layer of amber sand. Under Starfallen Sea’s sunlight, the sands shone with pale golden light, as beautiful as glassworks.

Meng Qi reached out and lightly touched the inner wall. In an instant, a heavy, somber feeling that seemed to carry the weight of a vast world backflow from the cauldron to her heart.

It’s Buddhist sand…

Meng Qi thought silently in her heart.

The five spirits cauldron needed five kinds of legendary treasures representing the five primal aura. One of them was this Buddhist sand, which represented the earth element. Each enhancement by a legendary treasure would boost the cauldron’s capability significantly, and the Buddhist sand had just given the cauldron the ability to process thousands of medicinal ingredients in one go, belying its tiny size.

—Of course, assuming that Meng Qi had enough ingredients in her hands.

Such was the wonderful effect of Buddhist sand. Meng Qi remembered what Yun Qingyan had told her just now — that the Buddhist sand was produced by the tribulation cloud in the Starfallen Sea. No wonder this treasure was so rare. Despite its name being passed down widely in the Three Thousand Worlds, very few people had actually seen it, which was understandable. The Starfallen Sea was such a dangerous place; how many cultivators dared to come here to face tribulation?

Meng Qi unintentionally glanced up at the sky. Even with the black clouds gone, the sky of Starfallen Sea was not the blue sky she used to see in Three Thousand Worlds. It was now daytime, yet the sky was always pale yellow, as if carrying a heavy burden from eons of time.


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