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THDP Ch 119 Part 2 – Legacy (II)

Meng Qi lowered her eyes again and looked at her newly-upgraded five spirits cauldron, very satisfied. Just at this moment, Sikong Xing slowly landed back on the ground and finally opened her eyes. Her eyes seemed much brighter than before. She had just advanced to the Spirit Severing stage, and her spiritual sea, filled to the brim with fresh aura, was now more than ten times larger than when she was still in the Nascent Soul stage. However, Sikong Xing had yet to get used to her newly expanded aura capacity, making the aura inside her a bit chaotic. From time to time, aura overflowed from inside only to quickly retract the next moment, blowing her hair messily.

“Meng Qiqi!” As soon as Sikong Xing opened her eyes, she ran happily towards Meng Qi with the little red thing in her hands, “I cannot believe it! I have successfully overcome the tribulation! I am now a Fifth-Rank demon cultivator!”

Meng Qi’s eyes flickered, instantly attracted by the tiny figure in Sikong Xing’s palm. The little guy was about the same size as Sikong Xing’s palm. It was a fiery red fox with five little fluffy tails and equally fluffy pointed red ears. Lying cutely on its master’s palm, its wide, round eyes were looking around in curiosity.

“Is this…” Meng Qi licked her lips, her voice slightly hoarse, “Is this your primordial spirit?”

“Yes, yes!” Sikong Xing raised the little red fox in her palm and brought it closer to Meng Qi, “Do you want to touch it?”

“Can I?” Meng Qi asked. Before Sikong Xing had time to answer, she had already moved her hand ahead and carefully placed her finger on the red fox’s head.

Hmm… the fur was fluffy and soft, similar to that of an ordinary spirit beast fox.

The little fox seemed to like Meng Qi too. It didn’t move when her finger touched the top of its head. After a while, it tilted its head and rubbed itself against Meng Qi’s fingertips, as if asking for a cuddle.


So cute!

Meng Qi’s fingers trembled twice. Pursing her dry lips, she looked up at Sikong Xing with difficulty; her voice was even more hoarse than before: “Can I really touch…”

“Touch it.” Sikong Xing said generously, “No need to hold back.”

Having Sikong Xing’s permission, Meng Qi stopped holding back. She quickly put her palm on the red fox’s head and started rubbing it several times.

“Us demon cultivators’ primordial spirit has similar personality and preference to its masters.” Su Junmo said as he walked to the girls.

Meng Qi turned around. Su Junmo’s primordial spirit, the five-tailed little white fox, was lying obediently on his shoulder. Its pair of big black eyes were looking curiously at the little red fox in Sikong Xing’s palm as its five fluffy tails wagged lively behind. Very cute!

Meng Qi stared at the two foxes enviously. It’s so cool to be a demon!

The next second, Meng Qi’s fingers were hugged by a pair of fluffy paws. She hurriedly turned around and saw that Sikong Xing’s little red fox was rubbing its head against her fingers. Then, as if noticing Meng Qi’s gaze, the fox looked up with its big round eyes.

What the—

Too cute!

Bombarded by a cutie attack, Meng Qi hated that she couldn’t have a primordial spirit!

Seeing this, Sikong Xing smiled sweetly: “It likes you very much, Meng Qiqi!”

“Just like me.” She added, blushing.

“A primordial spirit can indeed reflect its master’s thoughts.” Su Junmo chuckled. He watched with a grin as Meng Qi played with the little red fox. “Since Sikong Xing is very close to you, her primordial spirit naturally likes you too.”

“I see.” Meng Qi responded half-heartedly, too busy petting the little red fox’s head and scratching its jaw simultaneously. The little guy was lying comfortably in its master’s palm. Its eyes narrowed slightly, enjoying Meng Qi’s pet.

“So cute.” Meng Qi sighed softly, “If only I could have a primordial spirit too.”

“No problem.” Sikong Xing quickly said, “Just tell me whenever you want to pet this guy, and I will summon it out.”

“Is it okay?” Meng Qi was tempted, “Won’t it have a bad effect on you two?”

A cultivator’s natal weapon generally wouldn’t be summoned out unless necessary. At other times, the weapon would stay floating above the cultivator’s spiritual sea, slowly being nurtured by the aura produced by the golden core. The basic function of a demon cultivator’s primordial spirit was similar to that of a natal weapon, so Meng Qi had always assumed this was also the case for them.

“It’s okay.” Sikong Xing waved her hand: “A bit of playtime won’t harm anybody.”

“Thank you, Xingxing.” Meng Qi smiled happily. She patted the little red fox again and looked more closely, “Does this guy look the same as your original form?” As she said that, she turned her head and also glanced at the five-tailed white fox on Su Junmo’s shoulder. That little guy was also very fluffy and extraordinarily cute, but instead of being the miniature version of Su Junmo’s adult fox form, it looked more like a young cub.

“Well—” Sure enough, Sikong Xing said: “It looks like me when I was a kid.”

“How nice…” Meng Qi couldn’t help but sigh again, “Will it grow up?”

“No.” Sikong Xing explained, “My father’s primordial spirit still looks like a little cub even now. In fact…” She suddenly giggled in amusement, “Meng Qiqi, do you know that all demon cultivator’s primordial spirits, regardless of their rank, clan, or power, resemble the young version of their original form? It’s one thing for us ordinary demons, but the really powerful figures usually dislike summoning their primordial spirit in battles. Especially because they are generally already very strong and don’t need the help of a primordial spirit to deal with enemies who are not as strong as themselves. So, unless they are facing an opponent of the same level, they very rarely summon out their primordial spirit.”

“Hahahahaha.” Meng Qi couldn’t help laughing. Imagine the scene of a group of very powerful celestial demons who fight with a cute little thing floating next to them… that must be very amazing!

Not only Meng Qi, but even Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo also chuckled in low voices. Having just finished a big battle, the surroundings were temporarily quiet, as any remaining creatures in the vicinity seemed to have fled during the thunder tribulation, so they judged it was temporarily safe and relaxed their vigilance a bit.

Meng Qi lowered her head and pinched the little red fox’s cute pointed ears.

It’s so nice to be a celestial demon…

If you kept a normal spirit beast, it would grow up sooner or later. A grown-up spirit beast was beautiful and also stronger than their younger self, but not even half as cute.

Wait a minute — Meng Qi’s heart suddenly stirred. Did it mean that Sovereign Qingyan’s primordial spirit is also… is also…

Meng Qi’s mind quickly made up Yun Qingyan’s image when he was still Xiaoqi — those small semi-circular ears, fluffy white fur, soft and cute little paws…


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  1. If it’s Meng Qi, would Yun Qingyan be willing to show his primordial spirit? I imagine even if he did show her, though, he’d quickly get jealous of her preferring his white tiger cub form over his adult form, lol.

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