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THDP Ch 119 Part 3 – Legacy (III)

Meng Qi suddenly felt her heart itchy. She was certainly very happy when finding out that Xiaoqi was actually Yun Qingyan, the person she always regarded as her master. But after seeing his majestic appearance as an adult white tiger, there was a small disappointment deep in the corner of her heart. This disappointment, however, was very light, completely overwhelmed by the joy of reuniting with Yun Qingyan, so Meng Qi had never thought about it seriously.

But now, that very faint disappointment was quietly creeping out, along with a budding hope—

It would be great if she could see that cute little Xiao Qi again!

“What are you talking about?” Xue Chengxuan and Li Che also came over. The two first cupped their hands at Sikong Xing: “Fellow Daoist, congratulation on your successful tribulation and advancement.”

“Thank you.” Sikong Xing hurriedly returned the salute.

“Meng Qiqi.” Li Che snapped his fingers, “We found a golden snake.” As his voice fell, the body of a golden snake appeared in front of them.

Meng Qi quickly calmed her mind, shook her head, and drove the somewhat rude thought out of her mind. She then raised her eyes to look at the golden snake. She had previously seen this one on the top of the gigantic snake during the battle, but the situation and distance at the time did not allow her to make a further observation. Now, the snake had died, and Meng Qi could finally see every scale and pattern on its body from up close.

“This is…” She was stunned; her breathing suddenly became rapid, “Is this a golden-scaled snake?”

“It should be.” Xue Chengxuan and Li Che both nodded.

“Heaven…” Meng Qi murmured, “The golden-scaled snake has been extinct for thousands of years. I always thought it would never be seen again.”

“Meng Qiqi.” Seeing that the medical group had started talking business, Sikong Xing waved her hand quickly and retracted her primordial spirit, “What is a golden-scaled snake?” Despite being a member of an aristocratic clan in the Demon Realm, she had never heard of this name.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen it in the flesh.” Meng Qi said, “All I’ve learned about this snake is from the records in books. Legend has it that the gall of a golden-scaled snake can cure all poisons in the world. But the snake has been believed to be extinct, and no one in the Three Thousand Worlds has seen one in the past thousands of years.”

“We must be really lucky.” Sikong Xing clapped happily.

“It’s more than that.” Ji Wujiong jumped and landed beside Meng Qi, “This is a sixth-rank golden-scaled snake, and it has cultivated a spiritual consciousness.”

As Ji Wujiong spoke, his hand grabbed into the empty air and clenched into a fist. The next moment, he opened his hand again, revealing a black sphere the size of a rice grain. The sphere quickly condensed into a small pouch and fell into his palm.

“That should be a mutant beast’s storage space.” Su Junmo’s eyes glinted, and he quickly explained, “If a mutant beast successfully cultivates spiritual consciousness, it can create a separate space in its body to store things. However, the spiritual sea of mutant beasts generally became very turbulent the moment before their death. Moreover, most of them also refused to let the enemies get a hand on their storage space, so this thing would always be destroyed first upon death. We are lucky to get this one.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded.

The group was getting a bit excited now. This golden-scaled snake was obviously the leader of the snake group. Looking at how they exterminated the snow wolves pack, it was clear how powerful those snakes were, and they should be considered strong even in the Starfallen Sea.

Starfallen Sea was extremely dangerous, but there were always cultivators who came to venture in, and it was for good reasons. They went not only to practice and gain experience, but also to find rare resources and legendary treasures and to look for things left by the great powerhouses from the bygone golden era who unfortunately fell in this place.

“This guy has lived in Starfallen Sea for so long; there should be some good things in his storage space.” Su Junmo said again, but no one moved first. The storage space was in Ji Wujiong’s hands. Apart from giving Meng Qi some face, this guy never showed a shred of cordiality to them.

Besides… without Ji Wujiong, they would not have been able to find the golden-scaled snake’s storage space, let alone take it out intact. Therefore, logically speaking, only Ji Wujiong was qualified to claim it.

Thinking of this, the group was a little sullen. It was not jealousy — if the thing fell into the hands of any one of them, the rest would be happy for the person. However, Ji Wujiong was an exception. Thanks to his past conduct and barbed tongue, everyone disliked him and didn’t want to see him so lucky.

“Ji Wujiong.” At this time, only Meng Qi could say something, “Open it and see what’s inside.”

Ji Wujiong raised his eyebrows, but he still did as Meng Qi said. He put his two fingers together and touched the storage space. As his fingertips flickered, Ji Wujiong pushed his aura inside. He then raised his eyes and said lazily, “Tsk tsk, this golden-scaled snake must be quite an overlord around here. There are quite a lot of good things here.”

“I’ll take a look.” Meng Qi reached out.

Everyone, even Su Junmo, was nervous.

Will Ji Wujiong give it to Meng Qi?

The black-robed man threw the pouch into Meng Qi’s hand, adding, “It should have swallowed a predecessor of you.”

Meng Qi was startled, but quickly caught the pouch. It seemed to be made of unknown material, neither silk nor leather, but very soft to the touch. She put in a bit of her aura and quickly swept in. At a glance, there was not much inside: one bamboo slip, two jade slips, three or four slightly damaged magic weapons, and two long swords — one of which was completely transparent, but half-broken.

In addition, there were some rare materials and treasures that even Meng Qi could not recognize, and a dozen or so green things that looked similar to gems.

Finally, in the depths of the space, there was a pile of spirit stones, most of which was eighth to ninth-grade, along with some profound-grade ones.

As soon as Meng Qi’s aura swept over, she made a quick count — this golden-scaled snake had actually hoarded more than 1,000 profound-grade spirit stones and more than 3,000 eighth to ninth-grade ones.


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