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THDP Ch.12 Part 1 – Receiving The Payment (I)

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The first part of this week’s mass release is Ch.11 part 1.

“Meng Qi!” Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader blushed and quickly scolded Meng Qi, “Don’t be rude.”

The great hall was immediately engulfed in an awkward atmosphere. Qingfeng Valley disciples looked at the familiar scene being re-enacted in front of their eyes. A few days ago, they seemed to see a similar scene. They collectively thought in a trance: they never expected that this junior sister Meng Qi could really cure Young Master Chu.

Fentian Palace’s elder looked at his martial nephew thoughtfully: Chu Tianfeng’s face was slightly agitated, but he was not angry. The Elder looked at Meng Qi again. As a powerful Nascent Soul cultivator, he usually had no spirit stone ready at hand.

“Cough… this Young Daoist truly interesting.” The Elder coughed softly. He gestured for his disciple to take the two bamboo slips.

“Master.” The disciple quickly looked at the bamboo slips, and a bit dazedly, said, “A total of five sixth-grade and three third-grade spirit stones.”

Chu Tianfeng looked at Meng Qi. The second bamboo slip he gave did not have a specific number of spirit stones, so she must have filled it herself. However, Meng Qi didn’t take advantage of him and simply put in the price she previously stated.

She didn’t extort him, but it made Chu Tianfeng a little unhappy instead. Meng Qi saved the life of Fentian Palace’s young master. This kind of grace was too cheap to be paid off by such a few numbers of spirit stones. But it didn’t matter. Chu Tianfeng stared at Meng Qi quietly. His reddish face just now had calmed down. The corners of his lips raised slightly, revealing a faint smile.

“Thank you.” After receiving the Elder’s permission, the disciple handed a bag of spirit stones to Meng Qi. After quickly confirming its content, she put the bag into her storage bracelet.

What did five sixth-grade spirit stones signified in the Three Thousand World? Qingfeng Valley’s disciples would get a reward for completing a sect mission. The reward usually around ten to one hundred first-grade spirit stones. For more difficult tasks, a maximum of one hundred second-grade spirit stones might be given. However, such a high-reward mission often took one month or more to finish and was also accompanied by many dangers.

One thousand first-grade spirit stones could be exchanged for one second-grade spirit stone, one thousand second-grade spirit stones could be exchanged for one third-grade spirit stone, and so on. In other words, earning a single sixth-grade spirit stone required the entire disciple of Qingfeng Valley to do missions for several years.

Outside the sect gate, for example in the city, that amount would signify great wealth. Even in the most prosperous and safest area in the Eastern Realm, the ten cities attached to the ten major sects, five sixth-grade spirit stones could buy a splendid residence with three courtyards. Of course, this had little significance for the cultivators. High-level cultivators did not care much about spirit stones. What they needed were high-grade treasures instead.

Qingfeng Valley’s disciples quietly observed Meng Qi, who was standing beside Elder Yan. She still wore a plain blue robe, and her small face, as usual, didn’t have a trace of powder and rouge. But who could have imagined that this little junior sister who had just entered the sect for half a year had suddenly become the wealthiest disciple in Qingfeng Valley?!

They felt envious and somewhat bitter. Over the past few days, many of them have laughed behind Meng Qi’s back. They thought she overestimated her own ability, merely using her words to deliberately attract the young palace master’s attention. But now, the spirit stones really fell into Meng Qi’s pocket. That was the amount of wealth that most disciples would probably never be able to accumulate in their entire lives. But Fentian Palace really paid her!

In comparison, Junior Sister Lu Qingran’s expression looked a little unsightly. Young Palace Master Chu didn’t seem to like her that much.

Meng Qi didn’t know the thoughts of her fellow disciples. After collecting the spirit stones, her mind already made a simple plan. Now she could replace her storage bracelet with a better one. She could also go to Cloud Immortal Pavillion to buy some medicinal herbs she needed. Since Meng Qi was still too weak, she should also buy some life-saving artifacts for herself. With this much plan, the sixth-grade spirit stones might not be enough. But there was something she still had to do beforehand.

After receiving the payment, Meng Qi withdrew her gaze and quietly walked back to stand by Elder Yan’s side. She still hasn’t finished reading the bamboo slip yet. As for the Fentian Palace’s elder and Chu Tianfeng, it was estimated that they didn’t want to talk to her for the time.

Knowing when to shut her mouth was also a skill that may save her life in turbulent times.

The Fentian Palace’s elder was called Xun Yan. He was in the peak of the Nascent Soul stage and looked to be in his forties. But in fact, he was already 90 years old this year. He was one of the sect’s elders who excelled at communicating with others and thus was sent to Qingfeng Valley to assist Chu Tianfeng.

Xun Yan saw how this Qingfeng Valley’s young disciple counted the spirit stones and stored them carefully before standing obediently beside Yan Mingfeng. Although he always believed that even cultivators needed both money and power, the girl’s action still made him bewildered. After some time, he couldn’t find any word to say. An initially joyous and harmonious atmosphere now has turned awkward.

Xun Yan saw the bamboo slip in Meng Qi’s hands glowing once again. He knew that if he didn’t say anything now, the girl would definitely continue her reading. He coughed quickly: “Young Daoist Meng.”

Meng Qi raised her eyes blankly: “Does Elder still need something?”

“Cough, cough…” Xun Yan coughed again. He tried to get the topic back on track: “Our sect is very grateful to you.”

“Elder is too polite.” Meng Qi replied indifferently: “Getting the fee and curing the patient is a normal transaction for any healer.” She waved her hand: “So, Elder doesn’t need to be grateful.”

Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader: “…”

Qingfeng Valley’s disciples: “…”

Was this junior sister silly? How could a few spirit stones be compared with the gratitude from Fentian Palace?!

Lu Qingran, who was standing next to the sect leader, instantly paled. She looked at Meng Qi in disbelief. She couldn’t understand this junior sister. Chu Tianfeng had embarrassed her twice for junior sister, and he was obviously….. treated junior sister differently…

So why did junior sister push him apart?!

“Cough, cough, cough…” Xun Yan had to cough again. In his eyes, that amount of spirit stones were worthless. He was the elder of Fentian Palace. Recruiting talents for the sect was one of his responsibilities. A girl still in the Qi Condensation stage who could solve the poison from a fifth-grade devil beast was obviously a rare talent. Although her personality was somewhat….eccentric.

But their Fentian Palace is rich! They have money!

Making up his mind, Xun Yan coughed softly: “There is a special medical hall in our sect…”

Meng Qi: ” ????? ”

This sentence sounded familiar. Meng Qi couldn’t help but glance at Chu Tianfeng. Was this Elder soliciting her?


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The elder needs a cough syrup 🤣

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  1. Your translations are so good,it really makes me enjoy this story more. Thank you so much for translating this and I personally adore her eccentricity. You go,gal!

  2. So the cough syrup comment I read made me think, how good is there cough drops? Can it soothe the throat on or better then our current cough drops, if so, me from 2 weeks ago would like some, I would consider becoming a medical cultivator just for the cough drops.

  3. Meng Qi is a girl after my own heart, preoccupied with reading while important events are going on around her 😂

    I wonder if her impression of her previous life is correct, or if she is so dense that she misinterpreted a lot of key events that happened. Obviously Chu Tianfeng knew her well enough before to know how obsessed she is with medicine and healing, so perhaps her various patients weren’t as infatuated with Lu Qingran as she assumed.

    1. I think they were and it’s the rebirth that enlightened CT. The first time around she healed him and as thanks was thrown into the dungeon his actions this time were still pretty much the same until LQ inadvertently accused MQ. Idk what the terrible thing in his past life was but he must have realised in that moment that his blind devotion to LQ put the person who actually cured him in undeserved trouble.

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