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THDP Ch.12 Part 2 – Receiving The Payment (II)

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This sentence sounded familiar. Meng Qi couldn’t help but glance at Chu Tianfeng. Was this Elder soliciting her?

“And……” Xun Yan continued: “…the ordinary disciples from the medicine hall can get ten third-grade spirit stones as a subsidy every day. If they get promoted to a higher position or leveled up their medical cultivation to a higher rank, their daily subsidy will also increase.”

Ten third-grade spirit stones every day. Compared with the five sixth-grade spirit stones Meng Qi just received, that was nothing. But it was paid daily, so after some time, the accumulated number was still very impressive.

Xun Yan looked at Meng Qi with some expectations. His eyes fell on the bamboo slips in Meng Qi’s hands: “We also have a special medical library.” He cleared his throat: “Cough…from the leader up above to disciple below, our sect attached great importance to the medical hall. One of Fentian Palace’s five peaks, the places with the highest density of spiritual aura in the whole sect, belongs to the medical hall. All members of the medical hall can freely enter the library. Except for a small number of bamboo slips that require the Palace Master’s permission to read, most of them can be accessed at will.”

Meng Qi was tempted. Fentian Palace was a large sect ranked in the top ten in the Eastern Realm. Coupled with thousands of years of history, the rich collection of books they accumulated was obviously far beyond the Qingfeng Valley.


She was hesitant because Chu Tianfeng was also there.

“Young Daoist doesn’t need to worry.” Xun Yan was an experienced old man. He could see Meng Qi’s hesitation at a glance, “You can think carefully.”

“Thanks for Elder’s consideration.” Meng Qi politely saluted.

The looks on Qingfeng Valley’s disciples became even more marvelous. Everyone harbored a little calculation: they all wanted their sect to join under Fentian Palace’s banner, seeking the larger sect’s protection. Except for the sect leader, most of the disciples would happily accept this offer. Compared to the Qingfeng Valley, a sect so small that no one in the Eastern Realm cared about it, they would definitely be much better off to put on identity as Fentian Palace’s disciple.

Originally, they all thought that Lu Qingran, who was brought back by Chu Tianfeng, would be taken as an honored guest by Fentian Palace. So when they were badly gossiping about Meng Qi before, they also had the intention to please Lu Qingran. After all, no one ever believed that Meng Qi could be able to cure Chu Tianfeng. She was simply trying to attract the attention of the future Fentian Palace Master.

Who could have imagined that in just a few days, the situation was reversed? Junior Sister Meng Qi really cured Young Master Chu, who didn’t give Junior Sister Lu Qingran’s face for her sake. Moreover, the high-ranking elder of Fentian Palace, a master who already reached the peak of the Nascent Soul stage, personally invited Junior Sister Meng to join Fentian Palace, and even offered such generous conditions.

The disciples’ eyes looking at Meng Qi became more eager.

After Xun Yan exchanged several polite words with the sect leader, the hall was dispersed.

Meng Qi followed behind Yan Mingfeng and walked towards the library pavilion.

“Do you want to go?” Yan Mingfeng looked at the quiet disciple. There was a faint smile in his eyes.

“This disciple is indeed a little bit moved.” Meng Qi replied: “Fentian Palace is such a large sect, their book collection must be very rich.”
Yan Mingfeng nodded. “This kind of opportunity is indeed very rare.” Yan Mingfeng couldn’t see through this disciple. He recalled how this girl asked for money in public, making the Nascent Soul elder visibly flustered.

The smile in Yan Minfeng’s eyes deepened. “Moreover, they even give out ten third-grade spirit stones every day. Fentian Palace is a real money house.” Rarely joked, he teased Meng Qi, “You should go.”

Meng Qi’s cheek reddened. Although she looked calm just now, so fearless and frank in front of the Nascent Soul elder, she suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

“Do you know that besides the Cloud Immortal Pavillion, Three Thousand Worlds also has a place called Beyond The Heaven?” Yan Mingfeng saw Meng Qi’s reddening cheek and changed the topic. Hands behind his back, he continued talking: “Beyond The Heaven is quite mysterious. No one knows where it is truly located. But many rare items that cannot be found in Cloud Immortal Pavilion are sold in Beyond The Heaven. As long as you have enough spirit stones, there is nothing you cannot buy there.”

“Disciple has heard about it.” Meng Qi’s curiosity rose. However, rumor said that Beyond The Heaven was very mysterious. Unless by recommendation, one might be unable to even find its entrance. In her previous life, Meng Qi never got a chance to visit it.

Yan Mingfeng lightly moved his hand, and a small jade slip fell on his palm. “Take it.” He handed the jade slip into Meng Qi’s hands. “After you imprint your spiritual sense into it, you can enter Beyond The Heaven via this jade slip anytime you want.”

“Thank you, Elder. But if you gave it to me, then you…”

“Don’t worry.” Yan Mingfeng waved his hand. “I still have another one.”

Meng Qi blinked. Elder Yan was indeed a respected elder of Qingfeng Valley, a powerful Golden Core cultivator. But a place like Beyond The Heaven, even the sect leader herself probably never entered. It was said that in the entire Three Thousand World, very few cultivators could enter Beyond The Heaven, and the majority of them were at least in the Nascent Soul stage.

Meng Qi bowed her head, studying the warm jade slip in her hand. She then looked towards Elder Yan, who was walking slowly. The elder was so calm and composed, didn’t look even a little bit lofty. Meng Qi merely heard a part of his experiences and already had great respect towards this elder whose medical cultivation level was the highest in the entire sect. So she liked to ask Elder Yan for advice and guidance, both before and after her rebirth.

She never expected…

“If there is something you don’t understand in that bamboo slip, you can come to the library pavilion tomorrow.”

“Yes, Elder.” Meng Qi saluted his back. She carefully stored the jade slip and turned to walk back to her room.

The door was still closed properly. When Meng Qi pushed the door open, the little white tiger who had been lying on the bed suddenly looked up. After seeing it was Meng Qi, the little guy lazily lay down again.

“Xiao Qi.” Meng Qi stepped forward. She happily rubbed the little tiger’s soft fur for a while, enjoying the comfortable touch on her palm.

Little white tiger: “…”

He seemed to completely have given up struggling, his eyes narrowed with helplessness.

“I probably have gotten the clue about the poison in your paw.” Meng Qi told him. She took out the bamboo slips again. “Today, I collected the spirit stones from Chu Tianfeng, so now I have money to buy the herbs needed for your medicine.” Meng Qi smiled and squeezed the little white tiger’s ear. Although her worries have still remained, she should focus on what she could do right now.

Meng Qi took out the jade slip given by Elder Yan. It should be much easier to buy rare and exotic medicinal ingredients in Beyond The Heaven.

The little white tiger was lying on his back, letting her patting his body. When he saw the jade slip, a surprise flashed in the blue eyes.

Beyond The Heaven? The little white tiger looked at Meng Qi, then at the jade slip. Qingfeng Valley seemed to be not as simple as he thought.


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  1. Since Elder Yan has two “Beyond the Heaven” jade slips, then I wonder about his past encounters because there’s no way a normal person could even get one jade slip there, much less two. Hopefully the truth about his past will be explored soon.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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