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THDP Ch 120 Part 2 – Mysterious Forest (II)

After a while, the clean-up was finished, and Su Junmo and the others had also rested and recuperated. “Let’s go.” Qin Xiumo said. Despite having Ji Wujiong, a cultivator at the Void Comprehending stage, as an addition to their team, he remained their leader.

“Let’s go.” Meng Qi nodded. Hours had passed, and the sun had risen. Since the last time, the firework signal has never appeared again.

“Don’t worry.” Xue Chengxuan seemed to read Meng Qi’s anxiety, “She should be okay for now.”

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded.

The group continued to rush toward where the firework signal was released. Strangely enough, they did not encounter any more danger after walking for another hour, as if all the beasts within a radius of dozens of miles had fled somewhere.

Still, Meng Qi and the others didn’t dare to relax. Qin Xiumo and Xu Zijun’s natal swords were still hanging in the air, full of vigilance.

Sikong Xing, whose new cultivation base had stabilized, raised her hand, summoning the black water that quickly submerged into the ground at a faster speed than before. “It’s really amazing.” As everyone rushed forward, Sikong Xing said, “It’s really…” She couldn’t help looking left and right: “ if all the creatures around have been eliminated.”

Ji Wujiong, who had put away his black saber, couldn’t help but sneer when hearing the red girl’s remark. The Star Array of the demon race’s royal clan appeared, bringing with it the aura and breath of the monarch — sensing it, how could those beasts still dare to stay? Moreover, the golden snake and its fellows were all annihilated, which gave enough shock to all creatures in the vicinity.

Those who had the ability to survive the harsh environment of the Starfallen Sea were good at assessing danger, so it stood for the reason that they wouldn’t dare to return in a short time.

Meng Qi gave a soft nod. Her mind, which was still full of the cute red fox cub in Sikong Xing’s hand, soon moved elsewhere — Yun Qingyan’s primordial spirit, which she longed to see.

She really wanted to see it…

Meng Qi sighed softly in her heart, knowing well that her wish was hard to accomplish. She subconsciously raised her head and looked up at the sky. On the other side of the sky-viewing mirror, she wondered what Sovereign Qingyan was doing now…

Sovereign Qingyan always appeared when she was in danger, yet she couldn’t initiate contact from her side. What kind of method did he use? Was it an array? Could she perhaps learn it too?

As Meng Qi fell into deep thought, the group continued dashing forward.

About half an hour later, they stopped just outside a thick forest.

“The fireworks from before should be released from here.” Meng Qi stared into the forest. The trees were tall and dense enough to block the sky and starlight, making the forest look very dim and gloomy.

“I’ll explore first.” Sikong Xing pursed her lips and activated her usual spell with her right hand.

The black water hidden on the ground rushed forward swiftly.

“Ah—” Merely seconds later, Sikong Xing suddenly exclaimed in surprise, “It’s gone!” She said and turned to look at her teammate, “The water has only entered the forest for half a mile, and I suddenly lost control of it!”

Meng Qi and the others froze, and their expressions turned even more solemn.

Qin Xiumo stepped forward and pulled out an unfamiliar long sword from his storage space. With a tap of his finger, the sword flew forward — roaring as its blade cut through the dark, turbid air of the unidentified forest. Meng Qi and the others only saw a flash of cold light when the whirling sound of the sword stopped abruptly and — together with that cold light — disappeared from sight.

They quickly turned to Qin Xiumo: “How?”

The young man shook his head.

Chu Tianfeng raised his hand, and a small cluster of flames ignited in his palm. “Go!” He ordered softly, and the flames quickly drifted into the forest. The flames had just passed the big trees on the edge of the woods when they quickly extinguished into a wisp of smoke and dissipated into nothingness.

“What the…” Chu Tianfeng stared blankly at the disappearing flame, “The spiritual aura I injected to control the flame suddenly ran out without reason, which was why it dissipated.”

Meng Qi frowned slightly. This should also be true with Sikong Xing’s black water and Qin Xiumo’s sword.

“What kind of place is this?” Chu Tianfeng murmured, “The records I read back in the sect never mentioned it.”

Xue Chengxuan and the rest also shook their heads. They had never heard of a place that dissipated the spiritual aura contained within spells and magic weapons.

How could they fight in such a place?

Su Junmo’s expression turned serious. He stepped forward, leaned over, and picked up a stone.

The stone rolled into the forest.

This time, everyone could see clearly how the stone, which had just passed the boundary of the forest, instantly turned into a pile of dust.

A gust of wind blew, blowing the dust away as if the stone had never existed from begin with.

“There is not a single grass here.” Meng Qi said. As far as they could see, the only living beings inside the forest were those tall and towering trees. The ground was bare, with not even a single grass or plant around.

“Here’s…” Li Che raised his head slightly and looked at the treetop: “…too quiet.”

There was a gust of wind just now, blowing across the leaves and branches, yet not a single sound was heard, which was too abnormal.

“When Qin Xiumo’s sword flew into the forest just now, there was a sound,” Meng Qi said again.

“So…” Su Junmo took over, “There might be a way to use aura here?”

Qin Xiumo’s sword flew farther than Chu Tianfeng because his cultivation base was higher. Qin Xiumo was in the seventh realm of the Nascent Soul, while Chu Tianfeng had just entered Nascent Soul.

“Oh.” Meng Qi said. She had the lowest cultivation base among the team. “Then let me try.”

After pondering a bit, Meng Qi raised her hand and released a single strand of light into the forest.


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