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THDP Ch 120 Part 4 – Mysterious Forest (IV)

At this moment, a long sword suddenly flew up. Like the brightest meteor, its cold gleam pierced through the sky.

“It’s the Pavilion Master!” Xu Zijun raised his finger and excitedly pointed in the direction of the sword, “It’s the Pavilion Master! He’s there too.”

Pei Mufeng was actually there! It seemed that what Xu Zijun saw before was indeed his sword light. Did he find Xue Jinwen here, and they both entered the forest? Or was Xue Jinwen already in the forest when Pei Mufeng arrived, and he went in to look for her?

“Then there must be a way to get in.” Meng Qi said firmly.

“Yes.” Xue Chengxuan nodded, “Since Third Sister can go to the depths of the forest safely, we should be able to enter too.”

“Try above.” Qin Xiumo took out another long sword from his storage space. He seemed to be bringing a lot of such swords for emergencies, and while speaking, he had already raised his hand and sent the sword upward.

The sword flew over the forest. However, it didn’t take long for the gleaming figure to flicker slightly, and just like its predecessor, it quickly turned into a pile of dust and was blown away by the wind.

“It seems…” Su Junmo murmured, “Not even the sky is safe.”

“Let’s take a look around.” Meng Qi pondered for a moment, “The forest doesn’t look very big. Maybe there is a safe entrance somewhere.”

“Meng Qiqi.” Ji Wujiong, who had stayed silent until now, suddenly chuckled coldly, “If such a convenient place really exists, do you think Pei Mufeng will stay quietly in the forest? He is not that girl from the Xue Clan. He is the Pavilion Master of Xingluo Pavilion, the one said to be the future number one swordsman of the Eastern Realm.”

“…” Meng Qi nodded silently. What Ji Wujiong said made sense. “Then, do you have a solution?” She asked back. She was currently his employer anyway, so it wasn’t wrong to use his consultation.

“Of course. However…” Ji Wujiong replied in a lazy tone.

Meng Qi: “…”


Meng Qi thought for a while and said, “Let’s make a condition.” She didn’t wait for Ji Wujiong to respond and quickly added: “But I will never make you my master!”

When the rest of the group heard this, they couldn’t help but look strangely at Ji Wujiong. Especially Chu Tianfeng and the others, who were with Meng Qi from the beginning. They saw with their own eyes how Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong got along during their last moments in the Grand Tournament. Su Junmo even suspected Ji Wujiong to be in love with Meng Qi, because it was very easy for someone to be moved by a girl who insisted on staying behind for him during a life-or-death crisis.

But later, they found out that Ji Wujiong only had the intention of recruiting Meng Qi as his disciple!

This behavior of his truly…made others speechless!

After Ji Wujiong joined the group, they saw up close how persistent this guy was to make Meng Qi his disciple, only to meet her even more stubborn rejection. Even though the others did not say anything, they still felt amazed. So, when they saw this familiar routine, they expected to see Ji Wujiong’s another attempt to force Meng Qi to recognize him as her master.

“Alright. Since you don’t want to be my disciple, just forget it.” To everyone’s amazement, Ji Wujiong didn’t even try to argue and just nodded lightly, as if he had already guessed Meng Qi’s reaction. “I actually know a bit about Zhihui Valley, and I can tell you everything I know. However…”

“What are the conditions?” Meng Qi asked again.

“After leaving Starfallen Sea, I want you to accompany me to a place.” Ji Wujiong said. He then quickly added, “It’s not a dangerous place, and not too far either. It is still within the border of Three Thousand World’s Western Realm. I swear to never do anything to harm you.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded without hesitation.

The corners of Ji Wujiong’s lips curled up into a slight smile as he summoned his black saber, “Zhihui Valley is located in the Third Heaven of the Demon Realm.”

Hearing this, Sikong Xing and Su Junmo’s expressions changed slightly. They seemed to want to say something, but after exchanging a glance, the two shut their mouth and stayed silent.

As Ji Wujiong spoke, he quickly drew a map of the valley’s terrain on the ground, “There is only one entrance to Zhihui Valley. Even a powerhouse in the Comprehending Perfection — that is, an eighth-rank in the demon cultivation system — would quickly be emptied of aura, just like the three demon elders in the story.”

Meng Qi nodded.

Ji Wujiong chuckled. He raised his eyes and took a deep look at her before continuing, “Tens of thousands of years ago, the ancestors of the celestial demon white tiger clan already occupied the Fifth Heaven territory. However, at this time, the white tiger clan hadn’t had a tight grip on the Demon Monarch Order, so the monarch changed frequently. The monarch at that time happened to be the leader of the celestial demon phoenix clan.”

Meng Qi nodded again.

“Of course, even with or without the Monarch Order, the white tiger clan was and is still a powerful force in the Demon Realm. They produced great geniuses generation after generation. For example, the current Demon Monarch, who achieved great fame at a young age.” Ji Wujiong stared intently at Meng Qi, but the blue-robed girl still looked indifferent as she nodded calmly.

Was she really unaware? Countless thoughts flashed through Ji Wujiong’s mind as he looked at Meng Qi’s calm face and a pair of clear eyes that hadn’t stirred a bit.

“Ahem!!” Ji Wujiong cleared his throat, “The current Demon Monarch should be…” He put his fingers up and calculated: “…around nine hundred years old? Meng Qiqi, he is probably your great, great, great,…, great grandfather’s age.”

Meng Qi looked at him with strange eyes, “A cultivator at the Spirit Severing stage has a lifespan of three hundred years, seven hundred at Void Comprehending, one thousand at Comprehending Perfection, a few thousand at Great Ascension. Isn’t this just normal?”

“I mean, he is over nine hundred years older than you.” Ji Wujiong repeated.

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded. What Ji Wujiong said was not wrong.

“The current Demon Monarch has no Dao couple, but I heard there are countless beauties in the Demon Realm. Over nine hundred years, the number of exes he produced must be countless.” Ji Wujiong continued.

“Ji Wujiong.” Meng Qi frowned, “Get to the point!”


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