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THDP Ch 121 Part 4 – To Crush One’s Belief (IV)

“Wha—” Li Che gasped, “Phoenix fruits?! The same phoenix fruits used to make Nirvana Pill?!”

Nirvana Pill was a legendary-class life-saving medicine.

“Yeah.” Meng Qi said, “But I only have phoenix fruits.”

“I have the rest.” Xue Chengxuan took out a bundle from his storage space. “The rarest material in Nirvana Pill is the phoenix fruit, and the rest are pretty common. I have some here.”

“Good.” Meng Qi took the bag.

“To refine anti-miasma pills, using snake heart herb will produce a better result.” Li Che said. “Do you have any?”

“Here.” Meng Qi also took out a small bag from her storage space and handed it over.

“Okay.” Xue Chengxuan nodded, “Do you have enough phoenix fruits to refine Nirvana Pill for everyone?”

“Yes.” Meng Qi hesitated for a while, but still nodded. She has a whole box of phoenix fruit, enough to refine more than one hundred Nirvana Pills, but these were given by Yun Qingyan, and she had no right to claim them all as her own.

When Meng Qi thought of Yun Qingyan and the phoenix fruits, she couldn’t help but recall the figure of the white-robed man standing alone under the phoenix tree.

“Alright. Let’s hurry up.” Xue Chengxuan commanded.

The three swiftly traded their medicinal supplies and began the refining process. Xue Chengxuan had provided Meng Qi with a generous amount of materials, so after a short contemplation, she retrieved twenty phoenix fruits and tossed them into the five spirits cauldron. Having been strengthened by Buddhist sand, the cauldron was now capable of producing numerous pills in a single refining session, and the Lihuo Great Fire Array etched into its base considerably reduced the time required for the refinement process.

Meng Qi proceeded to add each necessary ingredient for the Nirvana Pills before depositing several ninth-grade spirit stones into the base of the cauldron. The Lihuo Fire Array instantly activated, and a rush of spiritual energy swiftly permeated the entire cauldron.

On Meng Qi’s side, Xue Chengxuan focused on refining Qingfeng Pills with the newly obtained golden-scaled snake galls. The original recipe for Qingfeng Pills included snake galls as an ingredient, but the addition of golden-scaled snake galls greatly enhanced its potency. As he carefully monitored the refining process within his cauldron, Xue Chengxuan’s mind was in turmoil as he remembered the shock that the Qingfeng Pill, brought back from Beyond The Heaven by Xue Jinwen, had caused. Despite being a second-grade pill, it was imbued with the Qingfeng spell, an ingenious technique that had never been seen before and had caused a great stir within the Xue Clan and the entire Feng Alliance.

The Xue Clan spared no effort in researching and discovering the pill’s refining method, even enlisting the help of their elders including Xue Cheng whose medical cultivation level was only one step away from reaching the powerhouse level of eighth rank, but they were ultimately unsuccessful. Later, when another Beiming Pill was auctioned, it caused a similar wave of shock throughout the medical society of Three Thousand Worlds. Xue Chengxuan knew that almost all the high-ranking medical sects from the four realms had sent people to Beyond The Heaven to search for the mysterious refiner responsible for these remarkable pills. The Xue Clan had a slight advantage due to Xue Jinwen’s connection, and thus they were aware that both pills came from a young medical cultivator known as ‘Xiao Qi.’

At the time, Xue Chengxuan was ordered by his father to investigate the matter on behalf of the Xue Clan, but he was unable to dedicate enough time to find out more about ‘Xiao Qi’ due to the more pressing matter of organizing the upcoming Medical Cultivators Conference.

Who knew……

A wry smile spread across Xue Chengxuan’s face. The person they had been searching for all this time, the mysterious refiner that went by the name Xiao Qi, turned out to be the person who had stunned the entire medical society of Three Thousand Worlds with her remarkable abilities and unwavering faith.

If his father found out…

Xue Chengxuan couldn’t resist glancing at Meng Qi’s face. Her slender figure was accentuated by the blue robe she wore, making her small waist look even more delicate. Meng Qi was actually quite attractive, not the type to steal hearts at first glance, but possessing a graceful beauty that grew more charming the longer you looked at her.

From their very first encounter, Meng Qi seemed to understand him, even acknowledging why Xingluo Pavilion had been chosen to host the Medical Cultivators Conference.

She was carefree and easygoing, not hesitating to share the method to cure the immortal devouring vine with him.

During the Grand Tournament, she shone even brighter. Diligent, unwavering, and courageous, Meng Qi was able to do what he had always wanted but could never do due to his responsibilities and worries.


Xue Chengxuan closed his eyes, and the corners of his lips slightly curled up into an imperceivable smile. Even without his father’s order, he would pretty much love to become a Daoist couple with Meng Qi, to be able to stand side by side with her for the rest of their lives.

“Huh?” Xue Chengxuan’s eyes opened as a loud exclamation interrupted his thoughts. Sikong Xing had jumped to Meng Qi’s side at some point, and was staring in disbelief at a seemingly unremarkable jade token in her hand.

“This… this is…” Sikong Xing’s face suddenly flushed red, and she started stammering as her shocked eyes stared at the jade token. When she looked up again, she was full of disbelief and shock.

“This… this… Meng—… no!!” The corners of Sikong Xing’s lips trembled slightly, and there was even a little fear in her voice.

She paused with some difficulty and suddenly staggered a few steps back, as if not daring to stand next to Meng Qi.


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  1. But she doesn’t want to be a Daoist couple with you. Like father like son…..they both have such wishful thinking.

  2. Xue Chengxuan may be attracted to Meng Qi’s admirable traits, but if she was to marry into his family, their views and selfish nature would definitely restrict her actions on her medical Dao path and eventually erode the same traits that caught his attention. As for Sikong Xing’s reaction to the jade token in Meng Qi’s hand, I’m pretty sure it’s the Monarch Order sent by Yun Qingyan, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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