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THDP Ch 122 Part 2 – What He Has Given Her (II)

At this moment, Li Che and Xue Chengxuan’s cauldrons were already lit up, and the fragrance of medicine had started to waft out. Even Chu Tianfeng and the rest, who were meditating with crossed legs, were surprised by the sudden turn of events. No one knew what was happening. Chu Tianfeng exchanged a worried look with Qin Xiumo. Sikong Xing was one thing, but it went without saying that Su Junmo, who came as a formal envoy from the Demon Realm, represented the Demon Monarch. As the relationship between the Demon Realm and the Three Thousand Worlds improved, Su Junmo was highly respected. Even major sects like the Feng Alliance treated him as an honored guest, and if he were to visit the Fentian Palace, he would equally be treated with high courtesy.

And that Su Junmo was now kneeling in front of Meng Qi, respectfully calling her ‘Your Venerable.’

Chu Tianfeng took a deep breath; his mind wandered wildly. Did Meng Qi have something to do with some great figure in the Demon Realm?

Meanwhile, Qin Xiumo closed his eyes, concealing the gleam in his eyes.

He may know more than Chu Tianfeng.

Back then…

Back then, the two of them were tortured so horribly by that man and were pushed into a situation worse than death. Chu Tianfeng, the Young Palace Master of Fentian Palace, grew up the favored son of heaven and had never experienced any setbacks except in love. The pain and endless torture were too much for him to bear, and he soon was overwhelmed by despair, day in and day out… until Meng Qi appeared. The girl managed to protect their last breath, saving them just enough to cling to their lives and not be tortured to death.

However, they were trapped at the bottom of the lake inside the territory of a great celestial devil at the time. Although their lives were saved, they had no way to escape. Meng Qi, whose cultivation base was the lowest among them, couldn’t resist the strong devil aura that permeated the lake and soon passed out despite her best effort.

Qin Xiumo’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down with emotions as he recalled the memory. In fact, he was not much better either, and his consciousness was already half gone by then. In a haze, he saw someone breaking through into the lake, just like a deity descended from the sky. He was about to lose consciousness at that time and couldn’t see the other party clearly. All he could remember was that the intruder seemed to be dressed in a white robe, with unparalleled grace on his being.

The dangerous lake, hidden by the means of the celestial devil, seemed to be nothing in front of the white-robed man. He walked leisurely with his hands folded behind his back, as if strolling in a garden. Soon, the man reached them and, with one gentle movement, took the fainted Meng Qi into his arms.

Qin Xiumo still remembered when that person roared angrily in the distance, “This is my Devil Realm! You dare to step out of your Demon Realm and come to meddle with my business! Damn you!”

In an instant, the water in the lake seemed to boil suddenly, followed by a terrifying coercion that pressed down from above. The coercion was too much for the already weakened Qin Xiumo, and even Meng Qi, who was already unconscious, groaned in discomfort.

Amidst the terrifying atmosphere, a man’s gentle and pleasant voice rang softly, “Don’t be afraid.”

Obviously, the words were not addressed to Qin Xiumo nor the unconscious Chu Tianfeng, as the man did not care about their life and death. Instead, he turned around and swept over them a cold and indifferent glance, “Since she spent so much effort to keep your lives, then you two should live.”

As his words fell, the white-robed man flicked his sleeve. The lake, already at the boiling point, suddenly turned tranquil again.

Qin Xiumo’s cultivation base had reached the Void Comprehending stage at that point, enough to stand tall in the entire Three Realms. Yet, there was nothing he could do as he felt two mighty forces fighting above the lake.

Qin Xiumo couldn’t remember what happened after that. The coercion was too heavy, and he quickly passed out. When he opened his eyes again, he had already returned to the Three Thousand Worlds, lying on the edge of the Starfallen Sea along with the still unconscious Chu Tianfeng by his side. There was no figure of Meng Qi or the white-robed man, and he had no idea where they had gone.

The Starfallen Sea at the time was no different than it was now, with a sky filled with countless stars so bright even in the daytime. The starlight fell upon him and Chu Tianfeng, beautiful yet deadly. If not for the wounds covering both of their bodies, Qin Xiumo would have thought everything was just a dream.

Qin Xiumo’s recollection ended here, and he raised his head again, looking up at the sky of the Starfallen Sea. It was said that this place had remained unchanged even since it was formed tens of thousands of years ago, including the stars that keep shining brightly like eternal lanterns.

Of all the people present, perhaps only Qin Xiumo was the least surprised by the turn of events. The one who imprisoned him and Chu Tianfeng and tortured them in the previous life was a major powerhouse in the Devil Realm, said to be the most powerful genius whose strength was unparalleled for tens of thousands of years. The whole Devil Realm put so much hope in this person, believing that under his lordship, they would soon be able to sweep the remaining two races and become the leader of the Three Realms. He and Chu Tianfeng were captured by such a powerful and frightening person, yet that white-robed man was able to save them so easily. This only meant one thing: that person himself was a great figure in the Demon Realm.

Qin Xiumo quietly looked at Sikong Xing and Su Junmo; both were still kneeling before Meng Qi. To be able to make two nobles of celestial demons willingly bow down in such reverence, that person’s identity should be…

Slowly exhaling, Qin Xiumo quietly shook his head toward Chu Tianfeng, who was looking his way.

“You guys, get up first.” Meng Qi was a bit dumbfounded. She reached out and pulled Sikong Xing’s hand, “I think we should talk.”

“Yes.” Sikong Xing docilely stood up.

“Now, can you tell me what’s going on?” Seeing that Su Junmo had also stood up, Meng Qi repeated her question.

The bearer of the order made an inquiry, and Sikong Xing didn’t dare to not answer. She and Su Junmo looked at each other again, and she finally said, “Meng Qi-…no! Your Venerable…”

“You should call me Meng Qiqi.” Meng Qi said helplessly, “If you call me like that, I don’t even know how to face you.”

“Okay…” Sikong Xing didn’t dare to disobey the order’s bearer. Scratched her cheeks awkwardly, she started, “T-that white jade token is… is…”

“Let me.” Su Junmo stepped forward. He looked around and glanced at his teammates. Having gone through many dangerous battles together, he had long acknowledged everyone here as trustworthy, except for Ji Wujiong!


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