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THDP Ch 122 Part 3 – What He Has Given Her (III)

Su Junmo sent a glance over the black-robed young man, who was standing leisurely with his arms folded over his chest.

Feeling the gaze, Ji Wujiong’s lips curled up slightly, and he stared back with a cold gleam in his eyes, “What are you looking at me for?”

“Could you perhaps want me to politely excuse myself so you guys can talk about confidential matters? What’s so secret about it? It’s just the detached manifestation of the demon monarch’s order, isn’t it?” He sneered.

Demon monarch’s order??!!

Detached manifestation?!

What’s on earth going on here?!

Su Junmo was baffled, shocked to find Ji Wujiong said the name so boldly. Sure enough, everyone gasped. Even the human cultivators in the group knew one or two things about the demon monarch’s order. It was a relic that represented the highest authority in the Demon Realm. All demons obeyed its authority and would bow down before the order.

However…why did Meng Qi have a demon monarch’s order in her hand?!

Even if it was just a copy, it was still a manifested part of the real order, enough to set off a stormy wave in the Three Realms.

“Meng Qiqi.” Ji Wujiong was the only one who remained calm. He raised his chin arrogantly and said with a look of interest on his face, “Do you want to know why they knelt down to you? It’s because you just brought out the detached manifestation of the demon monarch’s order.”

The corner of Ji Wujiong’s lips raised up as he smiled dangerously, “If you had told us earlier, there wouldn’t be such a hassle to decide how to enter this forest.” As he spoke, he took a few steps forward. His dark eyes looked straight at Meng Qi, “Starfallen Sea is independent of the Three Realms and does not acknowledge the authority of the demon monarch’s order. However…” He slowed down his pace, putting heavy emphasis on each word, “…they also never dare to kill the bearer of the order!”

“Whoever gave it to you was handing you a life-saving talisman. With this thing in hand, you can go rampant in the Demon Realm, yet no one will dare to even touch a hair of yours.”

“…” Meng Qi was silent. Her hands were hanging by her sides as she fell into a daze.

Demon monarch’s…order…

She knew the meaning of each word, and she had also heard of the name many times over.

Yet, she was unable to connect it with herself!

Feeling her hands tremble, Meng Qi tried to gulp. There seemed to be a lump in her dry throat, blocking her words and making her unable to speak.

Sovereign Qingyan is… is…

Meng Qi’s gaze subconsciously went to Su Junmo. This overly-chatty fox was a high-ranking member of the Demon Realm, an official envoy who came to the Three Thousand World under the direct order of the Demon Monarch, so he must know the truth!

Su Junmo met Meng Qi’s gaze and quickly turned his head guiltily.

“Meng Qiqi.” Ji Wujiong leisurely walked to Meng Qi’s side, “Don’t look at him. He does not dare to say anything.” He chuckled: “If you have any questions, ask me. I will tell you everything I know.”

Meng Qi closed her eyes and took out the white jade token again. It looked quite ordinary, but she never imagined that this thing was actually…

Taking a deep breath, Meng Qi calmed herself down and turned to Ji Wujiong, “How to use it?” She paused a bit, then asked again, “Are you sure we can enter the forest with it? Can we bring more people out with us?”

With obvious surprise, Ji Wujiong turned to Meng Qi and looked at her with a faint smile flickered in his eyes. “I expected you to ask something else first,” he said.

“Sister Xue and Pavilion Master Pei have been inside for too long. We don’t know how much longer they can last.”

“That’s right.” Ji Wujiong nodded. This was indeed Meng Qi.

“I can prove it to you.” He said as he reached out his hand, “Give me a few profound-grade spirit stones.”

Meng Qi handed the spirit stones over without a word.

Seeing this, Sikong Xing was annoyed. This Ji Wujiong was too thick-skinned! Even since they were still in the Grand Tournament barrier, he always asked for Meng Qi’s spirit stones like they were nothing!

Ji Wujiong took the spirit stones and grabbed Meng Qi’s wrist with his other hand: “Come with me.”

“Let her go!”

“What are you doing?!”

“Get away!”

As soon as Ji Wujiong took Meng Qi away, Chu Tianfeng and the others immediately jumped up and rushed toward them.

“It’s okay.” Meng Qi nodded to reassure her friends.

Showing them a nonchalant smile, Ji Wujiong summoned his saber with a flick of his wrist, “Have some extra spirit stones on hand,” he instructed.

Meng Qi nodded and took out another handful of profound-grade spirit stones. Her speed of earning spirit stones could be said to be meteoric, but her consumption was not small either. It had only been a short while since she began using eight or ninth-grade spirit stones, and now she consumed mostly only the profound-grade ones. Currently, she had already depleted roughly one-third of the two thousand profound-grade spirit stones in her possession.

Once more, Ji Wujiong instructed, “Take out the token.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi produced the token and held it tightly in her hand.

As they arrived at the forest’s periphery, Ji Wujiong took the lead, brandishing his saber and pulling Meng Qi behind him. Following closely, Meng Qi continued after him. Just as she entered the forest, soft laughter belonging to a female suddenly reverberated in her ears. The laughter was joyous, akin to the celebration that accompanied the arrival of a sumptuous feast. In an instant, a massive suction force surged towards them, causing the aura in Meng Qi’s previously placid spiritual sea to roil and swirl, on the verge of being engulfed by the dreadful force.

“Ah—!!” Meng Qi let out a cry. At the same time, the jade token in her hand made a sudden jump.

The laughter stopped abruptly, and the huge suction disappeared.

Meng Qi was startled. Ji Wujiong had already stopped in place and turned to look at her with a meaningful smile: “How?”


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