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THDP Ch 123 Part 2 – One Heart (II)

This… this person must be…

With a loud clang, a weapon fell to the ground, breaking an uneasy silence. As if being signaled, more and more weapons hit the ground, their sounds echoing throughout the small island. The summoned primordial spirits, unable to return to their masters’ spiritual seas, also shrank back in a shiver.

Sikong Zhan tightened the grip on his beloved halberd as his face turned pale, “Y-You…” Gulping subconsciously, he felt his throat numbly dry, “Your Excellency is… is…”

When Sikong Zhan received the order to secure the entrance to the Starfallen Sea and prevent anyone from coming or leaving, the person who dispatched him never disclosed what kind of enemy he would be up against. Ever since joining the Red Star Army, Sikong Zhan had always disregarded his own life and known no fear; hence he even dared to challenge the white-robed man earlier. But now, facing the overwhelming power that accompanied the falling snowflakes, he felt weak in his legs, even though the other party hadn’t even made a single move.

Wasn’t it said that the person was missing in the Starfallen Sea after a serious injury, with his life and death unknown?! The entire Demon Realm was currently waiting for the Demon Monarch’s Order to return, after which the major forces of the Nine Heavens would reshuffle, and a new monarch could be chosen. This new monarch would lead the demon race to new heights and wouldn’t be like that person, who was stronger than any others but always remained idle and uninvolved in the affairs of the Demon Realm.

Sikong Zhan’s mouth fell open as he stared dumbly at the white-robed man. A mixture of emotions surged within him. It was mainly fear and panic that took over his mind and paralyzed his body, but a noticeable resentment also bubbled up from the depth of his heart.

Master said it well. Their demon race was meant to be the strongest in the Three Realms, yet this person did not give the Demon Realm the radiance it deserved!

Since he was disinterested, he should have let it go!

“The Lord has an order!” A captain suddenly cried out, “Anyone who leaves from Starfallen Sea will be killed without mercy! Attack!” With this battle cry, the captain led his hundred-man team and fiercely charged toward the white-robed man.

The soldiers under him were not without fear, but they did not dare to disobey the order from above. Some of them, who had dropped their weapons, hurriedly picked them up and followed the others to charge forward.

“Heh—” The man in the white robe was indeed Yun Qingyan. Facing the charging army, he remained on the spot, not bothering to move even a footstep away as he casually made a gesture with his right hand.

Silver light flickered, and a spiritual aura gushed out from his fingertips.

“Stop!” Sikong Zhan suddenly woke up from his stupor and yelled desperately: “Return here, now!”

At the same time, he clenched his halberd tightly and lunged forward like a gust of wind. Sikong Zhan was born tall, but his halberd was even taller than him. Infused with aura, the halberd started to whirl like a deadly windmill as he closed in on to the team. In a desperate bid to protect his subordinates, Sikong Zhan swung the halberd with all his might and tried to intercept Yun Qingyan’s attack.

“Heh—” Amidst the noises and chaos, a cold chuckle reverberated.

No one saw what Yun Qingyan did. The demon soldiers could only watch in terror as their young commander, the strongest among them and most favored by their Lord, was thrown aside so easily.

With a heavy bang, Sikong Zhan fell to the ground.

“Ugh—” Sikong Zhan groaned and coughed a mouthful of blood. His blood sprayed on the halberd, making the already gloomy-looking blade even more eerie and ominous.

“Let… let them go!” Sikong Zhan clenched his halberd and staggered to his feet. His body felt as if it had been crushed, especially his chest, throbbing as though it had been battered by a boulder, making every breath a struggle. His throat was a mix of sweetness and saltiness, as if he could spit out another mouthful of blood at any moment. Nevertheless, Sikong Zhan still gritted his teeth and clung tightly to his halberd. With a sudden push on the ground, he jumped up and launched himself at the white-robed man who stood calmly in mid-air.

With another deafening bang, Sikong Zhan was flung to the ground once more. This time, the impact was even more brutal, leaving him sprawled motionless for a long time.

By this point, the charging team was already less than thirty feet from their target. Without even the chance to launch the first wave of attacks, a loud boom echoed, and another aura erupted into the sky. The sound of blades colliding and slicing through the air was deafening, but as quickly as it started, it stopped, leaving the remaining 2,000-plus demon soldiers wondering what had just happened.

The small island suddenly became eerily quiet as the remaining soldiers and captains instinctively held their breaths.

What happened to the comrades who charged forward just now?!

Their captain should already be in the seventh realm of the Spirit Severing stage — where did they all go?!

A chill, one that was even more terrifying than the last, rose from the spine of every single soldier. Just now, right before their own eyes, the comrades whom they had been together with constantly and even had conversations with earlier that day vanished in a flash. A sudden gasp opened in the formation as a result of their disappearance. Finally, the colossal black claw in the sky began to react.

Yun Qingyan raised his eyes and glanced at the black frost claw. As his slender fingers quickly drew in the air, an intricate array was formed in an instant and launched itself toward the claw.

“Seal!” A majestic command echoed.

The giant claw tried to resist, but the array suddenly turned into countless transparent long ropes and quickly sealed it in the air.

“Y-you…you are…” Sikong Zhan gasped for breath as he struggled to look up from the ground. His handsome face, always popular with girls, was now a mess of blood and dirt. Covered with dust from top to bottom, his disheveled state was a far cry from the dashing young commander he usually was.

Sikong Zhan coughed heavily, spatting out another spray of blood. Seeing the other party so easily restrained the clan’s secret treasure handed over by his master gave Sikong Zhan a tremendous shock.

This person doesn’t look injured at all! In fact, he’s even more frightening than before!

No! He must find a way to inform Master. Otherwise…

Yun Qingyan touched his forehead lightly, “Are you still going to continue?”

The sudden words brought Sikong Zhan back to reality, and he watched in horror as the man in the white robe pointed at the subordinates behind him.


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  1. Oh my oh my! How strong! I guess the demon realm forgot how strong he was since he rarely cared about them. Thank you for the chapter!

  2. Yun Qingyan is surely impressive, but it’s just a shame that Meng Qi isn’t there see his awe-inspiring moves, lol. Even though it doesn’t look he’s doing much, though, I wonder if his “simple” actions are actually making his condition worse. Hopefully he’s able to meet up with Meng Qi soon and remain by her side in his human form.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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