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THDP Ch.13 Part 1 – Beyond The Heaven (I)

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Meng Qi clutched the jade slip. There was a usage instruction on its surface. She had heard about Beyond The Heaven before and knew that besides Cloud Immortal Pavilion, this was another famous trading place patronized by cultivators. Rumor said that you could buy anything here. Heavenly treasure, various artifacts, herbs and poisons, weapons…even some spells.

However, Cloud Immortal Pavilion existed in the four realms of the Three Thousand Worlds. It was jointly managed by the top ten sects of the Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern Realm. You could find the Cloud Immortal Pavilion branch in any city in the Three Thousand Worlds, including the small town at the foot of Qingfeng Valley.

Most of the time, Beyond The Heaven was simply a myth among the cultivators. In Meng Qi’s previous life, she had heard about the rumor. She also wanted to visit this place, said to be the most mysterious and largest trading place for the cultivators.

Unfortunately, she never got the opportunity.

Meng Qi closed her eyes. Following the instruction carved on the jade slip’s surface, she poured her spiritual sense into the slip. This was equivalent to binding an artifact. From now on, this jade slip could only be used by Meng Qi. She opened her eyes and lifted up the jade slip. On its glossy and beautiful surface, two characters ‘Meng Qi’ were newly engraved.

Meng Qi gripped the jade slip again, infusing a bit of her spiritual aura inside. In an instant, she saw a blinding light and suddenly found herself inside an unfamiliar space.

Meng Qi observed her surrounding, the scenery here was magnificent. Dark green, tall mountains. Clear sky with white clouds. Right beyond her eyes, there was a very huge and magnificent city that she had never seen before. Compared to Qincheng, the largest city in the Eastern Realm that Meng Qi had visited before her rebirth, this city is even more expansive. So large that she couldn’t see its edge at a glance.

Floating right above the city were seven small islands. Covered by bright sunlight from their back, it was hard to clearly see the islands’ interior from below. Meng Qi looked at the floating islands with some curiosity when another figure suddenly appeared next to her.

Meng Qi curiously took a glance at the newcomer. It was a male cultivator in a blue robe, seemed to be in his early thirties. He noticed Meng Qi’s gaze and turned his head to nod at her. The man was handsome and tall. Even in the plainest blue robe, he seemed to be detached from the world’s vulgarity.

“Is it perhaps Fellow Daoist’s first visit?” The male cultivator could see Meng Qi’s confusion and curiosity. He walked towards her: “If Fellow Daoist wants to buy or sell things, you can go to that city. There are special staffs at the city gate. They will give you a map and simple guidance.”

“Thanks for Fellow Daoist’s advice.” Meng Qi quickly returned a salute. She embarrassingly smiled: “Indeed, it is my first time visiting Beyond The Heaven.”

“It’s alright.” The male cultivator smiled slightly. “Here is the gathering place for the cultivators from all around the Three Thousand Worlds. Since it is Fellow Daoist’s first visit, you may ask the city’s staff for a nameplate.” He paused and explained, “Inside Beyond The Heaven, everyone can use an alias. Of course, you can also use your real name.”

“I understand.” Meng Qi nodded. She found it a bit interesting. Such a grand city, seven floating islands in the sky, a nameplate that could hide one’s identity, and free trading…..Meng Qi thought that the people who created this place must be very creative.

“If you still have questions, you can ask me on our way to the city.” The man waved his hand courteously. He was very polite to Meng Qi. Inside Beyond The Heaven, people only entered via their spiritual sense and thus couldn’t meet any danger. Meng Qi politely saluted back and walked with him towards the massive city ahead.

“I would like to ask Fellow Daoist, what are those seven islands floating in the sky?” Meng Qi asked. The further she moved forward, the more she could feel the immense size of the city. Even the floating islands seemed to be more imposing.

“The bottom three islands,” the male cultivator pointed to the three smallest and also the lowest floating islands, explaining: “are the three largest auction venues in Beyond The Heaven. Named Heaven, Earth, and Profound.”

Heaven, earth, and profound, those were the higher realms after the nine-stages realm. For example, medical skills were graded from the first stage to the ninth stage. Further up, there were profound, earth, and heaven. According to legend, only a few medical cultivators have ever reached the profound realm since the beginning of Three Thousand Worlds’ history. As for the earth and heaven realms above, they were almost unheard of.

When a Great Ascension cultivator prepared to ascend, they might have a chance to break through the ninth stage and enter the new realm. Unexpectedly, the owner of Beyond The Heaven was so domineering that they directly named the three auction venues as Heaven, Earth, and Profound.

The male cultivator seemed to guess Meng Qi’s thought, but he only smiled slightly and said nothing. Cultivators who just entered Beyond The Heaven still couldn’t fathom the power of the owner of this place. It was normal for them to be surprised.

“The next two floating islands above.” The man seemed to be very familiar with this place. “Are used by the ten largest sects in Eastern and Western Realm, Northern and Southern Realm, respectively. The items they wanted to sell are all stored there.”

“And above that…”

Meng Qi looked in the direction the man pointed. There were only two islands left.

“The lower one is the best restaurant in the world. You can think of any delicious food, delicacies, and exotic ingredients…all can be found there.” After that, he pointed to the city on the ground. “You can also find all kinds of food and specialty from many regions inside the city. However, it still far worse compared with Beyond The Heaven Restaurant.” He paused and added, “That restaurant belongs to the owner of this space.”

Meng Qi: “…”

Really a big figure! Domineering enough! Did it mean that even the ten top large sects in the four realms of Three Thousand Worlds were pressed under the owner’s feet?!

“As for the highest floating island.” The man smiled with regret: “It was said that only the owner can go up there, so no one knows what is there. It has been three hundred years since the establishment of Beyond The Heaven, and no one has been able to take a step into the island.”

Meng Qi looked at the highest floating island. In fact, the island was not that big, nor was it floating directly above the city. It was located in the southwest direction. Surrounded by clouds, it reminded people of the island of the immortals.


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