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THDP Ch.14 Part 1 – Pill Appraisal (I)

The young shopkeeper moved swiftly. In an instant, he already took out a box containing the jackdaw.

“Excuse me.” Meng Qi quickly waved her hand: “The price is too high. I can’t afford it now.”

The man was stunned. For a moment, he looked at the calm expression on Meng Qi’s face and couldn’t help laughing: “It doesn’t matter, Fellow Daoist may check the item first.” The shopkeeper opened the box enthusiastically.

Inside the wooden box, about ten strands of jackdaw grass were placed neatly. The color was pure black, shaped like jackdaw feathers with many small villi on its surface. In addition, after a closer look, Meng Qi could also see several silver spots occasionally flashing on its surface.

“Our sect is the Shencao Pavilion from the Northern Realm.” The man introduced: “If Fellow Daoist needs other herbs from the Northern Realm, you can come to our shop.” A little proudly, he continued: “We have a lot of herbs and medicinal ingredients. Our products are the best in the whole Northern Realm.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The disciple of Shencao Pavilion carefully put away the box. He then looked at Meng Qi. The girl seemed to be less than twenty, and her bearing was elegant. Her facial features were also very delicate. She had pretty brows and nose, and there were bravery and calmness rarely found on the normal girls.

Shencao Pavilion could open such a pharmacy in Beyond The Heaven. They naturally were one of the largest medical sects in the Northern Realm. The shopkeeper couldn’t help but wonder: “Why is Fellow Daoist looking for jackdaw grass?”

“I read the records about jackdaw grass in a book.” Meng Qi certainly wouldn’t tell a stranger about the little white tiger, “So I wanted to buy one to study its medicinal properties.”

“Pfft…” The young man couldn’t help laughing. Although he worked as a shopkeeper at a pharmacy inside Beyond The Heaven, he was actually one of his sect’s Golden Core cultivators.

“Really, your action seems to be one of us.” The shopkeeper pondered, “So, this jackdaw grass, if you still want to buy it, I’ll give you the price of eighteen sixth-grade spirit stones. After fellow Daoist has enough money, come and find me again.”

“Okay, thank you.” Meng Qi nodded. Even at the discounted price of eighteen sixth-grade spirit stones, her fund was still far from sufficient, and she still didn’t have the idea of how to start earning.

Meng Qi looked around. This pharmacy was relatively large in size, and it seemed that the shopkeeper wasn’t merely bragging. The Shencao Pavilion really looked like to be quite an authority. She estimated that the medicinal materials that could be sold in Beyond The Heaven should not low-grade. So, this shop’s wares could not be cheap.

“If Fellow Daoist doesn’t have enough spirit stones at the moment, we also accept bartering.” The shopkeeper said. He took quite a liking to this beautiful girl who never lost her calm look. Although Beyond The Heaven didn’t set a minimum level of cultivation to be allowed to enter its gate, the cultivators who could access this place generally weren’t weak. As far as this shopkeeper knew, the weakest cultivator that could come to Beyond The Heaven was at least around the fifth or sixth realm of the Golden Core stage.

Cultivators of Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment stage grew old normally at the same rate as non-cultivators. Their aging speed would considerably get slower after entering the Golden Core stage and revert back to normal after ten years in the Golden Core stage. In short, if a cultivator wanted to keep their appearance unchanged by aging, they at least had to reach the Nascent Soul stage.

In other words, a cultivator’s appearance would be roughly the same as when they entered the Golden Core stage. Of course, if a cultivator had limited talent, unable to break through the Nascent Soul stage after ten years, they would eventually grow old.

The male disciple of Shencao Pavilion looked at Meng Qi’s appearance. She clearly looked like a young girl in her teens. He secretly pondered, someone who managed to form her core at this age could be considered a genius. Didn’t know which great sect disciple was she. Although she might not bring many spirit stones, she should have some precious treasures. If it at least in fifth grade, it would be worth bartering.

After having this idea, the shopkeeper smiled a little bit more enthusiastically: “If Fellow Daoist has some unneeded spells, medicinal materials, refined pills, including fire control array… of course, artifacts and magic weapon can also be used to exchange with our herbs.”

“I understand.” Meng Qi nodded. She couldn’t buy the grass now. But she had been mentally prepared to return empty-handed today.
“Thank you.” She nodded to the young man and turned to leave the shop.

Meng Qi didn’t go to other stores either. She estimated that the result wouldn’t be much different. Before, Meng Qi never had to be worried about spirit stones. In her previous life, she didn’t have much spending before leaving Qingfeng Valley. Later, she met her master. In retrospect, cultivating on the medical path needed a large number of medical ingredients to refine medicine and curing patients, so the cultivator could be promoted into a higher realm. All in all, a lot of spirit stones were needed to support all those expenses.

Meng Qi walked slowly on the flat and wide road. She had never worried about medical ingredients and spirit stones before. Not because she was rich, but because someone else had provided for her so that she could concentrate on her cultivation without any worries.


Meng Qi silently murmured. She strengthened her resolution. No matter what, she would heal Xiao Qi. It didn’t matter whether the white robe man was her Master or not. She also didn’t care whether the little white tiger was really a family member of the white tiger sovereign Chu Tianfeng said. She simply didn’t want to miss even the slightest possibility.

She will cure Xiao Qi!

To achieve that, her utmost priority right now was to earn enough spirit stones. A strand of jackdaw grass cost twenty sixth-grade spirit stones. To dispel Xiao Qi’s poison, she would also need other ingredients. And it was only for the little guy’s external injuries. His internal damages, however, were still a complete mystery for her. So, besides earning spirit stones, Meng Qi also had to improve her cultivation as soon as possible. Qi Condensation stage was simply too weak, and second rank medical cultivation was also not enough.

Meng Qi suddenly lifted up her spirit. She lowered her head and stroked her wrist. Her bracelet storage space was still there. However, according to the staff’s explanation, inside Beyond The Heaven, the contents inside a storage space could only be displayed and couldn’t be used or delivered. To complete a transaction, the items had to be delivered via the relay stations located in Three Thousand Worlds.


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  1. So, at this point, I am going to assume that Meng Qi’s original description of being plain looking was a complete lie. Otherwise, I guess every guy just loves a cold looking girl no matter her level of beauty.

    As for the cultivation itself, I guess that the cultivation in this novel gives weak benefits towards the lifespan. You don’t even gain a maximum of 200-year lifespan in the Foundation Establishment Realm, so I can only feel sorry for the cultivators now

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