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THDP Ch.14 Part 2 – Pill Appraisal (II)

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“First realm pill?” The manager gave Meng Qi a surprised look. “I’m sorry. But Beyond The Heaven only accept the auction for the fourth realm and above.” He smiled politely, but the refusal was apparent. “A first realm pill is relatively easy to buy, so most people probably won’t waste their time to go to the auction house to find it.”

“Can I trouble you to let me see the person responsible for appraising refined medicine?” Meng Qi asked politely.

“This…” The man hesitated. He looked at Meng Qi. The nameplate she submitted clearly showed that today was indeed her first visit to Beyond The Heaven. But…first realm pill? It has been a long time since the last time he bought an item at such a low level. However, since this little girl could enter Beyond The Heaven, she definitely wasn’t an ordinary cultivator. The manager considered for a while before finally nodded: “Alright.”

“Thank you.”

“Please follow me.” He led Meng Qi to the place where a teleportation array was located. Besides the regular teleportation arrays that lead to different city areas, there were a few which had different colors, like this one. He walked into the array with Meng Qi, and after a flash of light, they were transported into a large courtyard.

The courtyard was quite elegant. Each and every flower and tree was meticulously chosen. White clouds seemed to be floating around them. A refreshing breeze was slowly blowing, making people felt comfortable.

Are they on one of the floating islands?

Meng Qi looked at the floating clouds and silently observed the surrounding scenery. Right now, her admiration towards the owner had reached the peak. It was impossible to create such a place unless they had a long visionary and great imagination.

The manager led Meng Qi to one of the rooms and knocked on the door: “Senior, a cultivator wanted you to appraise a pill.”

“Please come in.” A voice as gentle as the spring breeze came from the room.

“Fellow Daoist, please come in.” The manager opened the door for Meng Qi and politely gestured in, but he stayed outside.

As soon as Meng Qi entered the door, she saw a man in a blue robe sitting behind a case. The room was filled with medicinal fragrances. Two rows of tall bookshelves were standing on both sides of the wall, scattered by numerous bamboo and jade slips.
The blue-robed man looked to be in his early thirties, with the aura of an elegant scholar. He seemed to be focused on the bamboo slip in his hand. Hearing the door opened, he asked without raising his head: “Which realm?”

“First realm.” Meng Qi answered calmly.

The manager standing at the door stiffened.

The blue-robed man suddenly looked up at Meng Qi in surprise: “Which realm?”

“First realm.” Meng Qi’s expression was still calm. She took out a blue pill from her storage bracelet, put it on her palm, and showed it to the man.

“First realm?” The blue-robed man smiled. He threw away the bamboo slips in his hands and looked at Meng Qi with a smile, yet not like a smile: “If you go to any city in the Three Thousand Worlds, there is a shop named Cloud Immortal Pavillion who buy first realm pills. Their price is clearly marked, and they always fair towards their customers. Fellow Daoist may set your price according to theirs.”

“I know.” Meng Qi’s expression remained unchanged. Of course she could hear the slight irony in the man’s words.

“This Qingfeng pill is a little different from the Qingfeng pill sold in Cloud Immortal Pavilion.” Meng Qi explained with a calm and composed tone. She placed the blue pill that emitted a faint fragrance in front of the man.

“…” The blue-robed man looked at Meng Qi, then looked over to the manager standing at the door. His name was Xiang Linmo, a cultivator specializing in appraising medicinal materials and refined medicines for the Profound Auction House. Although he was only a cultivator in the Nascent Soul stage, his medical cultivation had already broken through the fifth rank.

Xiang Linmo was originally a disciple from an ordinary medical sect. However, his talent in medicine was extremely high, and his sect could no longer nurture him. However, he was unwilling to accept the solicitation from larger sects. At this time, Beyond The Heaven came to recruit him. There were countless bamboo slips related to medical cultivation here. Although he was forbidden to make a copy, he could read all of them at will. In exchange, he only needed to stay on the floating island where the Profound Auction House was located for six months every year, appraising medicinal materials and refined medicines brought to be auctioned. The rest of the time, he was free to do anything he liked.

Xiang Linmo liked medical skills. For him, this offer was truly a gift from heaven. He had worked here for almost seven years and had even seen a semi-finished eight realm pill. This girl was the first person who dared to bring a first realm pill to this auction place.

“Okay.” Xiang Linmo reached out to take Meng Qi’s pill. “Let me see what’s different.”

“In the Cloud Immortal Pavilion, third realm pills already the highest. Fourth, fifth was hard to refine, even by medical cultivators with high medical cultivation level, unless their main cultivation base is equally high enough.” Xiang Linmo couldn’t see Meng Qi’s cultivation level, but he was an expert in medical skills. At one glance, he could see that the refiner who made this first realm Qingfeng pill had very low cultivation. At most, her medical cultivation was in the second rank.

Between his words, Xiang Linmo took the pill carelessly. “Well, the formula is correct. The medicinal properties are correct, and it can detoxify the poison of third-grade and below. But its efficacy for the second-grade poison is low and almost useless for the third-grade poison. It is indeed…” His lips slightly raised, and his eyes glanced over Meng Qi. The girl was elegant and beautiful, like a painting. Her expression remained calm, as if utterly indifferent to the faint mockery in his words.

“Ha-” Xiang Linmo chuckled and emphasized one word at a time: “A, first, realm, Qing, Feng, pill.”

“Can’t you see anything else?” Meng Qi asked.

“What else do I need to see?!” Xiang Linmo laughed angrily. This young girl could enter Beyond The Heaven at such a young age, and she was beautiful. But here was Beyond The Heaven. No one would coax her just because of her pretty face.

At least he, Xiang Linmo, would never!

“No matter how long I see it, a first realm pill won’t transform into a ninth realm… eh?” Halfway through his words, Xiang Linmo’s eyes suddenly widened in surprise: “Is this?!”

He looked at the Qingfeng pill in disbelief. His expression was as if it really transformed into a ninth-realm pill. “This..this is…” Xiang Linmo gaped speechlessly, his face suddenly flushed. But soon, a light of excitement burst into his eyes: “How did you do it?!”

“I can’t tell you how I make it, but can this first-realm Qingfeng pill be sold in the auction?” Meng Qi asked again.

“Sell, sell, of course you can sell it!” Xiang Lin Mo hurriedly grabbed his nameplate and shouted at the manager standing at the door, “I’m buying it!”

He soon turned at Meng Qi and carefully said: “One hundred fifth-grade spirit stones, is this price acceptable?”


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