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THDP Ch.15 Part 3 – Fair Price (III)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.15 Part 3

What an eccentric girl!

Xiang Linmo secretly sighed. He didn’t know what kind of sect could raise such a disciple. Still so young, but already had this kind of calm and tranquil mind.

Xue Jinwen also smiled: “Then I also…”

“For you, sister, it is two hundred fifth-grade spirit stones.” Meng Qi said.

“Pfft…” Xue Jinwen couldn’t hold back her laughter, “Little sister is very interesting.” Her slender fingers gently stroked Meng Qi’s white and soft cheek: “Then older sister thanked little sister.”

She flipped her hands to imprint the pill and then threw her own nameplate to the manager. “In the future, if you need something from Beyond The Heaven, you can come to me anytime. By the way…” Xue Jinwen pondered for a while before adding: “If you ever visit the Western Realm in the future, you can also come to me. Such a considerate, clever and wise little sister, this older sister likes it the most.”

She then glanced at Meng Qi and reminded her: “Is this your first time entering Beyond The Heaven? Then you cannot stay too long. You should leave now.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi was also in a good mood. “Then, I will say goodbye first.” She nodded to Xue Jinwen and Xiang Linmo. Led by the manager, she left the small courtyard and walked towards the teleportation array.

“I never expect that you really got into the eyes of Fellow Daoist Xue.” The manager shook his head and smiled. “If I didn’t know that today is your first visit to Beyond The Heaven, I would think that you knew her identity in advance.”

“Huh?” Meng Qi was busily calculating her gains today and raised her head in surprise. “That Fellow Daoist Xue is…”

“Next time you have a chance to meet her, please ask yourself.” The man continued: “Since she has promised that you can visit her if you go to the Western Realm, she must have no intention to hide her identity. That Fellow Daoist Xue… many people in Three Thousand Worlds know her.”

Xue Jinwen…Xue!

Meng Qi’s heart suddenly jumped. She knew that there was a major medical sect in the Western Realm that could be ranked into the top three medical sects all over the Three Thousand Worlds. That sect was owned by the Xue clan!

“I understand.” She nodded and smiled at the manager. “Thank you, Fellow Daoist.” Then Meng Qi followed the instruction she had read beforehand, gathering back her spiritual sense to return to reality.


Inside her bedroom in Qingfeng Valley, Meng Qi slowly opened her eyes. The glowing jade slip in her hand gradually dimmed. She lowered her head, looking at the smooth and exquisite jade slip on her palm. Unexpectedly, the legendary Beyond The Heaven was indeed so powerful. Moreover, it was also quite interesting.

Meng Qi carefully stored the jade slip and turned her head to see the little white tiger lying lazily nearby. This little guy seemed to be sleeping. His left front paw was extended and gently rested on her body. The little paws look exceptionally cute; white and fluffy like a cloud.

Meng Qi remembered that she already earned halfway enough to buy the jackdaw grass, and the pills she refined were also sold smoothly. She was in a great mood. Meng Qi reached out and plucked Xiao Qi’s head with both her hands and scratched his jaw: “Xiao Qi, I found the jackdaw grass. Soon I will be able to buy it.”
Meng Qi asked, “Are you happy?”

Meng Qi jumped down from the bed and walked towards the door: “I need to go to the city below. Xiao Qi, you stay in the room.” She was going to visit Beyond The Heaven’s relay station to hand over the pills and receive the spirit stones.

The door opened with a squeak. Outside, a young man in a black robe turned his head suddenly.

“You…” Chu Tianfeng looked at Meng Qi. “You finally came out.”

“Oh.” The moment Meng Qi saw him, her good mood dissipated a lot. But she quickly remembered her manner and greeted: “Young Palace Master Chu.”

“Mm.” Chu Tianfeng nodded, “Are you leaving?” He has been waiting for a long time in front of her door. He knew that Meng Qi wanted to cure the little white tiger, and there must be something that he could help her with. His cultivation base has been restored, so he definitely was the best assistant she could use now. Chu Tianfeng was even feeling a little lucky that he could meet Meng Qi again so early, before that person appeared by her side…

Meng Qi felt that she could not favor one and discriminate against the other. She wasn’t sure whether Xiang Linmo would one day encounter Lu Qingran or not, but Chu Tianfeng has been proved to be one of Lu Qingran’s most loyal suitors.

Meng Qi raised her eyes. A light flickered in her gaze, full of anticipation. Slowly she opened her mouth: “I sold five Qingfeng pills to other people. They paid two sixth-grade spirit stones per pill.” Meng Qi said, “When detoxifying you, I used fifteen pills.” Her voice was calm and clear.


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Meng Qi certainly differentiate between male and female, cute and not cute.

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  1. “Chu Tianfeng was even feeling a little lucky, that he could meet Meng Qi again so early, before that person appeared by her side…”
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  2. I differentiate men and women like that, but the problem is all men are not cute and all women are cute.

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