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THDP Ch 156 Part 1 – Primordial Spirit (I)

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Everything seemed normal, except for her unusually fast heartbeat. Meng Qi took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. The medicinal fragrance in the Five Spirits Cauldron was strong as the spiritual herbs she was concocting finally transformed into a small pill. She calmly fed the pill to the patient in the room, quickly handling the aftermath, and then with a flick of her hand, withdrawing the cauldron.

“Ugh—” She suddenly grunted. As soon as the cauldron returned to the spiritual sea, it started spinning rapidly and continuously made a loud clanging sound, as if something was knocking against it from the inside.

What’s going on? Meng Qi looked at her Five Spirits Cauldron in confusion. It was empty, with nothing inside. She frowned, wondering if this was also part of the Ten Absolutes Mountain’s test.

With a wave of her hand, Meng Qi summoned the Five Spirits Cauldron again. The palm-sized cauldron spun in the air, then finally settled down quietly, along with the ceasing clanging sound.

What’s going on? Did her natal cauldron not want to stay in her spiritual sea?

Meng Qi’s brows furrowed even more. Just as she was about to inspect the cauldron closely, she suddenly froze in her tracks.


Meng Qi couldn’t help but exclaim in her mind, her eyes widening. To her astonishment, she saw a small paw emerging from her supposedly empty natal cauldron!

Meng Qi: ???

The white, fluffy paw was probably smaller than Meng Qi’s palm. The paw reached out from the belly of the cauldron, followed shortly by another, both were clinging to the edge.

Holding her breath, Meng Qi then saw two small, semicircular ears popping out of the cauldron. The ears were fluffy too and swayed gently back and forth.

Meng Qi: !!!

Feeling her throat suddenly parched, she swallowed hard, thinking: this couldn’t be…

The ears continued to ascend slowly, followed by an equally fluffy little head. Then, a pair of jewel-like azure eyes, even more beautiful than the sky, appeared.

Meng Qi was nearly breathless.

It’s… it’s Xiao Qi!

No! This is Yun Qingyan’s primordial spirit!

The little white tiger looked exactly like Yun Qingyan’s tiger cub form when Meng Qi had first seen him, only its deep blue eyes seemed even more translucent. It lay obediently on the edge of the cauldron, staring at Meng Qi for a moment before suddenly tilting its head, letting out a soft cry and leaping toward her.

Meng Qi quickly reached out to catch it. A primordial spirit had neither physical body nor actual weight. She instinctively extended her arms and held the little white tiger in her embrace.

“Wooooo,” the little white tiger softly hummed, finding a comfortable position in her arms and settling down…

“Uh…” When Meng Qi looked down, the little white tiger had already closed its eyes, with one small paw resting on her arm, seemingly ready to have a good sleep. Holding it wasn’t an issue since a primordial spirit had no physical weight; for Meng Qi, it was like holding her own natal cauldron. But how did Yun Qingyan’s primordial spirit suddenly appear here?!

“Eh…” Meng Qi was at a loss for how to address the little guy. Calling it Xiao Qi was certainly not appropriate, as this was Yun Qingyan’s primordial spirit, not the injured cub. And… calling it Sovereign Qingyan also seemed inappropriate. She knew that the primordial spirit of demon cultivators maintained the same form forever, never growing older, and was distinct from the demon cultivator’s true form.

Meng Qi looked at the little white tiger’s fluffy body, its small, semicircular ears, and the cute little head… She couldn’t help but pursed her lips. She wanted to touch it…

Just… just a little bit should be okay, no?

Unable to resist the urge, Meng Qi finally reached out and began stroking the little white tiger’s head. Hmm, although it had no physical weight, the sensation was still very pleasant, not at all feeling lacking.

Nice sensation! Totally recommended!

Meng Qi succumbed to her desire and kept stroking the little guy’s fluffy head, sometimes also pinching its ears. After a while, her slender fingers began moving around and gently scratched the little white tiger’s soft chin. To her delight, the little guy lifted its head in contentment, eyes still closed, purring softly.

“Why are you here?” Meng Qi asked softly. The little guy continued to purr as if it hadn’t heard her question.

“Ah — I get it now!” Meng Qi suddenly realized. She and Yun Qingyan were now Dao companions, so his primordial spirit appearing in her natal cauldron might not be inexplicable.

Is… is that so?

Meng Qi’s spirits lifted instantly. Could there be such a benefit when becoming Dao companions with a demon cultivator? To think that you can share your companion’s primordial spirit!

“Is that so?” Meng Qi lowered her head and stroked the little white tiger’s head, feeling delighted, “Because Sovereign Qingyan and I are Dao companions, so you are here?”

The little guy continued to purr lazily in response, not bothering to open its eyes, but a vague thought suddenly flickered through Meng Qi’s mind.

Huh? Meng Qi looked at the soft figure in her arms again, its fluffy body gently rising and falling with its breaths. The fleeting thought that had passed through her mind — was it from this little guy? So, not only could she share Yun Qingyan’s primordial spirit, but she might also gradually develop a spiritual connection with it, just like with her natal weapon?

What… what a great deal!!

“What happened just now?” Although she was delighted, Meng Qi was sure that Yun Qingyan’s primordial spirit wouldn’t appear so suddenly without a reason. Something must have happened. At her question, the little white tiger primordial spirit rolled over, exposing its fluffy belly to her as he yawned lazily. Meng Qi reached out to rub its belly, and the little tiger seemed to enjoy it, closing its eyes comfortably, and showing no signs of worry.

She found it amusing and pinched the little guy’s semicircular soft ears. The creature seemed to have completely accepted her, allowing her to pinch his body at will and even nuzzled against her gently. “Your master, he’s alright, isn’t he?” Meng Qi spoke softly.

The little white tiger purred in response, rubbing its little head against Meng Qi’s palm, looking innocent and naïve. Meng Qi found it both adorable and a bit amusing. Honestly, whether it was the previous Xiao Qi or this cute and clueless little primordial spirit, she found it hard to associate them with Yun Qingyan. Sovereign Qingyan was supposed to be elegant and aloof, a high and mighty figure. Yet, his primordial spirit was even cuter than Sikong Xing’s little red fox, wasn’t it?

Meng Qi pursed her lips and stroked the little white tiger again. She suddenly realized her previously racing heart had now calmed down. At the same time, the inexplicable worry and sudden restlessness that filled her chest seemed to have also disappeared. Was it because of it? She scratched the fluffy chin, and the little guy responded by lifting its head, purring nonstop.

Meng Qi waved her hand. The Five Spirits Cauldron flew to her side, gently nuzzling against the little white tiger. “I need to continue forward,” she said softly. “Would you go back inside the cauldron, please?” She hadn’t completed this challenge yet, and since it seemed like nothing serious had happened to Yun Qingyan, she had to continue.

The little white tiger raised its head and let out a soft cry before jumping into the cauldron. It obediently squatted inside, peeking out at Meng Qi with its clear, curious blue eyes.

“Good boy,” Meng Qi patted its head as a reward. The Five Spirits Cauldron also shook slightly, rubbing against her palm.

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