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THDP Ch 157 Part 5 – Who Is Your Most Trusted Person? (V)

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“Is that so?” Sikong Xing nodded, somewhat understanding, then nearly jumped up, “So, does it mean we are not allowed to get injured right from the start to be saved by Meng Qiqi and then join their side?”

“I’m afraid that’s the case,” Wei Yuanzhong replied with a wry smile, taking another look at the beautiful and fiery girl. She was naturally forthright and candid to a fault, which was evident from her unabashed expression of herself — a trait that reminded him more of a demon cultivator than someone from the Three Thousand Worlds.

“But…” Sikong Xing furrowed her brows deeply, “There are only six people on Meng Qiqi’s side. Even with external aid, that makes nine! There are over a hundred people here, how could they possibly win?!” She turned to look at Chu Tianfeng, who also frowned deeply, obviously troubled by the same issue. It seemed he too had similar thoughts but hadn’t anticipated this final rule. If they were going to be expelled from Ten Absolutes Mountain right from the start, it would be better to stay and see if they could somehow aid Meng Qiqi elsewhere.

“Let’s wait and see how things unfold,” Chu Tianfeng took a deep breath. From the moment he recalled the memories from his previous life, he was no longer the proud and somewhat reckless youth who wouldn’t listen to others. He could sacrifice himself, but he definitely couldn’t just leave abruptly without doing something meaningful for Meng Qiqi.

“Alright,” Sikong Xing hesitated briefly, then nodded, “I was thinking the same thing. Let’s wait and see what the attack and defense situation will be like first.”

“You guys… be careful,” Chu Tianfeng glanced at Yan Xuan before finally looking into Qin Xiumo’s eyes, “Remember what you promised.”

Qin Xiumo glanced at him briefly and stepped forward. Meng Qi had not yet appeared, so for now, it was he, Yan Xuan, Pei Mufeng, plus Qiao Ran and Xue Chengxuan who formed temporary partners.

Pei Mufeng was alright; he had interacted with this young Pavilion Master of Xingluo Pavilion in the Starfallen Sea and had a favorable impression. As for the others, he remained reserved, especially now with the stakes of Ten Absolutes Mountain at play, where anything could happen.

For Qin Xiumo, he could decisively kill those who betrayed him and would certainly not show mercy.

Yan Xuan and the others quickly followed. When the five grouped together, the surrounding cultivators instinctively stepped back, maintaining a distance. Although the battle had not yet begun, the camps were already clearly divided. Over a hundred people stood on one side, making their group of five look minuscule in comparison.

“Ten Absolutes Mountain Battlefield, commence!” The woman’s voice rang out again. Following her words, over a hundred beams of light descended from the sky, enveloping them all. The grassland instantly became empty — the hundred-plus cultivators who were just there had vanished without a trace.

“Huh?” Qin Xiumo felt a flash before his eyes, and soon heard a familiar voice, “You’ve arrived?”

“Yeah,” he responded first.

“Meng Qi?” Xue Chengxuan looked around; they seemed to have been transported to some kind of grotto-heaven1. The grotto-heaven was not large, but the aura was exceptionally dense, allowing cultivators like themselves to quickly replenish their spiritual aura just through breathing. Other than that, there appeared to be nothing remarkable about this grotto-heaven.

Meng Qi, dressed in her usual blue robe, stood silently in the deepest part of the grotto-heaven. In front of her was a smooth stone wall about two people high. The stone wall faced the group, reflecting their images clearly.

Meng Qi’s gaze swept over the five people who had just appeared, not expecting that the outcome of the third challenge would be this.

“Did you hear what that person said?” Qin Xiumo asked. “Why did you fail to come back?”

“Yes, I heard it,” Meng Qi nodded, “There isn’t much time, so I’ll keep it short.” They only had twenty-four hours. Although she had also listened to the icy voice’s announcement, she still didn’t know how they could possibly win under these circumstances. However, Meng Qi had figured that these twenty-four hours would be crucial for them.

“After I completed the last task, I was sent here directly. This…” she pointed to the reflective stone, “…is a massive piece of stardust, refined with the essence of Tianming flowers over a thousand years.”

“Tianming flowers? Stardust?” Xue Chengxuan stepped forward, incredulously examining the massive stone, “No wonder the spiritual aura is so dense here. It seems it’s all because of this piece of stardust.”

“What are Tianming flowers?” Qiao Ran asked. He hadn’t spoken much until now, choosing this moment to finally speak. As he asked his question, he discreetly took a glance toward Meng Qi. His Master had repeatedly instructed him that if a single hair from Junior Sister Meng Qi was harmed in Ten Absolutes Mountain, he would be sent to their sect’s most dangerous and brutal training ground Jianmang Sword Valley for ten years!

Jianmang Sword Valley of Duankong Sect was notorious throughout Three Thousand World for its high level of danger. The valley was said to retain traces of an ancient battle between a great sword cultivator and an array cultivator, which was unparalleled in danger. It was believed that a cultivator who managed to emerge alive from there would see their swordsmanship progress tremendously, eventually becoming unmatched in the world. Only if you make it out alive, of course!

Qiao Ran knew his master never joked with him, and he instinctively straightened his back. Distracted for a moment, he missed a few words Meng Qi said, only catching her mention, “…medicines refined with Tianming flower essence can make a person express their true thoughts.”

“Then what is the purpose of placing this stardust refined with Tianming flower essence here?” Xue Chengxuan also asked.

“To reflect the true nature of one’s heart,” Yan Xuan slowly said.

“Hiss…” Qiao Ran inhaled sharply, repeating, “It reflects the heart?” He instinctively stepped back, as if afraid it might reveal something about him.

Meng Qi couldn’t help but smile slightly, “It’s not as mystical as you think. When I first arrived here, a voice told me that our three external aids would be determined by it.”

“Huh?” Now everyone had become curious.

Meng Qi stepped forward and explained, “We shall choose three among us, and then…” She pointed to a palm-sized box of red dye similar to seal ink next to the stone. “After pressing your hand into the dye and placing it on the stone, it will summon the person you trust the most to become our external aid.”

“Of course, you also heard that even if they are great cultivators at the peak of the Great Ascension stage, they will only have the strength of the highest realm of the Spirit Severing cultivator.” Meng Qi added, 

“I see,” Qiao Ran nodded. He looked around and asked, “So, who will it be?”

Qin Xiumo was first to shake his head, “Not me.” The person he trusted most was right in front of him, ready to fight alongside him, making this thing useless.

Xue Chengxuan paused, looking into Meng Qi’s eyes, “The most trusted person?”

“Yes,” Meng Qi nodded, quickly explaining, “They must be the person whom you trust wholeheartedly, someone you would entrust your life to without any doubt, no matter what happens.” She repeated the instructions she had heard verbatim, then added thoughtfully, “But considering what we might face next, and since we already have two medical cultivators here, it would be best if the summoned external aids were either spell or sword cultivators.”

Since Xue Chengxuan came from Feng Alliance, most people he trusted were probably also medical cultivators. Their current team composition would not benefit from another healer, so a spell or a sword cultivator with strong offensive power would be the most suitable.

“I can’t.” Sure enough, Xue Chengxuan quickly shook his head and chuckled wryly, “Not because I could only summon another medical cultivator, but because I don’t have such a person whom I can trust completely, without any reservation.”

Meng Qi, Qiao Ran, and even Pei Mufeng and Qin Xiumo glanced at him.

“It can’t be helped,” Xue Chengxuan spread his hands, resigned. Perhaps because it was Ten Absolutes Mountain, where whatever was said would be forgotten once they left, or perhaps because the battle was looming, he wanted to relax a bit, at least to be honest with these temporary teammates. “I am the eldest son of the Feng Alliance’s Xue Clan.”

With that, Qin Xiumo and the others understood.

“I don’t have anyone either,” Yan Xuan said calmly. He too was the young master of Jingyuetian. He might have had someone before, but after that incident, even his father…

Suddenly, a thought struck Yan Xuan, and he swiftly glanced at Meng Qi.

What about her? Did he trust her?

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  1. Grotto-heavens (Chinese: 洞天; pinyin: Dòngtian) is a type of sacred Taoist site. Grotto-heavens are usually caves, grottoes, mountain hollows, or other underground spaces. In a cultivation setting, it’s akin to a secret realm that provides experiences and opportunities for cultivators

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