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THDP Ch 158 Part 5 – Assault on the City Wall (V)

“Attack!” The fog shielded Meng Qi from a clear view of the city walls, but she could hear the shouts from the opposite side. Ling Ji and Qin Xiumo exchanged glances and nodded at each other. The cultivators on the walls then saw two swords suddenly thrust out from the fog, attacking them with incredible speed.

As soon as Qin Xiumo’s sword rushed out, a storm broke out immediately.

Someone exclaimed in shock, “It’s Anyun Summit! It’s Qin Xiumo of Anyun Summit!!!”

Immediately afterward, a flurry of clanging sounds followed as sword cultivators drew their swords to engage Qin Xiumo in combat.

Meanwhile, Ling Ji’s sword nearly vanished into thin air, unnoticed by the opposing force until it was too late. A sword so thin and narrow it was almost transparent had already reached the city walls, and then…

“Aaaaahhh!” someone suddenly screamed out, “It’s—!” His voice cut off abruptly. Ling Ji’s sword was too fast; the cultivator only realized the cold blade was at his neck when he felt the chill and tried to warn the others. But before he could finish his sentence, a beam of white light descended from the sky and enveloped him. When the light faded, the cultivator had vanished from the city wall.

For a split moment, it seemed as if the entire city wall fell silent. All the cultivators on the southern wall held their breath for a moment. They knew that the few cultivators from the Heavenly Camp, especially figures like Pei Mufeng, Qin Xiumo, and Xue Chengxuan, were the strongest in the current generation, and often used by the elders to motivate their disciples and descendants. Yet, not many among them had actually crossed swords with these so-called geniuses.

Even for those who had, casual sparrings could hardly compare to the real battlefield of today.

Anyone capable of entering Ten Absolutes Mountain was the three most outstanding disciples of the top ten major sects across the four realms. They were literally the top of the top that represented the future of the Three Thousand Worlds. As a result, the Earthly Camp was convinced that while they might not be on par with Qin Xiumo and the rest, they wouldn’t be far behind. And they had the advantage in numbers. A real advantage!

Even a fraction of their number already surpassed those from the Heavenly Camp. Under such an overwhelming numerical advantage, aided by the city’s arrays, the cultivators from the Earthly Camp had almost taken for granted that the few from the Heavenly Camp would hold their positions until the last moments of the twenty-four-hour period, trying to catch their side off guard and snatch some additional members if possible. Otherwise, the Heavenly Camp might not even be able to defend the city when their turn arrived.

But no one expected that so soon after they had just figured out the main arrays of the city and allocated their forces, the Heavenly Camp would already be on the offensive. Not only did they launch an attack, but they also swiftly eliminated one of Earthly Camp’s members right at the outset.

This was… too fast! Fast enough that all the cultivators from the Earthly Camp who were currently on the southern wall and witnessing this scene felt a chill run down their spines. They had never doubted that their numerical superiority was an absolute advantage, but if the enemy could maintain this rate of attack, might that advantage soon vanish entirely?!

Such overwhelming dominance instilled fear in most of them!

“This is not the sword of those two from the Xingluo Pavilion!” someone suddenly shouted loudly. Pei Mufeng had been with the Heavenly Camp from the start, so there was no doubt about him. Later, when Xu Zijun suddenly disappeared, everyone speculated that he went to join his senior brother. Losing one person was not a big deal for the Earthly Camp, but they realized that this meant one more sword cultivator for the Heavenly Camp.

Fortunately, after that, no one else from the Earthly Camp disappeared. Now, someone familiar with Pei Mufeng shouted out, recognizing that the attack was not the swordsmanship of the Xingluo Pavilion.

Soon another voice shouted: “That’s Qin Xiumo’s sword!”

“The other one’s not Qiao Ran! Qiao Ran wouldn’t be that fast!” another person immediately added.

These top disciples, even if not from the same sect, were familiar with other sects’ outstanding disciples. The only one somewhat unknown to them was Meng Qi — who came from a minor sect so small it’s virtually unknown and now was a wandering cultivator.

“Ahhhhhhhhh—“ Another scream rang out as another cultivator, completely unprepared, felt a sudden chill at his neck. He didn’t even have time to feel pain before a pillar of white light descended and took him away.

The entire city wall fell deathly silent in an instant, and even their breathing became heavier. It was terrifying how quickly two swords had appeared and already taken away two of their people. What was even more frightening was another long sword that suddenly struck and then disappeared without a trace. Until now, everyone had only caught a glimpse of a silver shadow flashing by, without even seeing the full appearance of the sword.

Regardless, it was clear that no one had recognized this sword move.

Truly… terrifying!

“What about the arrays?!” someone suddenly yelled from atop the city wall. “Why hasn’t the array been activated yet?!”

As his words fell, multicolored lights suddenly lit up on the southern city wall. The lights soared into the sky, enveloping everyone on the wall within the city’s boundary, protecting them. With two loud clangs, Ling Ji and Qin Xiumo’s swords were repelled from the city wall. They did not hesitate; both swords instantly retreated and disappeared into the green fog.

“Heavens!” The cultivators on the wall, having just recovered from their shock, watched this scene unfold helplessly. Up until now, most of them had only seen a silver shadow flash across the protective barrier of the array, but they now finally caught a glimpse of where this mysterious sword was. Suddenly, one of the cultivators widened his eyes in disbelief, staring in the direction where Ling Ji’s sword had just disappeared.

“Impossible…it’s impossible…” he began, his voice incredulous. His lips trembled, completely unaware of the dozen pairs of eyes that suddenly focused on him.

“What did you see?” another cultivator couldn’t wait any longer and urged him to continue.

“N-no…” The cultivator still seemed to be in a state of disbelief, opening his mouth again and again, struggling to finish his sentence.

“What did you see?! Speak up!” a female cultivator from the Earthly Camp standing beside him stamped her foot impatiently and said, “Just spit it out!”

“That sword…don’t you all find it familiar?” the stunned cultivator looked at the female cultivator beside him and said, “Senior Sister, doesn’t it look like… look like our Seventh Martial Uncle’s—no! Like Sect Leader’s sword?”

This cultivator was another disciple from the Duankong Sect who had entered Ten Absolutes Mountain along with Qiao Ran. As he spoke, the woman beside him froze. Their Seventh Martial Uncle was naturally Ling Ji, the new leader of Duankong Sect, a formidable swordsman who could defeat his senior brothers and sisters in matters of minutes—a true genius who had once dominated his peers across all four realms with the strikes of his sword!

“Impossible?!” the woman addressed as ‘Senior Sister’ shook her head, trying to remain composed, “The sect leader couldn’t possibly appear here, don’t forget, this is Ten Absolutes Mountain.”

With the protection of the array, those defending the southern wall were no longer as anxious. After all, the continuous assault that had taken two of their people had been repelled by the city’s defensive array; at least within the city, they were safe.

“But…” the cultivator tried to speak again, only to be interrupted by his senior sister, “If it really was the sect leader himself here, there’d be no need to continue—we might as well just concede…”

She hadn’t finished her sentence when she suddenly froze.

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