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THDP Ch.16 Part 1 – Qingfeng Town (I)

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Chu Tianfeng froze, his face turned from white to red, and then gradually turned white again. He slowly lowered his head. The young man took out the new storage space given by his sect’s elder, counted thirty sixth-grade spirit stones, and handed them to Meng Qi: “Fifteen pills, a total of thirty spirit stones.”

The young man stood tall with his spine straight. His long eyelashes hung down, and he tightly squeezed his thin lips. On the palm of his hand, thirty spirit stones were neatly stacked. Beautifully glittering under the sunlight.

Instead, Meng Qi was the one who was stunned. She thought that Chu Tianfeng would turn around and go away in anger. She really didn’t have the intention to take his money again after the last payment. After all, it was merely first-realm Qingfeng pills. For medical cultivators such as Xiang Linmo and Xue Jinwen, the high price was justified because of the pill’s extraordinary refining method. They were willing to buy it at the price of two sixth-grade spirit stones or even higher because they wanted to research its refining method.

Of course, if they can really deduce the refining method by merely researching the pill, Meng Qi would sincerely admire them. That was really not an easy task. At that time, she and her master spent nearly half a year, experimenting with thousands of arrays, before finally succeeded. This refining method couldn’t be valued by a matter of several sixth-grade spirit stones. A medical sect would be willing to use everything they had to exchange for this secret.

Both Xiang Linmo and Xue Jinwen were medical cultivators. Of course, they understood this fact. So they didn’t even inquire about the refinement method and just bought the pills to conduct their own research. Even so, they only bought less than five pills. For this reason, Xiang Linmo thought nothing of spending several sixth-grade spirit stones to buy the pill. He probably also knew that if this pill really went into the auction floor, there would be many sects who were willing to buy it at a much higher price. If he went to participate in the auction, he wasn’t their opponent at all.

But it was different for Chu Tianfeng. For him, the pills were purely used for detoxification. Even if the effect was much better than the ordinary first realm Qingfeng pill, it still wasn’t so good that he had to pay thousands of times the regular price to buy it.

Meng Qi initially thought that the proud Young Master Chu would be furious at her words and turned away in disdain. She already had a way to make money now and didn’t need to pluck every feather from Chu Tianfeng’s body. She said such words, simply wanted to anger Chu Tianfeng, lest he always appeared in front of her. After all, his action might bring Lu Qingran’s displeasure towards Meng Qi, and at that time, heaven might punish her for the sake of its favored daughter.

Moreover, was there anything wrong with this Young Master Chu?
In Meng Qi’s previous life, she saved him without charging anything, and he acted as if he didn’t know about this grace at all. Later, she was imprisoned for three months. Let alone speaking for her defense or trying to release her out, Chu Tianfeng didn’t even spare a glance at her. Otherwise, Meng Qi actually wished him to at least give her some medicine formulas or other things so as not to waste that three months in vain.

This time she extorted so many spirit stones, charging him a heavily marked-up price. Still, the other party persistently glued himself to her instead and refused to get away at any expense.

How annoying!

Meng Qi recalled the words a certain older sister she met in her previous life once said: ‘People, especially men, were all cheap, and never knew to cherish anything they easily get without any effort!’

After thinking for a while, Meng Qi reached out and took the spirit stones. She stared at Chu Tianfeng without blinking, hoping that the young man would be furious and turn away. Young Master Chu lowered his gaze, standing obediently. His expression was unchanged, not looking a little bit unhappy.

Meng Qi: “…”

She pondered a bit and then said with an earnest tone: “From now, we are even. I am rich in money but poor in luck and simply want to concentrate on my own cultivation. So, I don’t want to bear too much karmic relationship. From now on, even if we meet on the road, let’s just nod slightly and go on our way… Of course, Young Master Chu can also ignore me completely, which I am most appreciating.”

“You…” Chu Tianfeng suddenly raised his eyes at Meng Qi.

“Also.” Meng Qi added: “You are forbidden to tell others about the little white tiger!”

“If nothing else, I will say goodbye first.”

Meng Qi walked out of the sect’s gate without looking back. Because of the urgent need to save Xiao Qi, she was almost getting entangled with this Chu Tianfeng. What was a soul vow? After making it, the person couldn’t break the words they said during the vow. And Chu Tianfeng vowed to never disobey Meng Qi’s order. So, when she just now said to treat each other as strangers, this also counted as an order. If Chu Tianfeng couldn’t do it, just wait for heaven’s retribution.

Fentian Palace’s Nascent Soul elder was currently here, and there was also Chu Tianfeng, their future palace master. With their help, the coming crisis would certainly not threaten the safety of Qingfeng Valley’s cultivators, or even the ordinary people living in Qingfeng Town at the foot of the mountain.

When Meng Qi arrived in Qingfeng Town, many people were still bustling with activities, no different from the peaceful time. There were not many people in Qingfeng Town since it was a very small town. After all, Qingfeng Valley was also a minor sect and wasn’t part of central authorities in the Eastern Realm. The people living in the town were ordinary people who couldn’t cultivate. As soon as they saw Meng Qi, they immediately gathered around and greeted her.

“Little Doctor Meng is here!”

“Good afternoon, Little Doctor Meng.”

“Little Doctor Meng, you come at the right time. The oranges in my orchard have just ripened this year’s first fruits. The frost on it hasn’t been wiped yet. Take back some and taste it.”

“My honey pomelo this year is also sweet and juicy. They are girls’ favorite! You should also take some.”

“Sister Meng, good afternoon!”

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  1. This story is so relaxing…binging these chapters, will try to comment often!
    I love this FL
    I kinda hope ML doesnt get a human form for a long time, like reading about just her

  2. Someone on a previous chapter mentioned how manbe Meng Qi just misremembered everything, and she seems a bit… oblivious and easy to fool? so I believe it. I wonder if maybe in the past life Chu Tianfeng was just a major prideful tsundere who didn’t want to accept that he was healed by someone like Meng Qi, then by the time he started to like her he was too tsundere and Meng Qi already believed he was only interested in Lu Qingran anyway. RIP anyway, Meng Qi already had her mind made up. If he woke up at the start he probably would’ve had more of a chance changing her mind.

  3. Meng Qi is a reborn and she already start to change her life for the better. So many because of this Lu Qingran life would also change and she probably won’t be heaven favor daughter for long. Seeing as how Chu Tianfeng attitude towards her already change greatly. He literally went from that love struck fool into now not even willing to look at her and give her any face.

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