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THDP Ch.16 Part 2 – Qingfeng Town (II)

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These ordinary people in Qingfeng Town have no intersection with Lu Qingran. In order to practice her medical skills, Meng Qi used to come here and gave them medical treatment. The physical problems of non-cultivators, as long as the root cause could be identified, weren’t hard to cure, so treating them actually didn’t give enough experience for breaking through. But ordinary people ate grains, and they suffered from all kinds of diseases. Although Qingfeng Town was just a small town, it was still inhabited by hundreds of people, and everyone had different illnesses. When treating them, Meng Qi also gained much enlightenment.

She remembered Elder Yan. He clearly already reached the fourth-rank medical cultivation level, but was still willing to treat ordinary people. He even made a great vow to travel through the Three Thousand Worlds and cure as many patients as possible. Among medical cultivators, not many were actually obsessed with medical skills. Meng Qi had seen many of those people before.

While greeting the residents of Qingfeng Town, she walked towards the Cloud Immortal Pavilion in the town center. By the time she arrived, Meng Qi had received a lot of fresh fruit in her storage bracelet.

Cloud Immortal Pavilion claimed to have branches in every city in the Three Thousand Worlds, regardless of size. Similar to Beyond The Heaven, if one wanted to buy something from them, they could make the order at their local branch, and Cloud Immortal Pavilion would deliver it as soon as possible.

Meng Qi had never seriously thought about making money before. Being a healer and treat people was simply to practice her skill. But now, to treat Xiao Qi, countless spirit stones were needed just for his external injuries alone. After some calculation, Meng Qi immediately bought more than ten kinds of first and second-grade herbs from Cloud Immortal Pavilion.

After that, Meng Qi walked to the relay station area to send the pills marked with Xue Jinwen and Xiang Linmo’s spiritual sense. This was the first time she visiting Beyond The Heaven’s relay station. The layout wasn’t different from ordinary stations. Soon after the staff confirmed the spiritual sense, they took away the wooden box containing the pills and gave Meng Qi the spirit stones.

“Excuse me, how long will the items be delivered to the buyer?” Meng Qi asked.

“Beyond The Heaven has its own teleportation array. It takes only nine days from here to the border town at the southern end of the Southern Realm.” Beyond The Heaven’s staff answered politely. They didn’t need to check the contents. As long as there was no mistake in the spiritual sense imprinted on the item, they would pay off the spirit stone.

“Thank you.” Meng Qi nodded politely.

After she finished, Meng Qi returned to the Qingfeng Valley. Xiao Qi was still lying on the bed lazily, and Chu Tianfeng has long gone. Meng Qi slowly stroke Xiao Qi’s fur. Cultivators actually didn’t need to sleep every day. But Meng Qi was still in the Qi Condensation stage, and she had to sleep two hours a day.

“Xiao Qi.” Meng Qi pushed the little guy, “Move a bit.” This guy has occupied her bamboo bed for a long time and now took it as his own.

The little white tiger’s blue eyes suddenly widened. He saw Meng Qi take off her blue robe and threw it on the chair beside the bed.


Now she should sleep. After two hours, she had to get up and started to refine medicines. She already had forty-six sixth-grade spirit stones and could buy the jackdaw grass. After that, she would sell more medicines….and then…

Meng Qi’s consciousness gradually blurred. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The fluffy little white tiger laid stiffly on the other half of the bed, his back against the wall. Meng Qi’s bamboo bed was originally very narrow, and she usually slept by herself. Although the little white tiger’s body was still very small, it was inevitable that they would touch each other when lying down together.

He froze for a while, watching Meng Qi’s breath gradually became longer. The little tiger returned to his sense and slowly moved inward. His soft white fur rubbed Meng Qi’s arm. The loose white blouse on her body accidentally lifted, revealing her white and slender arms. The little white tiger lowered his head, running his gaze down on the girl’s arm. His blue eyes suddenly stopped at Meng Qi’s slender fingers.

He flinched back again, as if wanted to stick his entire body to the wall.

His soft fur brushed Meng Qi’s arm gently. “Don’t make trouble,” she muttered. Then Meng Qi stretched her hand and pulled the little white tiger into her arms: “Sleep obediently!”

Little white tiger “!!!”

A faint scent of medicine overwhelmed his nostrils.

Very comfortable.

The little white tiger, who had always hated others invading his personal space, couldn’t gather his will to push the girl away.
The wound on his paw was still bleeding slowly. Although it wasn’t much, the blood drops accumulated and gradually tinted Meng Qi’s originally white sleeves. The small red patch slowly turned from bright red to dark red, and the slight bloody smell was overpowered by the fragrance from her body.

The little white tiger froze for a moment before gradually relaxed. He had never been sleeping like this. No one has ever dared to do this kind of thing before, hugging him to sleep in such an overbearing way.


He probably was injured too much. His eyelids gradually became heavy. Listening to Meng Qi’s soft breath, the little white tiger slowly closed his eyes. One human and one tiger very naturally lying together, as if they have known each other for a long, long time.
It was a full night without a dream, and they were sleeping soundly until dawn.


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