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THDP Ch.17 Part 1 – Refining Medicine (I)

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When Meng Qi woke up, she felt warm and comfortable. She opened her eyes in a daze and saw Xiao Qi, who fell asleep by her side. His fluffy little head was just right by her side. A small paw rested gently on her hand. It looked like as he was snuggling into her arms, seeking comfort.

“Little cutie.” Meng Qi couldn’t help stroking the little white tiger’s head. His semi-circular ears shook gently, but his eyes kept closed. His other paw was still bleeding slightly. After being treated by Meng Qi yesterday, the bleeding was getting a bit slower. But only just one night, it left a large piece of dark red bloodstains on her sleeve. Meng Qi sighed softly. The most painful thing for a healer was when there was someone they wanted to save, but had no way to make the person feel better immediately.

The drowsiness in her eyes was instantly swept away, and Meng Qi suddenly became energetic. She reached out to gently hold Xiao Qi’s paws and slowly pushed them aside. This little guy was so severely wounded, he must be frightened and fatigued.

Meng Qi silently got out of bed, then gently stroked Xiao Qi’s little plushy head. “Don’t worry.” She whispered. She would definitely cure him.

With a hand seal, Meng Qi used a simple spell that conjured a small stream of water to wash her body. Afterward, she had to take breakfast. Meng Qi was still in the Qi Condensation stage and needed eating. After a simple meal, she took out all the herbs she bought yesterday and put them on the table.

Forty sixth-grade spiritual stones were, for most disciples of Qingfeng Valley, a wealth that they could never be able to accumulate for so many years. But a jackdaw grass cost 18 sixth-grade spirit stones. Moreover, compared with the amount needed to cure Xiao Qi, all her current wealth was just a tiny drop in the ocean.
She must find a way to make more money!

All the medicinal herbs that Meng Qi bought yesterday would be used to refine a second-grade medicine called the Beiming pill. This pill had the effect of restoring spiritual aura. The first realm Beiming pill could restore one-fourth aura of a Qi Condensation cultivator within an incense stick of time. The second realm Beiming pill could achieve the same effect for the Foundation Establishment cultivators. Third realm, Golden Core….all away to the ninth realm, that could be used even by the cultivators in the Great Ascension stage. To put it simply, the higher the Beiming pill’s grade was, the more useful it was for those with higher cultivation levels.

Because the Beiming pill basically was only a second-grade medicine, many medical cultivators could refine it. In addition, the ingredients used were not rare, and the price was low. So in the Three Thousand World, this was one the most common pill and also the most used for restoring aura.

Meng Qi took out her small bronze cauldron. She placed the cauldron on the table and drew several arrays surrounding it. In addition to the fire control array for the refining process, Meng Qi also drew two different arrays. The three arrays form a triangular force, surrounding the small bronze cauldron in the center.

She took three pieces of third-grade spirit stones from her storage space and placed them in the center of the three arrays. Then she prepared the medicinal herbs, throwing them one by one into the cauldron. If one only looked at the pills after she successfully refined them, unless they were a genius, it would be difficult to guess how Meng Qi imbued spell into her pills.

The most important part was actually these three arrays. Lihuo fire array provided flame with high enough temperature to completely extract the properties of the ingredients. The other two arrays, one enabled the pills to carry a spell, and the last one enclosed the spell into the pills. Three arrays at once, this was the secret to imbue spells into refined pills.

Meng Qi and her master spent more than half a year, experimenting with countless methods, arrays, medicinal ingredients……before they finally achieved success.

While silently reminiscing, Meng Qi paid careful attention to the situation inside the small cauldron. A medicinal aura gradually began to diffuse. Meng Qi quickly activated a Beiming spell with her hand, sealing it into the pills that were about to be completed. It was a pity that her cultivation level was too low. Otherwise, she could refine a higher-level Beiming Pill.

For now…

The small bronze cauldron trembled twice, and three blue pills laid quietly inside. Meng Qi took them out and examined them. Second realm Beiming pills, imbued with a Beiming spell. Originally, it took an incense stick of time for a Foundation Establishment cultivator to recover a quarter of their spiritual aura with this pill. Now, it could restore the same amount of aura in a mere second. And for the next incense stick of time, the pill would continue to restore an additional quarter of aura. Although it was only the second realm, Meng Qi believed that there must be a sect willing to buy it.


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  1. Please do a compression bandage first becore the little tiger bleed to death. As a healer u should know that, or well i don’t know about cultivators or demons..they may have endless blood supply that won’t be depleted

  2. Since three different arrays are needed to create pills with spells imbued in them, then I highly doubt anyone will be able to figure out the secret behind Meng Qi’s pills, even if they study a multitude of them. In this way, at least she’s safe to continue selling them without fear of someone figuring it out, but it’ll also probably bring unwanted attention from others in the “Beyond The Heaven.”

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